How lovely are thy branches!

Jules —  December 3, 2005

Last Saturday, we did my favorite yearly activity; we went to our favorite Christmas tree farm and cut down our beautiful Christmas tree. It’s a yearly tradition that James and I adopted fifteen years ago, when we put up our first tree together! We walked out to the cow pasture, behind our humble, mobile home, and cut it down. It was so big we had to anchor it to the wall to hold it up!

Cutting down our Christmas tree is even more fun now with the kiddos!!! They make the season a true delight. The farm we go to gives hayrides to the evergreen fields. It winds around past a pretty lake. It’s very scenic and relaxing. We are dropped off to go on our hunt for the perfect tree! Once we find it, James does the manly thing and saws it down for us. The tractor and wagon come back, after a bit, to pick us up, along with our lovely evergreen. Once we arrive back, they shake and prepare the tree, while we visit the quaint, little, gift shop, where Santa hangs out and hot chocolate is served. It’s a charming place. I am already looking forward to next year!

Our Christmas tree outing is a yearly tradition for Mom and Dad D too! It’s fun having them along with us.


A Virtual Tour

My decorations are up and we are really enjoying them. We rearranged the living room and the tree fits perfectly in front of the window!

We all have different gifts, so we all have a different ways of saying to the world who we are. ~Mister Rodgers



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  1. How wonderful, I wonder if they did those things when our girls were home. I don’t remember hearing anything about it. Looks so fun. Looks like Christmas has arrived at your home. We went to Jeff City last night to see all the live window displays & tour our Gov. Mansion. It was very pretty. In a lot of the window displays was young girls doing ballet dances or singing, etc. There were also several caroling choirs, and other kinds of music. We went out to eat 1st and then went up town, had a very enjoyable evening w/Gil’s bro. & his wife. Remember to somehow invite Jesus to the Celebration. Love all your pic. Julie.

  2. Aw, so cozy. I love your decorated home!

  3. Sounds like a fun night Auntie. I love Christmas lights. There aren’t very many Christmas tree farms around. We went to them when I was little.

    Thanks, Sarah!! I loved seeing your decorations, too!

  4. We had a real tree one year – – it had this one branch the just loved to reach out and grab ya…mostly cuz it hung out halfway into the room!

  5. Your home looks so festive and fun. Where did you put Santa & Mrs. Clause, that you got at the garage sale in June? I hope we will be able to see your decorations when we are at your Moms for Christmas.

  6. Ciera, we’ve had a few like that over the years! This place we go to now takes such good care of the trees. The branches are very uniform.

    Santa and Mrs. Clause are out of view to the right of the buffet. They look perfect and new. I was very sad though. They said they worked, that they just needed an adaptor, but when I plugged them in they tried real hard to move, but are stuck. I was real disappointed but they still look nice. They were only $2.oo for the pair! I just LOVE animatronic Christmas stuff!!!

    I think I will take up-close pictures of all my toys and post them!

    That buffet is what I bought the day of Grandma’s party.

  7. There’s a tree farm about an hour from here. I’ve only gone once with the boys. They had a tour where they take the kids through the farm and show them the different age trees and how they prune them. Then they gave us cut pieces of the trunk and helped us learn how to count the rings and determine the ages of the trees. I need to try to find that place again–the last time I went, I was expecting James so that must have been 5 years ago. Maybe we can go when you all are here at Christmas, Mom.

  8. Nice looking tree, daddy always cut a cedar tree for us for christmas. Their a little spindley but the smell is wonderful. the needles were small and could really hurt your feet if stepped on. We always kept them in water, but they don’t last long.

    By the way, DEC. 3rd: :birthday KANDI. Poor thing is home again so sick. Hope next year is kinder to you on your Bday. LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!
    MOM 😀

  9. I didn’t know yesterday was Kandi’s birthday! This blog is so informative!

    Kandi, :birthday! I am sorry to hear you’re sick. I hope by tomorrow, when you read this, that you will be back to work feeling good! You are so much fun to hang around with! I wish I could see you more often! :love

  10. It’s 3:16 and your Mom and Larry Just left for home. What a wonderful day!!! I love my sisters. Those sillys Smoked a brisket, homemade bread, corn on cob, and MOCK APPLE PIE that Richard thought was apple pie. I fixed the rest of dinner which to say the least was not much.

    They enjoyed playing with the computer. What a great day. I don’t get to have company very much and this was a special treat. I sent home with her a book on embroidery and quilting and 4 Pkg. of Hickory nut meats and some pictures she did’nt have from the computer.
    Nita and Larry brought me a CAPIDOMONTE URN :cry I LOVE my CAPODIMONTE. Every piece is so special.
    You picked a beautiful tree this year, I guess I’d better get in the spirit. I’d like a fiber optic tree. Your house looks so festive and nice.

  11. I wish mom had a telephone line. We’d see to it that she got a computer if she had a way to get the internet.

    She showed me the Campidomonte. It’s all so pretty. I like their love for auctions. I reap the benefits of it, too! Is that where she found it?

    I like the fiber optic trees. I think they’re really pretty.

  12. She said they got it at an auction. She said no one would bid on it and so at the last minute she did and got it for nothing practically.I offered to pay her, but she would’nt tell but that it was very little. She had not gotten any hickory nuts so I gave her a few packages.

    I wish she could get a computer too. I don’t think it would take her very long to catch on, she’s pretty friendly with one now. She enjoyed looking at my new Easy Share kodak setup I downloaded the other day. Boy you can take a picture and then add Like Spotlight effects, and is ever interesting. Looks Pro. She liked seeing what I could do with a picture I had taken.

  13. By the way, the hickory nuts were already picked out so she will be making some goodies. My favorite with them is hickory nut pie, that is before I could’nt have them. Us girls were raised on Hickory or Walnuts.

  14. Happy belated birthday Kandi! It was also Joseph’s birthday yesterday, Kathryn’s oldest son!
    We got our Christmas tree on Thursday, we can’t get out to go anywhere on the weekends on account that weekend Christmas shoppers make me want to scream. I try to live a mellow life and stay away from anxiety attack provoking situations.
    The kids love the tree, can’t hardly keep their hands off the candy canes and want to rearrange the ornaments! Sarah wants me to sing Jingle bells all the time. So after my 12 hour days at the hospital, they come pick me up and I have to sing Jingle bells all the way home. Noone ever would have been able to make believe I would be doing the crazy things I do with my kids.

  15. Nita got me a creamer & sugar bowl at an auction, and they were an exact match to a teapot Gil’s mom had given me, I couldn’t believe it. She also was sent a bunch of pic from me of the ones I have sent to Marlis, so she probably has a double set now. Should have told Marlis about it.
    Mothers do a lot of things for their kids that they never would have thought of Trish, don’t we MOM’s out there? Happy belated Birthday Kandi :birthday Hope you got my card on time. Sorry you are sick.

  16. Deb, that sounds like fun to go to a tree farm. Will they be serving cocoa or apple cider to keep us warm? Marlis I saw the urn Nita brought you, she asked me if I thought you would like it. It is very pretty and you probably cryed when she gave it to you. :cry

  17. I sure did :cry who would’nt, I love my Capidamonte. My first urn. 😀
    Trish, your awful sweet to still smile and sing with the children after 12 hours shift from your job. Good mama’s do.

  18. Sarah sounds super cute!

    Kandi, I hope you are feeling better.

  19. Jules, I enjoyed coming over the other day and viewing your Christmas stuff. It looked great, super cute and very festive!!

    Thanks for cleaning my ceiling fan!! I keep looking at it because it looks brand new.

  20. Well,
    I guess this old woman can come out of hiding.
    I had a terrible birthday. Oh well.
    And then yesterday my sink decided to make a hole in my P trap, so I learned how to put together a trap under the kitchen sink yesterday.
    I was sick Saturday, I have bronchitis and a very bad toothache but I have to buck up and enjoy being 42 years old. Gosh I wish I was 30 again.
    Oh well I better not wish my life away.
    I feel pretty good knowing how to fix a sink so I better cheer up………….
    Thanks everyone for the wishes……..

  21. Very cool and festive looking…where did the furniture go??? :rotfl

  22. We put the couch on the other wall. What would I do without Karen’s advice!

    Kandi, I am so sorry you had a yucky birthday. Wow! Fixing plumbing…what a woman!!!