Jules —  January 29, 2006

After eight years of being a mom, I’ve acquired some very valuable skills. For example, I am the best vomit catcher EVER! It’s second nature to see it coming, cup my hands and holler for a bowl, without ever losing a drip. Sacrifices must be made to save the upholstery and carpenting. It makes clean up much easier, too.

Anjelia came down with the stomach flu late this afternoon. I’ve enjoyed rocking her the last few hours. We moved her bed into our room for the night. That keeps her near me without my bed getting puked in! Poor baby.

Love is staying up all night with a sick child — or a healthy adult.รขโ‚ฌย David Frost



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  1. You have displayed this amazing skill in public restaurants a few times too. It’s quite the spectacle.

  2. For some reason I have found that my bra on many occasions has served to catch much vomit. Somehow I am holding them and it all goes right down my shirt. :puke

    I will pray that Jeli gets better really soon! :flowers

  3. Been there, done that. I’ve always amazed myself that I don’t get sick too when that happens. :puke Yet another mommy skill, I guess!

  4. Our skills–they are many!

  5. Anjelia did not throw up at all in the night. She kept waking up begging for water. I gave her a little bit and she held it down so I gave her a cup full at 3 am and she did fine. She’s up around today and ate breakfast. Thanks for your prayers.

  6. I always hated the idea of Kandi getting sick, because if she :puke her daddy would :puke Mommy skill must be true. He would’nt change her dirty diapers because he would :puke as a matter of fact that big ole TRUCK DRIVER would :puke just taking out the trash. I did all the “DIRTY JOBS” :(

  7. I bet you will have extra jewels in your crown when you get to the other side!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Na! But someone raising 4 kids definately will. ๐Ÿ˜‰ :king

  9. My “crowning moment” in motherhood was exactly one year ago today! We were eating at Chili’s and Chandler was getting super fussy, but lukily I caught on pretty quickly to what was going down…he was getting sick! He started to get that pale look….you mom’s know what I’m taklking about. Then…the short coughing noise started. I plunged my hand into the diaper bag and pulled out a gallon-sized ziploc bag (yes, I always keep one around) just in time to catch the speeding fountain of puke that was headed for my lap! Not a drop of it ended up on me or him!! A tiny amount did end up on the floor (he shook his head as I was attempting to catch it all…he really wanted it to end up on me), but nothing a few on my handy-dandy antibacterial wipes couldn’t fix in a flash ;).

    Just as I was zipping up the puke baggie our waitress came out with our food. She saw what was going on on immidiately spun back around and headed back to the kitchen to make our order a “to-go” one instead. When she came back to the table to give us our boxed up food she applauded me for doing such a “bang-up” job in the puke-catching department. Then, the couple accross the way that saw the whole ordeal unfold also congratulated me. Never in a million years did I think I would feel so proud of my puke catching skills, but they sure came in handy that day! Lesson learned: never leave home without a giant Ziploc bag and a tub of antibacterial wipes. Those two things have saved me many a times.

  10. Yeah Karen’s bra can hold quite a bit.

  11. yeah,
    When the school calls for me to go get Ian I always have a puke pan in the car, always besides the couch, and in both bedrooms, Ian will not, I mean will not throw up in the toilet, the poor child will hold his puke until I run to get the “puke pail”. He can hold puke well. I am glad for that.
    Unless we are at wal-mart then he feels the need to puke in my purse………

  12. Thanks for sharing that one, Tom! :oops :oops

  13. Maybe you should try out for the Royals…God knows they need the help!!!

  14. Amber, I stand in awe of your effeciency and organization skills. Seriously. You’ve got skills! I wish I was always as prepared for things as you. So, what did you do with the bag of vomit. Take it home or throw it in the restaurant trash?

    Kandi, the purse comment made me laugh out loud.

    I think we are all puke experts! All of you share the category with me as, The Best Ever!

    Carl, I think you’re on to something there. Maybe they need a mom to be catcher.

  15. One of my bra catching moments was when Julian threw up in the Blockbuster store. He had munched down some cat food that day and it came back up! It smelled up the whole store like cat food too. That was the first time I’ve ever stripped off my shirt and drove home with Tom’s jacket around me.

    I can still smell that one!

  16. That is one of the funniest stories!

  17. Aaron just threw up while riding to work with me on Thursday. I heard “that noise” unbuckle as I swirled around while grabbing the kleenex box. No puke spilled!!! I dumped out my walmart return bag and carefully placed that kleenex box in, which amazingly stayed intact until I got to work.
    I’m proud to be a part of the cool momma puke catchin’ group.

  18. We’re honored to have you!

  19. I have to say, Amber is the most prepared for emergency I have ever seen. I am constantly thinking “we should get that” or “why don’t we do that?”.

  20. I think Jules, Karen and Trish need some kind of medal or Hey, maybe T-shirts with proud puke catcher mom’s…….. This is so great.
    Yeah but one year there was a terrible stomach flu going around and Ian was very ill just constantly puking then just as the night progressed I got sick. It was the puke you cannot hold and very forceful. Well needless to say when Ian threw up I then threw up……. Mark could not handle this at all. He went next door and borrowed his dads face mask and large wet vac.
    It was a very bad two days……..
    My dad could not have handled it at all….

  21. The picture of a man with a face mask and a wet vac sucking up puke really cracks me up!!

  22. Very interesting what you read on peoples blogs. I also, was the one who had to handle these types of situations.

  23. What great stories! I have a very weak stomach, but becoming a mom really transformed my ability to clean up and yes, catch puke with no negative side effects.

    My best catch was when Tori was about 2 months old. I had finished nursing her, and brilliant person that I am, decided to lift her up above me and make fun faces to make her laugh. Tori with the full stomach proceeded to throw up directly in my mouth! My sister-in-law grabbed a burb rag laughing the whole time. I quickly spit, but did not gag!!!

    I did gag when I cleaned up Razz’s doggy puke last week. :puke

  24. I can’t wait to see what your next post is about. Probably can’t top this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Well to switch the subject slightly to the other end…for those of you who don’t have boys, you may not know the thrill of speed-diaper changing. You quickly learn to have quick reflexes to deflect getting “watered”. Connor broke me in by spraying me when he was only a few hours old. By my 3rd son, I could tell by his facial expression whether I needed to duck and cover. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Gotta love being a mommy! Certainly builds character…of what type, I’m not sure…given the skills that we’re braggin’on!!! :rotfl

  26. I agree with Mary…I could clean up any kind of mess my boys come out with, but cleaning up after my dogs frequently makes me gag. :puke

    I’ve never seen so much :puke as is on this blog comments!

  27. Oh my word…I don’t know that I’m ready to be a mom!

  28. Aunt Marilyn:
    Thanks for turning me on to METHOD…
    I have the sweet water. Our Super Wal-mart has lavender and sweet water…

  29. If anyone finds “Method” hand wash in the refill bottles please post it and where. All I can find is the little bottles. It smells so good. Good for after cleaning up all that :puke & :moon

  30. Your welcome Kandi. I won’t be home tonight til after 8.

  31. Sounds like something I need to look for. I’ll keep my eyes open.

    Mel, you are not required to have these skills prior to becoming a mother. Most of them are acquired through on the job training.

  32. that’s a relief!!

  33. Definitely gained through on-the-job training! If you had to go to school to learn these skills, most of us would drop out and never have children! You definitely have to be in love with someone to do what a mommy does for free!

  34. Julie-
    *The waitress threw away the puke baggie for me….how sweet of her :rotfl Thanks for the props…it made me smile to think that someone thinks I’m effecient. Considering that I’m 20 minutes late everywhere I go I have a hard time seeing myself as being the slightest bit “well-organized”. In my mind I am, but reality (and my hubby) tells a different story.

    **Oh, and thank you Tom!
    I pay a high price for my “emergency preparedness” (you’ve seen the size of my diaper bags). Just the fact that I carry TWO diaper bags is total insanity to me…but they save my butt All.THE.TIME.

    ***3 kids 4 years and under + two in diapers + two sippy cups + three changes of clothing + enough snacks to satisfy the hunger pains of 20 starving children = 2 ridiculous sized diaper bags that embarrass the heck out of me most of the time (but not enough for me to leave them at home).

  35. Yes, Amber, and it seemed to me that the times I decided that it was ridiculous to carry extra clothes for Tori were the times she had the biggest mess! Hurray for Moms!

  36. Mommy love is definitely a verb.

  37. Amber, Instead of carrying the extra change of clothes everywhere for the out-of-diaper kid, could you just leave some clothes in the car? That way you have them if needed, but can carry one less thing in the bag.

    I still try to carry extra clothes in my van (and my boys are 11, 8, and 4). When my babies were little and spitting up all the time, I even kept an extra shirt for MYSELF in the car as I seemed to always be the target for the mess.

  38. Well, most of the time I keep the extra change of clothes for my 4 year old in the car. The only thing that I keep in the diaper bag for her is a pair of panties & some socks.

    *There have been many times where I wished I had remember to throw an extra shirt for myself in the car as well (good idea). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to walk around with spit-up stains all over my shirt.

  39. I used to say that spit-up milk was my new “mommy perfume.” I must say, I do think I’m smelling better these days! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. My kids still use me as a napkin. I always have spots all over my shirt. Snot, spit, food, etc. Anjelia still cuddles to my shoulder a lot and I have smudges on my shoulders. :love Sometimes, before we leave the house James will look at me and say, “Aren’t you going to change your shirt before we leave?” :rotfl

  41. Yesterday I looked down at my shirt and found the following stains:
    *purple yogurt-from Chandler’s lunch
    *chocolate-oops…that was my fault :oops
    *snot-Chandler again
    *spit-up-Maya’s mark :baby

    You would think all those stains would have made me stop and change my shirt before I went out in public…..nope! I just put the baby in my handy little sling & tried to cover up most of them that way. No sense in making more laundry for myself.