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Jules —  May 11, 2005

My favorite e-mails have been disappearing for several months. It’s been driving me crazy!!! If you send me a cute pic, poem, quote or video, and I like it, I am probably going to keep it. I have been going through my deleted items, looking and looking, confused about where my stuff is going. After complaining once again, James looked and discovered that my e-mail program has been sending stuff to a ‘hidden’ folder after 7 days!!! I know this doesn’t make me sound too smart and I am willing to accept that because I KNOW I am an intelligent being. However, I am still mostly computer illiterate. I do my own images now, though!!!

Well, it’s been like Christmas on the computer!! I am still sifting through my e-mail treasures. Oh, by the way, sorry if I kept asking you to re-send stuff. Now we know why!! I found this picture Rob sent. He took it about a year ago, while up for a visit. I appreciate it more now than I did then. The kids have grown up some. Sniff, sniff. Those of you with kiddos might like to try taking pics from this perspective. Very fun look!

“Pooh,” said Rabbit kindly, “you haven’t any brain.”
“I know,” said Pooh humbly.”



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  1. Hehe, those kids are so dang cute!

    Don’t worry, Julie, it’s not you. Computers are stupid sometimes! *Cough, Windows, cough*

  2. I noticed this yesterday with Comcast as well. I was looking for an email that I couldn’t find. They changed some things up in order to keep their mail servers from staying overloaded with stuff.

  3. Awww, how super cute!

    Gosh, they do grow up so fast.

  4. What beautiful little girls. I do need to start coming up more often to see you all. Love ya. Am leaving Sat. to see my sweeties in Tenn.

  5. Have a fun trip!!!!

  6. “Those who are clever, who have a Brain, never understand anything.”

  7. Love it Abby!!!

    You could take a picture, like this, of your new puppy. That would be so cute!!!

  8. I love that picture. It is perfect or would be if the 4th Dibbenite was in it!

  9. She is in it…don’t you see that spare leg in the background? :)

  10. Clever picture. Darling girls & leg. Love ya’s.

  11. I think Anjelia was crawling off.

    I have a lot of pictures with her crawling or running off.

    She’s so ornery. Went to the grocery store this morning. She was behaving so wildly that I finally swatted her. I was the only one around, besides a little old lady, who didn’t mind at all. She told Anjelia that life is hard!!

    She straightened up after that. It’s hard at this age to take them anywhere. I am afraid what people will think if I swat her, but it is the only way to make her mind, right now. She’s too little to discipline when we get to the car. She won’t understand.

  12. I spank our puppy when he fights me while I’m putting on his harness. He stops fighting immediately — reminds me of a little kid.

  13. A puppy is like a child in a lot of ways!!!

  14. Great picture!!!! How cute. Love the the different vantage point. Was Rob just standing there? I would have to stand on a chair to get that, I think.

  15. Oh that picture is just adorable and your girls are just darling!

    I love it!

  16. Karen, Rob is not super tall, but he is taller than your 5 ft. hee, hee