Celebrating Nita

Jules —  March 12, 2005

Sunday March 13th, is my mom, Nita’s, birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!!!

Mom’s sisters have commented on here that she is a diamond! That is very true.

My mom is a true servant. That’s what she does for others…she serves and I believe she truly enjoys it. She is a CNA who works for traveling nurses. I am sure that her patients could not get better care from anyone. When she’s done with them they are squeaky clean! I am also sure that she cares a great deal for them as people.

Mom is always just waiting to feed someone. On the weekends she has some kind of meat thawed out and ready to cook up in case company were to stop by. We love her cooking!!! Especially, her fried chicken.

Mom is very project orientated. She is always sewing, making quilts, working in the yard, growing a garden or painting something. She is very crafty. She has a humongous material collection. Yards and yards and mounds and mounds of material!! She loves bargains, that must be where I get it from. She always has some new treasure to show me that she got from an auction or garage sale.

The kids love to go to Grandma’s house. There’s lots of room to run around outside. They like to hang out with Grandpa in the barn or play in the house. Grandma likes to sit and rock them. The kids love to get their turn spending the night without their siblings. A couple of weeks ago Lydia made a tent in their living room and slept there for the night. Not long ago, Elaina was spending the day there. She told Grandma, “I like this place”. Well said, Elaina!

Mom, maybe you should post your favorite things. Conway Twitty songs. . .

I am very thankful that you are my mom!!!!

Love ya bunches!

We only have One Mom, One Mommy, One Mother in this World, One life. Don’t wait for the Tomorrow’s to tell Mom, you love her.



10 responses to Celebrating Nita

  1. Happy Birthday, Nita! I agree, you are a great cook!!!! Listening to J&J talk about your fried chicken makes me hungry every time!

  2. Happy Birthday Sis, or Popcorn as some of us nicknamed you back a few years ago. Julie, I was thinking yesterday it would be so cool to honor Sis, I just knew you would. She is a diamond.

  3. I want to say she made me a Walmart quilt out of all the scrapes I saved for years. It was in the braid and bow design. Looovvveee it.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NITA!!!!!! I keep hearing about these quilts you have made for other people, guess I’ll have to find me some scraps or maybe look through yours. Ha. I do want a new bed cover, maybe you can help me decide. I agree with Julie, God gave you a servants heart. That is the best gift of all. We all should have that quality to some extent. Hope your day is really special. Love Punkie

  5. Happy Birthday, Nita. Did I anyone mention the fabulous pecan pies you make??

  6. Happy Birthday Nita! You are are a Jewel in Julie’s heart. She is very proud of you and your grandchildren feel the same.

  7. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happeeee Birrrrrthday Deeeear Niiiiiitaaaaaa, Happy Birthday to you! And manyyyyy Moooooore.

    I have so enjoyed getting to know Nita on special events at the Dibben home over the years. She is really quiet until something hilarious comes out of her mouth.

    The best was coming out to her house for the hayride this past fall. We had a blast! Even the tractor breaking down was fun. Great chili and pecan pie! Thanks for inviting us that day, it was one that we will remember as a family forever.

  8. I love Nita’s laugh, her smile and I have some of her cooking but want lots more. This is a year later but glad I got to read all the comments. Good going Jules. I’m gonna go say Happy Birthday this year now.

  9. Julie, do you have a picture of Nita to put on this month?

  10. Ha! You’ve read my mind! We are getting together tomorrow or Monday. I was going to take a pic to post. I hope we see them tomorrow so I can have it up Monday morning. We’ll see how it works out. I’ll come up with something.

    It makes me feel good that you’re reading these posts! :love How sweet!!