Christmas Cookie Countdown

Jules —  December 7, 2006

Karen sent me a link to a Christmas Cookie Countdown. I thought I’d share it in case anyone is interested. Thanks so much for the shared recipes below and if you haven’t done so I’d be thrilled to receive your yummy cookie recipes.



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  1. Pretty cool, :cool I printed off todays recipe. I hope more of the family gets some recipes in.

    Your mom called me last night and had a bad day, but she was able to laugh and was getting it off her chest. The company she works for went high tec and (phone, comp, time clock, etc all in one) for it’s employees. She cried alot, but is laughing now. I’m glad she called and shared with me. She’s still our DIAMOND.

  2. :band hey Jules , honey I don’t have any good cookie recipes, I try not to bake or cook too much, its not good for me, HEE HEE. I do really love home made sugar cookies, I have made some when the boys were home that had cream of Tarter, that made them taste better than any I had, that was the key ingretiance, wow thats spelled badly! later lovey.OH, did you enjoy our shrades last night on toosies blog?

  3. Tootsie why was Nita up set? Is she afraid she can’t use the new stuff? We just went high tech. too but I’m catching on, and if I can , Nita can. Tell her we love her . :banghead

  4. Marilyn alias(Punkie) December 7, 2006 at 11:04 am

    I remember when we had to start using the computer where I worked, I was scared to death, but in no time it was old hat. Sure made the work easier too.

  5. My best sugar cookie recipe has cream of tartar in it Aunt Kathryn.

    I didn’t used to like to cook or bake much. When we had the kids and I realized I am responsible to feed six people for the next 25 years or so, I decided to Like it and even Love it a little. I got on the phone and started asking for recipes and I started having fun. I enjoy feeding people now. (sometimes on a daily basis I get a little tired of coming up with a new meal every few hours!)

  6. I tried to call Mom. I left a message on her phone checking in on her.

  7. You inspired me, so today I baked cookies for the kiddo’s. Yum, Yum.

  8. Nita’s OK now, she just had a bad day. She did everything right, just like she was trained to do, but after lunch she was getting ready to leave this ladies house and she couldn’t get it to take her time out. She got so frustrated she told the lady she had to go out to the car. She got in the car and came apart crying. She called her boss and couldn’t stop crying and she told her to write everything else for the day on paper that it was no big deal and to calm down. After she got back to the office they were checking out her equipement and found she forgot to change it to PM. She was so exhausted from the day. She called me to talk about it. She’s laughing now, but just had to finish getting some of it out of her system. I love Nita. She’s my diamond, she was especially Tommys. 😉

  9. Boy these cookie recipes are really looking good and this was fun Jules. :band

  10. Man, I can’t keep up with you all. I didn’t get on the blogs for a few days and here’s 4 new posts already!!!!! And that’s just on Julie’s site!

    Julie, I was thinking of you tonite. After your post about the old traditions/new traditions, I ordered “Elf” from Netflix. Never saw it before–it was laugh-out-loud hilarious. I thought of you when he leaned over and said, “You’re sitting on a throne of lies!” I wish Buddy would come decorate my house for Christmas!

    We finally got our tree up—we tried it in a new spot in the living room this year so we can see it from the kitchen now. I thought it’d be in the way and I would hate it there, but I LOVE it! A new tradition for the tree placement. AND I’m going to get mistle toe this year for once. You’ve inspired me!!! And thanks to Carl, I read his post…wonderful idea!

    I know this post has nothing to do with cookies, but I’m catching up, all in one post.

    My favorite movies are “Christmas Vacation” (I’d watched it several times over the years before I noticed the dickie under the sweater–I couldn’t stop laughing !!!!) and we ALWAYS watch “Christmas Story”–Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra (I love the Chinese restaurant scene with the smiling duck!) But I also love “It’s a Wonderful Life”… watch it all the way to the end, Mom!!!! Now that we have Netflix, I’m ordering just about every movie that I can about Christmas! We’re gonna see them all, baby!

    Cookies…I need to get some baked. My family loves SnickerDoodles (they have cream of tartar in them, Aunt Kathryn). The boys always make them for the Sunday School teachers. I’ll have to post my favorite Christmas snack….”Puppy Chow”.

  11. Debbie, I am glad you are caught up! We are going to watch “A Christmas Story” tonight. We’re looking forward to a family movie night.

    I need to get some mistletoe soon and post some pics for my something new christmas challenge.

  12. I can relate to Nita’s getting frustrated with gadgets. A couple of T.V.’s ago we had to turn it on with 2 remotes. 1 to turn on the tv, the other to turn on the vcr. There was several steps to it. This one was still new and Gil came home from work and I was all upset, he asked what was wrong. I said I am just trying to turn the TV on. boo hoo.

  13. What a warm way to welcome gusets. I always say that it starts at the front door and there isn’t one any more welcoming than yours. I love it all. That wreath is gorgeous but it was those green apples in the tree that made me gasp with admiration. :0 So happy that you linked this up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful.Pam