Celebrating James

Jules —  August 10, 2005

dad you are the best
i iove you 100
happy birthday to you
happy birthday 34

happy birthday dad
you are 34
do you think your cake will be chocolate?
i love you

i love you daaaddy
happy birthdayyyyyyy
does the big computer work yet
I like odie

God created you-
every little detail about you.

He gave you LIFE and SPECIAL GIFTS
to fulfill a unique purpose in this world,
a MISSION He planned just for you.

The Purpose Driven Life

I am glad we are part of your purpose and mission.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Because God made you for a reason,
He also decided when you would be born. . .
He planned the days of your life in advance,
choosing the exact time of your birth.

The Purpose Driven Life



18 responses to Celebrating James

  1. Jessica,

    I hope it’s chocolate!


    Yes, the big computer is working now.

    Julie, thanks for the birthday wishes.

    I love you all so much! :love

  2. what’s ‘odie’?

    Happy birthday, birthday man! You’re just too :cool. I :cry with you over getting one year older and am :oops that I will still always be older than you. Makes me want to :puke

    You have a great :love great :baby ‘s and an :angel for a friend, ME!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Odie is her stuffed dog from Garfield.

    Carl wrote a nice birthday post for James :love.

  4. WoW, 34 sounds so young, enjoy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Glad you are a part of this family. Love ya. :flowers

  5. Great excerpts from PDL, Jules. 😀

  6. Shhhhh….don’t tell him, I’d hate to ruin the surprise, but it is off his birthday card. Hehe! 😉

  7. James, Happy Birthday. Carl’s post to you was very nice. Good friends are a blessing. Your an
    :angel. Got anything planned, I bet Jules might. Have a great day.

  8. We are going to his mom and dad’s for dinner and then we are going swimming. After swimming we are going to have ice cream cake! :cool

  9. Happy, happy birthday, James! I’ve really come to know you better through this blog, and have even more respect for you than before. It’s obvious you make cuz’n Jules and your girls deliriously happy, and I love you for that! :worship

    Enjoy your day with your family! The best way to spend a day, surrounded by love. :love :baby

  10. Happy Birthday :worship , oh great one!

    Seriously, you are a great friend, Happy Day!

  11. oops, Rustee is my pen for those who don’t know…

  12. Happy Happy day to you, James!!!

    Hope it was completely fulfilling and all the dreams of the day came true! :flowers

    Birthdays are like boogers. The more you have the harder it is to breathe. :rotfl

  13. Karen, lol, that was funny.

    Everyone, thank you so much for the B-Day wishes!

  14. I love your comment Karen about the boogers. Never heard that one before. James I don’t get the :fish one. It just don’t make sense!!!!!!!!
    I must be missing something. Then, maybe not.
    Aunt Tootsie

  15. Our Son keeps getting older and he makes us even older. Ha!!! :cry
    A joy he is to us :indeed

  16. Don’t you stop aging when your children hit 30? 😉

    Aunt Marlis, it’s a fish slap. Like a silly way to slap someone for fun. For example, “James it’s time to get up, stop pushing the snooze.” :fish

  17. Otay, sorry, it was a new one on me. :fish on me.

  18. Yeah, it’s weird.