Jules —  July 8, 2005

One year olds, Anjelia and Jaden, relunctantly share a swing in Tom and Karen’s backyard!

“Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn’t matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.”Anne Frank



11 responses to cooties!

  1. Hehe, cute. My goodness, Jaden looks so much like Karen! Lucky kid. :-)

  2. Most of the time he looks like Tom. He walks like him and has his build. It’s hilarious! That t-shirt and shorts even looks like a Tom outfit!

  3. James calls Anjelia’s hair, “Hulk” hair! He said if it were halloween he’d paint it green! Cracks me up!

  4. Omg, you’re right! HAHA!

  5. They are so cute. You can almost see their little minds working. Darling!!!!!!! Aunt Tootsie

  6. He’s filling his diaper. I know the look. I gave it to him.

  7. Tom and I are on the same wavelength here, my first thought was “Number Two strikes again!”

  8. Punky made it to Colorado. She’s with 4 teen girls, has her own queen bed, but is experiencing a headache, hope her back does’nt start hurting her again. They stay with familys of their church out there. Catch ya later. Tootsie

  9. HA! Now that is a “Tom” picture if I’ve ever seen one!!

    *Julie- by the way, I have camera envy-LOL! You are posting some great pictures.

  10. Hey Amber!!! I am tickled you posted! I love my camera. Do you have a digital? It’s so fun to have a new toy to play with.

    We need to meet in a park and let the kiddos play so we can talk (if your prego body feels up to it). Karen, too.

  11. Hey Amber, that’s cute photo, I just came across this morning.. can I use this photo on one of my blog post?