Douglas Fir

Jules —  November 27, 2005

Today was a big day for our six year old daughter Jessica! For three years she has been scared to death of my singing Christmas tree named, Douglas Fir. I was really proud of my tacky find at a local grocery store three years ago. He looks like a regular little christmas tree, but he has a sensor, and when you walk past him, branches go up, revealing glowing green eyes, and his hidden mouth opens saying, “Guess what time it is. . .IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!!!” He then bursts forth in Christmas carols. Now at the time, Jessica was three and Lydia was four. Lydia LOVES surprises and nothing seems to scare her, but at Jessica’s young age, I was still somewhat ignorant about her developing personality. I thought it would be great fun to surprise them with this glorious new toy of mine! So, after they went to bed for the night, I set it on the end table in the living room. I couldn’t wait for them to curiously walk up to it the next morning! Lydia loved it!!! She chattered away and giggled over the silly thing. Poor Jessica ran to her room full of fear and wouldn’t get off her bed for quite some time. She was very traumatized!!! I felt really horrible and we had to take it to the attic. NOW we realize that Jessica DOES NOT like things that have eyes that glow and she doesn’t like surprises. She has not let us get that tree out of the attic since that traumatizing day. In the past, when James goes to the attic, she runs crying and hides. Last Christmas she talked big about letting us get it out, then when James started to crawl into the attic, she ran away, crying and locked herself in the bathroom!! Poor kid! This year she said she wanted us to get it down, but we didn’t believe her! Well, this was the year that Douglas Fir’s banishment would be lifted and he emerged from his dark attic hide-a-way!

Bless James’ heart, he’s such a good sport!

Jessica bravely watched as we took him out of the box and turned it on! She started crying at one point and we thought Douglas would be going back to the attic! She worked through her fear and let me take a picture of her with it, but I had to be between them!

By the end of the evening, Jessica had totally overcome her fear and was even joking about it!!!! It’s been a big year for her! She has stopped sucking her thumb, decided on her own to give up her special blanket (at this point it looks more like a rag) and now she has faced her fear of Douglas and discovered that it’s just a silly, tacky, weird, talking tree!!!

“He who fears something gives it power over him.”



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  1. What a cute photo of Jessica and the tree! :-) I can completely relate; having some silly fears myself.

  2. Jessica hid behind me on the couch while Julie got out the tree and turned it on. Poor kid. I think she was waiting for it to come running across the room and try to bite her.

  3. Congratulations, Jessica, on overcoming your fear of that dreaded tree!

    Jules, I’m glad it made it out for the Christmas festivities this year. What fun! Love all the pictures. Who’s the cat?

  4. Way to go Jessica. I am glad your fear of Douglas is over. Now lets get Ian over the fear of clowns. Ian still has dreams of clowns. He screams and starts balling if they come near him.
    Aunt Kandis

  5. Karen, that’s Max our shop cat. We have given away or called the city on all the stray cats and kittens in our neighborhood. Max is a keeper. He is sooooo sweet and loving. He lives at the shop since I am allergic to cats. I feel really bad about that because he is extraordinary. He does however come to visit. We are going to get a litter box for the garage so he can spend Christmas with us. He is very pretty, too.

  6. Yay for Jessica!!!! I never thought I’d see the day! Looks like you now have permission to go out and add to your tacky (your words not mine) animated Christmas decorations!!!

  7. WAY TO GO JESSICA!!!!!! 😉 :indeed 😉 It’s so nice to get those fears behind you. I have fears myself, but not of singing Christmas trees. I can see where Douglas might be a little scary to a little girl. Enjoyed the pictures.

  8. Now Punky, just what are you scared of? :rolleyes
    Good going Jessica. Trees won’t hurt you.

  9. I put Aunt Kandis………….. I have no brains left :banghead :banghead
    I mean,
    Cousin Kandis

  10. Hey Jules:
    I think your time is wrong on the blog. It is an hour ahead………. Just have enough brains left to notice that. But I am Anal on weird things so dont pay attention to my noticing the time that is my hangup so I will now go and try to remember how I got here at work today. I cant beleive I congratulated Jessica and then signed off as Aunt Kandis…………..
    I took all my happy pills today maybe I took too many……..

  11. Reminds me a little of how I became scared of the dark. I was 6 and my sister’s family let me watch a scary movie with them. Took years to get over that. I like your quote at the end too.

  12. Hurray for Jessica! And hurray for Douglas Fir! He was so tired of missing Christmas!

  13. Both clowns and animatronic trees are frightening (Two Towers, anyone?!). Jessica, I’m still scared of them both!!!

  14. Let me see cousin….

    This is a time test….

  15. There you go! The time is now correct! :cool

  16. Ciera, I am shocked sometimes when I see very small children at scary movies.

    Thanks everyone for your cute comments. I’ve been reading them to Jessica and she smiles real big.

  17. Ooooh, Rob’s right. Nothing scarier than a clown.

  18. Jessica wanted me to let everyone know that she is not afraid of clowns!

  19. What is is with clowns? So many people (adults and kids) are creeped out by clowns. I must admit they’re not my favorite either. WHY is that?! I can understand a generation in our nation growing up being scared of sharks and the ocean after the movie “Jaws”. Was there a creepy clown movie that came out that has caused this phobia? :banghead

  20. Oh, dont think of me as a bad mother but Ian watched 2 Alien movies at his cousin’s house one day when I was not there and now loves all scary Alien movies. I was horrified when I hear he watched them, but now he can’t get enough of scary movies but he is afraid of clowns, I just dont get it….
    I am afraid of driving over bridges but I try to contain myself. I now know where Ian gets his weird phobia’s……..

  21. Aren’t pesonalities funny and quirky.

    Alien monsters = cool
    clowns = scary.

    Too funny!!

  22. My dad LOVED the jaws movies, so I grew up seeing all of them. If I remember correctly, one of them was 3D and we saw it at the theatre!

    It seems like I have a vague memory of a movie with a bad guy clown in it but I can’t remember any details.

  23. Jessica :king Now that you are getting braver, when can Grandpa and I get the skeleton and Howdy Doody out of the closet?

  24. Jessica says, tomorrow!!! :love

  25. I’ve been trawling the ‘net to find out what songs Douglas Fir sings… I know someone who has one, but we can’t figure out the songs…


  26. Tony, I will listen tonight and let you know. 😉

  27. Thank you very much… :flowers I’ll check back regularly for updates! 😉

  28. Hey Tony! Sorry it has taken me so long. We had a disaster that weekend (lost dog) and I forgot about Douglas!

    I don’t have the cassette tape. The sound quality was bad and we pitched it.

    The tree itself sings 3 Christmas carols:

    Up On The House Top

    Up on the housetop
    reindeer pause,
    Out jumps good old Santa Claus.
    Down thru’ the chimney
    with lots of toys,
    All for the little ones,
    Christmas joys.


    Jingle Bells
    Jingle Bells
    Jingle all the way!
    What fun it is to ride
    In a one-horse open sleigh


    O’ Christmas Tree

    O’ Christmas Tree
    O’ Christmas Tree
    How lovely are my branches.
    O’ Christmas tree
    O’ Christmas tree
    My candles shine so brightly.

    He also says all kinds of corny things between the songs.

    Let me know if I gave you the information you needed!

  29. Thank you so much – that’s fantastic! exactly what we were looking for!

    Have a fantastic 2006 and a good christmas at the end of the year! :)

  30. I’m in the UK and my Douglas Fir sings Jingle Bell Rock which gets particularly freaky when his batteries are running down!

    He’s a weirdo alright but I like him.

    My cat tries to kill him, but with trepidation.

  31. Hehe! Yes, there’s just something about Douglas. . .

  32. I like the tree. It is alive, because it has eyes, a nose, and a mouth. I like the story, because it comes with a box. I used to be afraid of singing Christmas trees, but now I’m not afraid of them anymore. Love, Ethan

    (Ethan is a young man with autism who dictated this for me to type.)