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Jules —  October 11, 2005

I am excited to announce the debut of my good friend Karen’s crumby blog, Casting Crumbs! Please stop by for a visit and chat. I am very excited to have yet another way to communicate with one of my best friends.


I am sitting here wondering what I should do with myself. Today is Mother’s Day Out day and I’m feeling a little lost. Of course, there’s a long list of things I could be doing:

Cleaning. (For someone who is always cleaning, my house sure is a pit)
Organizing. (Nothing seems very orderly around here)
Clean the shop bathroom. (Disgusting!)
Get out everyone’s winter clothes and put away the summer stuff.
Clean out garage.
Clean out van. (You can’t see the floor for all the junk)
Grocery shop.

I think I may actually get out my scrapbooking supplies and do some scrapping. I am so far behind, I’m afraid to look. Anjelia’s book hasn’t gotten past our hospital stay and she’s two years old now. I think that’s what I’ll do. It’s important, right?

“I’m lazy. But it’s the lazy people who invented the wheel and the bicycle because they didn’t like walking or carrying things.”
Lech Walesa



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  1. Yes, Julie, the 1st child always has the fattest baby book, so it is a very important task to keep the others up too. That other stuff will still be there waiting for you.

  2. Thanks, you’re right. I am neglecting something that is real important to the kids. My scrapbooks will last a lot longer than a clean house and are much more important. A clean house lasts just a few hours around here!

  3. I would get out my winter stuff but it is where my summer stuff is……ha ha ha.
    My house is a pit 20 minutes after I clean.
    Nothing stays organized around my house “EVER”.
    But my dang garage is sure clean….. its cleaner than my house…. ha ha ha.
    Mothers should go on strike. But then what would we do?
    We should start a mothers strike….
    Lets see how many days our family can endure no clean dishes, no supper, no clean clothes…….

  4. Every woman needs a wife!

  5. I’ll drink to that!! :evil My own wife, how wonnnddderrfulllllllll πŸ˜€ . Than I can paint more and walk further, and not clean. Woopppeeeee!
    Well, it was fun while it lasted, just thinking about it. Tootsie πŸ˜‰

  6. I got a few candy corns one of the nurses brought to work and put them in medicine cups and wrote Aaron and Sarah’s name on them for their “surprise” when they come to pick up mommy from work. One of the nurses was watching me and she started talking about her grown daughter. She said “I wish someone would’ve told me that this is the last bath you’ll be giving your daughter or this is the last time you’re going to read this book to your daughter” she became very misty eye’d missing her daughter. I told her I would try to always think of that when I say, “Do they really have to have a bath tonight! I told her to dig out the book and the next time her daughter comes over to read it to her!
    I cut Sarah’s hair in a bob Sunday, she’s walking around like a big girl, swinging her hair around. Today Chris got her “high heels” from the dollar store. Wow, she is in heaven!

  7. I was looking at Anjelia’s newborn pictures today and I got real sad. No more babies. She grew up awful fast. I know she’s only two but she changed so much so quickly.

    Wish I could see Sarah’s cute bob with her high heels. Little girls are such great fun!

  8. I have tried to cut the girls hair. It never worked. I tried cutting Elaina’s hair into a bob and I screwed it up so bad I had to take her to the hair dresser to get it fixed. They teased me big time and told the girls, “If mommy comes at you with scissors, RUN!!!” I don’t even do bangs anymore. They were always crooked. I am very impressed with your skills!!!

  9. I really like Karen’s new blog! Thanks for encouraging her to get it up and running.

  10. I’m so far behind I think I’m running in first place!!!!! I got a picture today of the motel Tommy and I stayed in on our Honeymoon. The bank where our Art Gallery is at is sitting on that land now. The Hopi Motel has been gone a few years, but how appropriate that I now have Paintings hanging in it. πŸ˜€ I did print off pictures from my computer of family that have been sent to me and I guess I thought if this thing crashed they would be gone, and I also ran off a CD also.I think I got it covered :rotfl
    I got to start painting furnace vents :banghead then maybe I’ll be caught up. :rolleyes

  11. Thanks for the announcement, Julie!! I really enjoyed seeing your Aunts post. It really makes the world feel smaller doesn’t it?

    I’m glad you chose the scrapping today. You won’t look back on today and wish you had done something different!

  12. :love Celebrate!!! Our wonderful Daughter-in-law and Son will celebrate 15 years of marriage the 13th!!! Much to say for this girl that I prayed for when our son was a baby. How about that! You young people be in prayer for your children’s future’s mate.

  13. Most people don’t have MIL’s who cheer them on like you do me. You’re so kind to me. I am very blessed. Thank you for 15 years of encouraging words. :love

    I am excited about my anniversary tomorrow too. I think you are as excited as I am!!! Thank you!!! Maybe we should pray for the future in-laws too. I hope my girls have great in-laws!!

  14. Hey, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!! Are you doing anything fun?

  15. Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll probably do a post. We’d like to go out tomorrow for a date. I think we are going to stay in Mom and Dad D’s camper this weekend, to get away!

    We want to do a hayride at mom’s. She suggested this Saturday cuz Kandi is coming down. Since it is our anniversary, mom thought we could do it next Saturday. Kandi, could you come down again? I hate to mess with your plans. Tom and Karen and Carl and Mary, we’d love for you to come, too. Larry is geared up. I think he has a spooky costume to wear and everything (he’s the tractor driver). Last year was so fun. Maybe Jessica will let mom get out her talking skeleton. We’ll see….

  16. Your too kind, Julie. Happy aniversary to the both of you. :flowers Yes, Iam excited for the celebration of 15 years. Love you too!

  17. πŸ˜€

    I went to wal-mart last night and bought 3 containers of happy apples.
    Ian and I sure enjoyed them……..
    Mark watched us eat all the apples up he was amazed that we could put away that many.
    Jules dont tell anyone we did that, it sound like we have some type of happy apple bulimia….

  18. James & Julie! Happy Anniversary! Your plans sound like fun!

    I understand being behind on scrapbooking–I don’t even have kids yet! Yikes! I shutter to think how far behind I will be.

    Don’t forget to look at how far you’ve come though too! It could be much worse. At least you’re past Lydia’s baby pictures!

  19. Yes, I am caught up on everybody up to Anjelia’s birth. I am excited though, I have my stuff out and I have done a little on Anjelia’s. Boy I look awful! Coming home from the hospital with her was one of the roughest days of my life! That’s sad but true. HORMONES!!! YIKES!!! I was beyond overwhelmed to be a mom of four. I couldn’t stop weeping!!! If you ever get to that point, call me. I’ll understand!! She sure looks sweet though.

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes.

  20. Yeah, Melissa, if you ever find yourself with four daughters give us a call. :eek

  21. Hey, mom breakdowns start as early as the first child. :cry

  22. Jules you did mean on the 22nd right?
    Mark and I are taking Ian to the Renaissance Festival this Saturday so he can see all the costumes.
    I think me and Ian will stay overnight after the hayride if that is all right with Nita, can you ask Nita if we can stay all night after hayride and then go home Sun.
    I will bring cider but what else can I bring!!!

  23. Yeah, the 22nd. James and I will be gone this weekend. Just bring cider. 2 jars should be more than enough. I wish we could do it this Saturday since you guys will be down.

  24. I like Karens new blog. I pray her Mom responds well to the chemo when she starts it. There are so many trials to our faith. With my background of luck you would think I would know the right things to say. I don’t!!! Just to put our trust in God. Some parts of my life have been so close to God that he spoke to me. Others times just hoped I made the right decisions.

  25. You two crack me up! Seriously!

    If I have a family like yours someday I will count myself lucky!

  26. That’s sweet Melissa! Be careful what you wish for! :rotfl

    Karen appreciates your comments, Tootsie. I saw Judy yesterday. It had been a rough day but she was out with Karen. Just riding along in the van. She’s a great lady. Thanks for your prayers. I know that’s what they want more than the right words.