christmas break comes to an end

Jules —  January 3, 2008

Sadly, the girls’ Christmas break is over as they started back to school today, leaving behind this pile of laundry. My king size bed is almost completely covered!

I have two more loads in the laundry room to throw on top!

The guineas seem to be enjoying the quiet. They’ve spent the morning resting in their homes, making sweet purring sounds.

My mom made the tent for them for Christmas. It needs to be vaccumed! Snowball fell in love with the tent and claimed it as her own. Mom and Dad D. bought Scooter the snack shack! Jessica enjoyed getting guinea accessories for Christmas.

They seem to love the much bigger cage we put together for them. They don’t need a top, but we are putting one on just in case our cat gets hungry. We had to order another storage cube set. So far Max seems completely uninterested in them. They annoy him a little when the kids set the pigs next to him.

This cage was built for $35. It’s four times the size of their expensive pet store cage. We got the idea from

The piggies have started doing all their peeing in one corner, so I won’t have to change their bedding very often. I just have to clean the one corner. I was afraid I would go broke buying bedding. I read that a bigger cage will actually make clean up easier. I’m glad they were right.

This is their hay rack that I found at Big Lots for a buck.


The girls LOVE fresh parsley!

Their big round bottoms are hilarious!

I think I’m having as much fun with the guineas as Jessica!



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  1. HA! You should take a look at my laundry situation (I too posted about laundry on my blog). I think I still have 3-4 loads to go! I guess everyone was having too much fun playing over Christmas break & not very much laundry got done. Not that I’m complaining…we had a really fun break & I’m glad I spent the time with my kids. However, since I’m only one week away from leaving for Disney I figured I better get all the laundry caught up before I go.

  2. HA!!!!! That’s funny that we both posted our laundry! I’d say dirty laundry (hehe!!!) but mine was clean. You were much more humorous about it!

    Do you get nervous before a marathon or just anxious?

  3. That’s what our laundry pile looks like and we don’t even have kids! So it gets worse?

  4. The guineas are cute–I’ve never been tempted to get a critter from the rodent family after having a biting hampster as a kid, but these look so cute. I LOVE their little tent and shack! How FUN!

    I was blessed with the laundry situation over Christmas. Mom and Dad were here and they kept up with all the bath and kitchen towels (they even folded and put them away WITHOUT being asked! Oops–can you tell I live in a house with 3 boys! hee hee) Actually, to be fair, I gotta brag on Connor too. He washed, dried, and put away a load of his own clothes yesterday (he was completely out of socks. That’s a good motivator to get do some laundry, huh?!) Mom and Dad kept up the dishes while here too. I’ve noticed how much they did now that they’re gone and I’m having to do it all again!

    We finally got all the Christmas decorations packed up today–my living room looks boring. I think I’m going to keep my eyes open at sales for new living room furniture. Hopefully I’ll find the kind of deals you find, Julie.

  5. I studied up on pigs and they aren’t aggressive. They may be skittish but they don’t bite. These girls are sweet and I’d be shocked if they bit anyone.

    We had hamsters and they bit. I doubt I would ever get one for the girls – not when we can have guinea pigs.

    Oh, and Jessica said they aren’t rodents, they are in the rabbit family.

    Normally the girls bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room and I wash and fold them and they have to put them up. This is great for Anjelia and Elaina (they love putting their stuff up) but I think Lydia and Jessica need to start folding their own stuff, too. I’ve talked to several moms lately with kids their age and they make them sort, wash and put away their own things.

    I haven’t put up my decorations. It’s just not going to happen this week. I hate to put them away. I love my Christmas stuff.

    Ask the Lord for some bargains for the living room. He loves to bless us!

  6. Ashley, I’m afraid it does get worse!!!!!!

    Are you coping ok with the cold? I bet you’re glad warm weather is almost here for the weekend!!

  7. Those Guinea pigs are so cute. Kandi had hampsters when she was little and they do bite sometimes. You really have them set up in a suite of their own.

    I’m so ready for this warmer weather coming up.

  8. They are spoiled. Hehe!

    Jessica may not want to admit it, but I looked on Wikipedia and guinea pigs are in the rodent family!!!

  9. Those are cute lil rodents, I mean G-pigs. Sounds like fun, but we go to much to try to keep animals. I like those huts. Gil & I don’t have near that much laundry, thank God. But I guess we used to. We pin our socks together after we take them off and it cuts down sorting A LOT. Nita got me started on that. Larry has done it for a long time I guess, he said “his socks are mated for life.”

  10. I am so happy for Scooter and Snowball (AKA Cupcake). I know they are enjoying having a bigger space.

  11. I feel for you with the laundry pile. This week I have totally put off my piles.

    You’ll have to check out my big tongue pic on my site! It’s great.

    When I saw the pig butts I instantly got the song in my head of Donkey in Shrek singing “I like big butts and I cannot lie…”

  12. What a Joy to read your blog.

  13. It was actually nice today. We went hiking!

  14. Jules, James and family, I sure enjoyed visiting with you all yesterday. Julie I already have your ornament up just where it popped into my head when I first saw it. Behind the sitting room chairs on the wall between the two flower paintings of mine. I LOVE IT. Thankyou!

  15. Alexis and Erin took down our tree and hand rail ornaments but the outside stuff is up still. Love those guinnea pigs, what fun. Audrie’s Yorkie had three puppies and I can’t wait to see them. They’re the tiny ones.

  16. I think those little pigs are so cute, I love possums also, we have some that come up on our deck to eat all the time. I got out and cleaned up all the leaves and seeds on my deck today, it was so warm.

    I only have three loads of laundry a week. Whites, darks and towels. Heather brings all hers over here though and I end up doing half of it so she doesn’t run back and forth wasteing gas. She’s mad at me again so won’t see much of her this week. Oh boy a vacation! I’m sorry, I’ll try to behave. She’s been approved for Medicaid as of today. Thank God again. She did tell me that before she got mad.

  17. I see you still have that pile of washing to fold on your bed, better get busy. He, he. Just kidding ya. I’m like Linda, towels, lights, colors & darks. I only wash when the basket gets full, Gil washes the towels 1 X a week unless we bathe more. I put my ornament up in the reading room off the Kitchen where I can see it from the window seat.

  18. I used to wash once a week. Now I wash 2 or 3 loads a day. Woooo is me!!! Hee he he. Keeps me out of trouble.

    It is so ho hum today. Gee I wish I could get out into my flowers, that aren’t there right now. Lord am I bored today.

  19. Hmmm….looks like the blog has gone to commercials now.

  20. Yes, I had to clean out all of my spam. I hope I didn’t accidentally delete anyone’s comments. If I did it was by accident. My spam catcher was disabled.

    I am still alive. I need to stop and get caught up on everyone’s blogs and see how everyone is doing. My camera isn’t working well and it’s hard to want to blog without pics.

    I think I’m recovered from Christmas now! I have all my housework caught up right now. That’s a BIG deal for me. I’m sorry for my absence.

    I am so ready for warm weather!!!! I want to take Roxie for a spin!

    The kiddos have been sick. Elaina has had a high fever.

    Love to all.