Coolies and yellow roses

Jules —  June 6, 2005

I had a refreshingly silly weekend with my family! Grandma, Mom, my two Aunts, cousin Kandi and I left our families, and met at a local hotel for two nights, to kick back and have some girl time.

Our craft project this year involved decorating coolies. You know, those things you stick pop cans in to keep them cold. Mine is the red one with the mushrooms. It’s a masterpiece, I know.

Friday night we ordered pizza and had our time of emotional cleansing. We visited for several hours while watching Aunt Marilyn admire her new boots. I’ve never seen someone wiggle their feet that much. The funniest part was watching Kandi re-enact what Aunt Marilyn looked like while boot shopping! Have fun trying them out on the dance floor, Punky!!!

Some little girls asked us to play with them in the pool Friday. We learned the game Marco Polo. I need to play childish games more often. The hot tub felt really good, too.

Saturday after breakfast, we went and shopped at the City Market. There was a cool coffeehouse there. Yummy! One of the ladies behind the counter took this blurry picture for us.

Coffee was a highlight for Kandi and I. We snuck off upstairs to visit.

While we were gone, James had yellow roses sent to our room for us. He scored big points with the fam with that one. The note said, “Not just family, but friends.”. How true… They were beautiful on the coffee table where we sat and visited. Thanks hon, you’re the best!

This year we had visitors! Mary and Tori stopped by for a spell!

Sunday we did some more shopping before it was time to go home.

Now I have to wait a whole year to do it all over again. I am already looking forward to it. The best part, I think, is having the freedom to act as dorky as I want to! Now that is fun! I am proud to be a part of such a fun family.

Aaaaawwwwwww…….Oh, and the baby is cute, too!!!

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” Richard Bach



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  1. I know you all had fun if the couple of hours that we were there was any indication! I think you are all great fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing the kettle corn!

  2. Oh, and James, the flowers were very classy!!!!

    Is that enough !!!? I know James loves exclamation points!

  3. James sentiments and generosity to us gals will be a hard class act to follow other than the show Kandi put on about how Marilyn acted while buying her boots. I had a real good time, we all always do. James hit it on the head. “NOT JUST FAMILY, BUT FRIENDS” I’m so proud to have the family I have. Aunt tootsie

  4. I’m glad you explained that you were having coffee in a coffee shop–just looking at the pictures, it looked like you all were hanging out in the garage (which sounds more like guys weekend!)

  5. I can’t wait to join in sometime!
    Love ya all

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Thanks for sharing the pics. What a great lookin’ family!

  7. I can’t imagine what it would be like if our whole family of girls got together for a week-end.
    They’d probably have to come and drag us out of there, we’d be so spent from all the goofyness. I can’t wait for next year either. Nita & Marlis will have to spend a couple of days in the Hosp. to get in shape for it next year. I laughed so hard reading Julies blog, I had to get the Kleenex.

  8. Hi Julie,
    Glad all of you had a blast. Think you need to elaborate on your teaser:
    “Aaaaawwwwwww…….Oh, and the baby is cute, too!!!
    I have one version, what is yours, as I think my daughters will get a big kick out of hearing it.
    I also enjoy reading your blog, what a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We will be testing your Aunt Marilyn’s new boots out on a dance floor this Sat night.
    Uncle Gil in lieu of Aunt Marilyn

  9. Gosh, I got honorable mention!!!11!

  10. I’m sure Punkie told you the correct version, I can’t imagine her not. He He!!!!!!!!! Right Punkie!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I could take all of us girls and both Mom’s without really ending up in the hospital. Too much fun would be had. I think my diverticulitis flared up. Just heard from Deb, can’t wait till I get down there.

  11. I’m sure if prompt, Kandi can tell the boot story in T. She does it so well. OK Punkie?
    Aunt (troublemaker) Tootsie.

  12. We were waiting for our elevator and the doors opened and a good looking guy came out carrying a cute baby. We all went aaaawwwwwwww over the baby. We got on the elevator and the doors began to close and Punky said “oh and the baby’s cute too”. The timing was perfect and it was sooo funny coming from her. I wonder if he heard her. Too funny!

  13. Tattle tail Julie, Tattle tale Julie, He He!!!!!
    Thanks Karen for the compliment. Wished we could have met you too.
    Now Gil, you know the rest of the story. Tattle tale Julie, Tattle tale Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Tootsie

  14. Mom had already fessed up and told me the true story about the cute….”baby”. And believe you me, I’ve already got plans to get Kandi to tell the boot story AND the instructions on using the elevator. So what other stories do we need to get out of them while they’re here?

    With Aunt Marlis and Kandi coming here tomorrow, we’ll have our girl weekend after all along with Kelli, Gma and Kathryn. Can’t wait!!

    And, Julie, thanks for the pictures of the coolies. Mom had emailed and said you all decorated coolies with cloth and I had NO CLUE what she was talking about. I thought maybe she misspelled cookies! But then I couldn’t figure out why you all would be decorating cookies with cloth! Of course, when it comes to girls weekend with this crew, I know just about anything could happen! (grin) Love you, mean it!

  15. Hey, what’s with the picture of the boots? Did someone get a new pair of boots or something?!!!

  16. Oh Shoot, I think I forgot to tell you guys, I GOT A NEW PAIR OF BOOTS!!!!!! Deb, you can ask Kandi about the driving lessons. Oh and when you go shopping ,if you do in that short time, don’t make Kandi stay with you, she don’t like to be tied down!!!!!!!She was very subtle about it. I want to come to that Girls week-end too!!! I don’t want to miss out. Well, at least tell us all about it. OK? You might ask Kandi about the ATM too.

  17. Hey Aunt Marilyn. I love shopping with you. I just sometimes take off seeing if I missed something or look ahead. (Anyway, what do you mean by dont make Kandi stay with you? “What about Julie”?) PLEASE, I dont want to share the ATM trip with ANYONE, Boy Julie got real grumpy did’nt she!!!!!!
    Ha Ha Ha…
    I had fun. I will host next year’s get together but I think we should do it Thursday-Sunday, what do you all think?????????
    I am looking at a couple of neat places to stay as long as they are cheap.
    Julie! You have a great husband!!!!
    God broke the mold when he made James, there arent too many men like James except for maybe Uncle Gil!!!
    I had to make Uncle Gil’s head big too…

    James, the flowers were beautiful!!!! I used a lot of exclamation marks. I am not sure if Mary was being funny or serious about the exclamation marks……. Julie, I think you will have a great coffee shop….

  18. check out this site. I have been interested in having the get together here. If it is expensive I will look elswhere. I have a friend of a friend who is a manager at Stoney Creek Inn so maybe I can get it cheap. I’ll try, this place is supposed to be great. Each room has a theme. There are several chains of this INN so click on Missouri at the left when looking.
    It has a free continental breakfast and theme rooms so I will check into this.
    I have never been a host so I will try my hardest.
    Aunt Marilyn told me to look at a La Quinta hotel so I will look at a few before deciding.
    What does everyone think about Thursday-Sunday????

  19. “Oh, Julie”
    I wish I had a friend like Mary! She is a great person. I hope she can come next year. She is great to be around.

  20. Now go and get yourself a cheap pair of sunglasses.

    Hummmm sounds like a ZZ top song. Wow what a blast from the past. Hey all, Julie has a different side to her when she wears cheap sunglasses…..
    Watch out.

  21. Wow, 4 posts in a row–looks like Kandi’s been “Percolations-deprived.” hee hee. Can’t wait to see what happens when you get me (the long poster on the blog) and her (the multi-poster) together this week!!

    Hey, did I mention that Aunt Marlis and Kandi and Ian are coming here this week?!!!! (grin)
    Woo Hoo!!

  22. James, if you’re in this family, you need to make sure you get all those !!!!!! right. We take all those !!!! quite seriously! Hold the button down the ENTIRE time or you get a lot of 1111111’s mixed in! (see his above post)–maybe Julie can teach you, she knows proper !!!! use!! And I hear she’s good at elevator instuctions so she’ll be a good instructor on !!!!! use!

    But the flowers and note to the girls were quite thoughtful, James, so we’ll let the little slip on the !!!!!’s go just this once.

  23. Kandi, the hotel looks awesome. I LOVE the pool.

    Grumpy? Surely not!!

    I love my sunglasses. They make me feel feisty!

    Have fun this week, girls. Wish I could be there.

    Wow!!! This family really is cRaZy!!!!!!

    I think the ones are on purpose!!!!111!!! He thinks he’s being cool!!

  24. Oh Kandi, James got a kick out of the picture of us on the stairs. He says we look a lot a like.

  25. I liked shopping with you to Kandi, And sometimes I like to race off, and cover some ground. I like to shop together, its a good way to find another persons likes and dislikes, and visit. I can be by myself anytime. Stony Creek sounds interesting and Thur.- Sun. is great, but I’m footloose and some of you have lil ones.

  26. And speaking of dandilions, I had some one give me some really good dandilion jelly, mmmmmmm it was really good, Nita. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I second that about the dandelion jelly….Mmmmmmm. We had some that traveled a LONG way here thanks to Aunt Tootsie. Thank you, Aunt Nita, we all loved it! The kids were swarming when we started spreading it on fresh bread. They thought it tasted like honey. And they looked like little bees fluttering around trying to get some toast and dandelion jelly!!!! (Yeah we shared it with them!) I’ll never look at my yellow weed filled yard the same way again. I’ve got “organic” dandelions just waiting to be harvested! Could I get the recipe?!

  28. The homemade bread Debbie made was to die for, then add Nita’s homemade dandeline jelly, awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Alex had a wonderful barbecue, the pool was cool, the two days with Mama, my two sisters and Niece and all the other family members including Alex Mom and Dad , it was wonderful to be with the other half of the family. I wish Linda was there but oh well, there’s bound too be someone missing and that was my fault that I could’nt make it to the beautiful wedding. My depression is over for now, I got to see my Mama.