Dandelion jelly

Jules —  June 13, 2005

Invasion of Dandelion

April K. Curfman

Blatantly you disregard
Our efforts to exclude you
And pop-up – like stars
Across our yards
In irrespective profusion
Your final act
A child-like gift
Of whimsical illusion
Your courageous grace ignored
You’re labeled
An intrusion.

My constantly active mom has been busily picking dandelions and making dandelion jelly to share with everyone. Kids especially love it. It tastes a lot like honey. There have been requests for the recipe. It’s so unusual that I thought it’d be fun to post.

Dandelion Jelly

Wash one quart of dandelion blossoms (no stems).
Put in pan and boil for 3 minutes in one quart of water (mom lets it simmer for a while).
Strain again through a coffee filter.
To every three cups of liquid add 1 pkg. sure-jell and1 tsp. lemon or orange extract (mom uses lemon juice).
Add 4 1/2 cups sugar.
Boil 3 minutes (mom says it takes more like 10 minutes) Use jelly setting on candy thermometer or use a glass dish from freezer. If a few drops on the cold dish sets that is an indication that it is done.
Jars need to be hot. Mom puts them in a cake pan of water and heats on stove. She puts parafin in each jar. After it melts she adds the jelly.

You can add any flavor of dry jello to taste or color. (Mom adds about 1 T. of strawberry)

“If dandelions were hard to grow, they would be most welcome on any lawn.” Andrew V. Mason



23 responses to Dandelion jelly

  1. Thankfully Scott’s has done a bang up job the last 2 years in our yard and we are dandelion free…so we won’t be able to contribute to this interesting concoction!

  2. Yeah!!! Now I can look forward to having dandelions. Actually I’ve always enjoyed dandelions–I always get lots of little bouquets of them from the boys and I think they look pretty in tiny vases on my windowsill above the kitchen sink.

    We’ve already eaten one jar of the jelly from Aunt Nita. Christian (7 years old) saw the empty jar on the counter and said,”Oh, no–we’re out of honey jelly!” He was so excited when I showed him the other 2 full jars we still have left. Looks like I better learn how to make the jelly. Thanks for posting it, Julie!

  3. Rich’s girls love it too. When I got back from the T. clan the girls wanted homemade biscuits and dandelion jelly. My Grandson loves it, Nita made him some too. Such pleasure out of simple things. Now for supper, batter fried dandelion blossums. Aunt Tootsie

  4. It’s not as yummy if you wait till the dandelions turn to fuzz.

  5. You Silly Silly, but I bet your right. Kind of airy tasting, or hairy.

  6. Our yard is FULL of clover. I love it. The leaves are so dark green. Sometimes it looks like a blanket of white blooms.

    I used to de-thatch and fertilize and seed and spray…yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ve given all that up. Except I don’t like the thistles! Someday when I have more time MAYBE I will get particular again.

    Debbie, I heard you make all your bread homemade. What equipment do you have? Maybe you could share some recipes. I used to use my bread machine. This jelly and homemade bread sound like a wonderful combo!

    Your yard looks very pretty, Carl! Too bad you’ll have to miss out on this jelly!! He,he!!

  7. Fried dandelions? Hmmmm….

  8. You will have to get ahold of Gma Vera for the way she does it. I’m using my Vidalia batter for mine. Buy it at walmart in the veg. section. It is for batterfried onion rings and etc. You do know the best greens are dandelion greens with a little onion and bacon grease. YUM YUM.
    Aunt Tootsie

  9. I need to check out that batter. I love onion rings.

    I guess dandelions can be made into wine too. Interesting.

  10. You asked about the homemade bread. We listened to some tapes about biblical nutrition and decided to start grinding our own wheat and making bread. It’s a lot healthier as you get all the nutrients and fiber. I haven’t lost any weight doing it yet, but my skin is so much softer, clearer and less blotchy. (There’s health info on http://www.breadbeckers.com). I can’t wait to have my cholesterol re-checked after doing this for one year. (Mine is usually on the highest end of normal).

    I use a Nutrimill, an electric mill to grind the wheat (does about 7 cups in less than 5 minutes) and a Bosch mixer with a dough hook, then bake bread in oven, 3 loaves at a time, 2 times a week. It was a big splurge for us to get both of these machines, but we bought them on sale and it’s been worth it. I knew I wouldn’t keep up with it if I had a hand crank mill (although I’d have huge biceps to show for it) or if I mixed/kneaded it all by hand. I use several of the recipes off the breadbecker site–usually the No-fail recipe for our sandwich bread. Aunt Kathryn’s favorite is the Ezekial fasting bread, based on Ezekial 4:9, which has several different grains and beans ground into flour (makes a complete protein bread).
    Oops you got me started…

  11. WOW! That sounds delicious! I love bread. Especially warm, fresh baked bread. I guess if I had all the helpful equipment, it wouldn’t be hard to do. There are so many things we need/want. That I don’t know if I should add anything else to the list. It sounds like it would be worth it though. Much healthier.

    Maybe I should come visit and try yours out! Better watch it or you’ll have people on your door step all the time!

    How do you homeschool 3 boys and do all you do. You’re a Proverbs 31 woman! I have such a hard time just keeping up with the kids and house. You’re quite a lady!! Go girl!

  12. I’d also like to have a juicer. Karen has one and really likes it.

  13. You are right on about Deb being a Proverbs 31 woman. Next she’ll be making her own cloth. I can atest to the fact that she does it with out that harried look, she is just so calm when she is getting ready for one of those carry-ins at Kelli’s or having us there for a meal. I can also vouch for the bread, I like it all. One of my most favorites, she don’t make anymore because the bread machine died, is her raisin bread. You didn’t see the raisins because it beat them to a pulp, but it sure tasted GOOD! Julie you’ll have to get that one if you have a bread machine.

    I already told you I,like the kids, loved Nita’s Dandelion jelly. Trish has a good & simple Chicken & Dumplings recipe, I really like. Gil’s mom made the best old fashion biscuits, but they aren’t healthy. Take the shortening out of the recipe, and mix the rest of the biscuit mix,cut-out dough, then roll each one both sides in bacon fat and bake. If you like crunchy biscuits you love these w/Nita’s jelly.

  14. I’d say I’m more like the Proverbs 32 woman (so far behind the Proverbs 31 woman that I didn’t even make it into the Bible) grin

    I have aspirations of being more like Proverbs 31 lady, but I just can’t seem to manage that getting up while it’s still dark. Never been a morning person. If I could sleep whenever I wanted, I’d go to bed at 1 am and sleep til 9 am.

    I do have as a personal goal that my future daughter-in-laws will someday arise and call me blessed (I’m teaching the boys to cook and do their own laundry! hee hee) (see Prov. 31:28)

  15. And by the way, Julie, you show up on my doorstep, I’ll bake you all the bread you want!!! The more the merrier–we love company!

  16. Very tempting….

  17. Hey, I want in on the dandelion jelly! My yard is a community yard for the dogs that live here, we can’t even walk through the big back yard without getting aroma on our shoes. The keep it so manicured that we don’t have dandelions. Besides someone would probably put a call out if they saw me out there picking all the dandelions! hehe
    Chris makes our bread, he does it the hard manly man way! We can’t wait to get a grinder!

  18. Trish, did Chris start making bread after your trip to Debs? I want to try some of his sometime. My idea of making bread is thawing out the dough (from the store) and adding nuts, butter, br.sugar, & cinnamon, rolling it up and cutting out cinnamon rolls.

  19. Those cinnamon rolls sound pretty good too!!!! Wow, this post is giving me some cravings! I think you’re all amazing!

  20. Chris started making bread after we visited at Christmas. Deb just got her money together faster to get started with breadbeckers, we both listened to the CD at got really excited, even about warts disappearing, and I don’t even have warts! I got to spend all my money on medical stuff! Every time I see someone struggling on their crutches, I stop and give them my deep sympathy and encouragement.

  21. Trish, that is why God allows bad things to happen to good people, so others will have someone to sympathize with them. I’m proud of you.

  22. Thank goodness I’ve never broke a bone! It sounds like a big test. I am glad that God can use the bad things that happen to us.