dandelion puffs and fireflies

Jules —  May 29, 2011

My Anjelia has the most active imagination of anyone in our household, at any developmental stage. . . combined! She says the silliest things. She recently got the chills and said that the Spirit came over her. We have a cooling machine in the backyard where she goes when she gets too hot. I’ve been warning her sisters since Anjelia was four that this fairy loving, imagination of hers won’t last forever. At some point, that magical time ends. Well, Anjelia is going on eight now and we’ve yet to see it diminish! I hope and pray that God will continue to use her imagination throughout her life.

She recently created artwork for the entire neighborhood to enjoy. It started with this simple paper with leaves taped to it that she collected on an evening walk. It turned into a stop sign pole covered in art created from things she found in the yard. Unfortunately it rained before I could get a pic of her display.

You can toch.

She wrote messages on the papers, encouraging people to touch and enjoy!

I wish I could capture a little of  her whimsical childhood and bottle it up to cherish. These days go quickly, as I’ve learned all too well with my older girls. Here’s to another summer of saving dandelion puffs in jewelry boxes and fireflies (fairies) in jars. 






11 responses to dandelion puffs and fireflies

  1. Walking around the neighborhood one day, I was able to see her art display before the rain destroyed it. It made me smile!

  2. She’s quite the nature collector.

    I like it when we go on walks and she uses tape to collect stuff.

    • Duck tape nature bracelets are the best. I like to make one too!

      • We used to make them with clear packing tape. Then we would put another piece over the other side to seal it in. When we were done with bracelets, we’d cut them for bookmarks. :)

  3. You have built in entertainment in your family. That is one reason I enjoy your blogs so much.

    • It seems there is always a story to be shared at the end of the day. I’ve wasted away a lot of them. I’m glad to be sharing them again. Helps me to not forget.

  4. What a wonderful way to capture those memories! Anjelia sounds like Anne of Green Gables. I never read those books til I was an adult, but I loved them. If you haven’t read them with the girls, run to the library for some fun summer reading. : )

    • We haven’t read those. Thanks. We will check the out!

      Lydia and I recently watched the movie, Beezus and Ramona. We laughed so hard. Ramona reminded us soooooooo much of Anjelia.

  5. I really like your pic with your bunny. You’re both very cute.