Dream Big

Jules —  June 8, 2005

Mary sent me this card, which I love. I love to dream. Like someday I want a big two story house with a porch across the front. Hanging plants and white wicker furniture would compliment it perfectly.

I look forward to the day when all four of my daughters will bring their families home at once for a wonderful visit. It will be loud and fun and exhuberant! I will be in the kitchen baking and cooking for a house full of people! I’m sooo excited!

I dream of taking my girls to the ocean! I like to picture them there, running around giggling and playing, with their little feet in the warm, wet, sand. We’d collect lots of pretty sea shells to bring home. Oh, and I want to swim with dolphins! I can’t think of anything more exhilarating! James and I could sneak off at night and lie on the beach on a blanket. Oh-la-la! That would be paradise.

I also dream of little things, like coffee in bed each morning and a day with no sibling rivalry! Someday, I want to lie around with James for an entire day like we used to. We would wake up on Saturday morning and drag our mattress into the living room and go buy lots of good junk food and rent several movies and make a day of it!!

Here’s what every mom with small children dreams of…

How about you? What do you dream of? Do tell!

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, and live as if you’ll die tomorrow”
James Dean



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  1. At least its now much, much easier for you to “drag” your mattress into the living room! 😉

    I’m hoping one of my dreams will come true this coming week while Tori is on her missions trip and that is to have a relaxing week off with Mary…reading, watching movies, talking, taking walks, a couple of days at a Bed and Breakfast, some good wine, intimate time…pray for us, we tend to have the worst of luck when we plan things like this ahead of time. (Tori frequently gets sick on our birthdays and anniversary when we take days off work, things break down, etc.)

    Also, I dream of being able to get up every morning and sit outside in beautiful weather, eating breakfast and working on crossword puzzles together.

    I dream of being at a place in my life where I don’t fight my creative urges and that taking time to create comes naturally.

    I dream of making a difference in people’s lives.

    I dream of giving more of myself to my friends and holding back less of myself for me.

    I dream of spending days in a bookstore just browsing and relaxing.

    I dream of having a big house someday with an upper room that has lots of big windows so I can sit there with a powerful telescope and just gaze at the stars while listening to my favorite music.

    Its fun to dream, thanks Julie.

  2. Awesome, Carl! Thanks for sharing!

    I will be praying that nothing would be allowed to interfere with your week together. May God provide a protective covering over all of you. May no disaster come near your tent(body/home) as He commands His angels to guard you in all your ways.

  3. To quote The Last Samurai: “I like to think he may have at last found some small measure of peace, that we all seek, and few of us ever find.”

    I dream of finding rest and peace.

  4. You echo my heart Rob!

    Although, for the first time I am beginning to feel I am entering that time. I am almost afraid to say that!

    I will pray for you. May that time come for you, in some measure, this side of heaven.

    Maybe, for us, that is more of a longing than a dream. Longings can only be filled through God. Not to sound preachy, but that could be true for both of us. Something to ponder…

    Thanks for sharing! This is fun!

  5. Mary, I love the cards you gave us all. How thoughtful. And how delightfully campy too! Mine was a hoot. There were these two guys in business suits (and hats!) and the one guy says to the other something like, “I finally figured out how to do housework. I just say, ‘I’m a guy!'”

  6. Yes, I neglected to mention that the second card pictured is from Mary, as well. What a thoughtful gal!

  7. Julie –
    Did I leave my wonderful card at your house? I have looked for it in the van and the diaper bag, but figured I left it with a string of other stuff at your house.

    Save it for me, I loved mine!

    I dream of having all my crap together when I leave someone’s house! :)

    I dream of a yellow, sunny room with a desk and computer where I can someday write books that will actually be published.

    I dream of lying in bed in a beach bungalow, hearing the lapping of waves on the sandy beach just outside. All the windows are open and the white curtains are billowing in with each gentle breeze that blows through.

    I dream of eating everything I want and being skinny :p

    I dream of sleeping through the night and not ever changing diapers on my own children – just the grandchildren.

  8. I dream of a beautiful white farmhouse with a wrap-around porch (with porch swing of course) with acres of land in the rolling foothills near here with a creek and woods and lots of places to roam and explore. A yard filled with dogwoods, magnolias, roses, and a big trellis covered with wisteria, and a big climbing tree with a tire swing. Ooohh and with a small waterfall at the creek. A place where you can see no other houses or powerlines, hear no traffic, and smell no pollution–a place filled with the beauty that God has created, the sounds of songbirds, and the smell of honeysuckle and wildflowers, and filled with the laughter of my family and friends.

    I dream of being able to actually finish reading the stack of books next to my bed.

    I dream of going to Europe (maybe Ireland, Scotland, Germany) to explore the old castles with Steve and our 3 boys. I can picture them stampeding across the drawbridge as they storm the castle, their arms raised with their imaginary swords in hand. (actually not too hard to visualize as they do this day in and day out with their imaginary light-sabers since we saw Star Wars at the drive-in last weekend!)

    I dream of being more spontaneous and playful with Steve and with our boys.

    I dream of simplifying my house so that I can spend less time cleaning and sorting through stacks of papers.

    I dream of being able to eat chocolate without mentally counting the calories and feeling guilty.

    I dream of meeting the people we read about in the Bible–Mary and Joseph, Moses, Noah,David, Deborah, Peter, James, John, Mary that poured perfume on Jesus, Lazarus, Job, Joshua and Caleb–and hearing the rest of their life stories that couldn’t possibly all fit in the Bible.

    I dream that I will have a wonderful life story to share with them–a life spent worshiping and serving my Lord.

    And I long to see Jesus’s smiling face and outstretched arms ready to enfold me His loving embrace.

    Mmmmm–thanks for letting me take a few minutes to dream. Now what can I do to make it all reality?!

  9. Yes, Karen. Your card is on my microwave. I have a pacifier and the car seat toy, too.

    Anjelia was up off and on throughout the night last night and I thought of you. May sleeping through the night come quickly for you! My heart goes out to you. Living in a sleep deprivation fog is about as hard as it gets. Isn’t it?

    When your books start getting published I can say that I knew you when….

    You are one of the wisest people I know. You should share it with the world.

  10. Debbie, I dream of having an organized and efficient home. I just don’t know where to start. Plus I need a humongous energy boost. I’m with you on that one!!

  11. I actually bought a different card for you, Julie and I bought the dream card for John’s wife, Beth, but God kept urging me to switch the cards. I am glad I listened and that you like it. I love giving cards and notes to people!

    Karen, I didn’t know you wanted to write a book! What kind?

    Julie, the other card, which really was meant for Beth afterall, was pretty neat too. I got them both at the Brookside Art Fair. A lady writes the verses and handmakes the cards. Beth’s card said (my paraphrase) “Every day she would feed the birds, but a fat gray squirrel would come along and gobble up most of the food. She decided to change her way of thinking. ‘I am feeding that gray squirrel and I hope to God that the birds don’t eat all the seed first’ and she was very happy.”

  12. I like them both!

    I had a dream come true, yesterday. Tori came over and babysat while I went and did grocery shopping. Instead of coming home a tight ball of nerves, I came home relaxed. I think I actually got everything I needed too.

    Thank you Tori!!

  13. I dream of touring the east coast and visiting all our historic sites.

    I dream of a vacation out east to visit as many lighthouses as possible in the month of October when it is nice and cool out.

    I dream of a house big enough for our big family.

    I dream of a successful business that provides well for the families of all its employees.

    I dream of being able to take an out of town vacation every year.

    I dream of my daughters marrying godly men and raising godly families.

    I dream of having tons of grandkids.

    I dream of hearing God’s voice clearly in my life.

    Sometimes, I dream of pizza.

  14. I wanted you to post your dreams!!! Yah! They are my dreams as well. I share your heart. I pray that each one reaches fruition.

    LOVE the sound of the lighthouse tour. I dream of the hot beach and you dream of cool Autumn. Love ya!

  15. I say we take a two week tour of the east coast ending in Florida for 3 days at the ocean!

  16. Well, here goes. Some of this is serious. I dream of wearing a size 34 jean, loosely. I dream of restoring a 79 Trans Am with T-tops, black, and cruising over to pick up James and Carl for the movies while cranking Pet Shop Boys. I like the idea of mentoring or at least challenging guys to raise the standard in their homes to live Christlike. I dream of anything Karen dreams of only paying for it. I like the beach only I dream of being able to tan a hairless back (all the way down) ha-ha!! (I don’t care who you are that was funny). I hope I don’t go bald and that we all stay real close friends for our entire lives and that Julian waits to see which D girl turns out good before deciding which one to marry.

  17. Classic Tom. Priceless. Sorry, Carl, I’m encouraging him again, aren’t I?

  18. Excuse me Tom…each of my girls are going to be beautiful and chaste young ladies!!

  19. You know, Julie, since you have Ultimate Administrator Power, you could do some creative “editing” of Tom’s comments to get him back. 😉

  20. Now that was funny!

    Everyone knows Elaina has already picked Julian!

  21. She has the bedroom voice, already.

  22. Coincidentally I dream of Tom having a hairless back as well!

    So Tom, are you infering by your dreams that you would have to pick James and I up in your 79 trans am so that you could take us to mentor us to live more Christlike in our homes?! :)

  23. I meant to include “in your 79 trans am” in that last question.

  24. I fixed it for you Carl! How’s that for full service. Which makes me think of the days when you could choose between the self serv pump and the full service pump at the gas station. I wish I could pull up and have someone pump my gas and clean my windows.

  25. My dream is that Debs dream comes true so someday I can go and live with her. Oh! Deb, IIII Was just dreaming!!!!!! I’m not sure I have any dreams left, We’ve done so many things I think my dreams are all used up. I still dream of Heaven one day.

  26. I now want to move!!!!!!
    Maybe I can have Aunt Kathy get some good connections in the M. VA Hospital.

  27. Oh Mom and I got to the lake today at 6:15pm.

  28. Sounds like a good dream!

    Glad you got back safe and had a good time!

  29. Kandi, I have another dream, too. That you’d all move down here, too. We loved seeing all of you this weekend–you, Ian, and Aunt Marlis!!!! I loved that we started getting reacquanted here on Julie’s blog. Then when you got here, it was just like continuing the conversation! I LOVE IT! Thanks, again, Julie. I truly think this blog has ministered to our family by tying strings between each member across the miles! And tying new strings with your friends. The above posts this week have had me laughing and crying! Everyone is SOOO funny–I brought Steve in to read the posts, too! Now if we could only get the rest of the family on here (we’re only missing a few!)

    Oh, by the way, Mom, Kandi has got you down pat! Her impression of you buying boots was hilarious!!! I love you, dancing Mom! (And Dad, too!)

  30. Oh Mom and I got to the lake today at 6:15pm.

  31. Oop’s did’nt realize Kandi had sent this one. It was there and thought it was’nt sent. I’m so tired, I’ll write later. Had a good time. I stuck to Mama like honey on a biscuit.

  32. “honey on a biscuit” . . .What an adorable saying!! Never heard that one before.

  33. Ok, can’t everyone leave Nita & I in MO. Kandi’s impressions left me in tears (laughing) cause it was all true. It’s hard to see yourself in someone else. You go girl.

  34. I just got back from my latest dream, seeing mama!
    My other is Kandi and I living together. But if I can someday I want to ride a train. I have a life pass, and can’t get to the train station. Kandi did the boot story twice, big hit both times. Kelli can’t get mama to ride in a wheel chair at Walmart. I taught her how. Tell her too plant it, and look like you mean it. She ended up loving it. Love, love, love my family.
    Aunt Tootsie

  35. I rode a train when I was a child. It was much fun. I’d love to do it again. They have cars that are for viewing. They’re all windows.

  36. I Wish they had trains going to T. and I’d be on one more often to see my southern family. It just seems like it might be safer than flying or driving. I’d like to have a new camera too. Mine is so heavy, I often leave it behind instead of lugging it around. Marlis glad you all had a nice visit and thanks for the pic.

  37. Yeah, my camera is very big and I find myself leaving it home because I don’t want to mess with it. I’ve got too much other stuff to keep track of.

  38. Jimmy, hearing Gods voice clearly is something everyone should experience. When I needed help when Tommy died, he was there, the light and his voice was tremendous. I never felt so at peace, relaxed, focused on the light, full of love. Yeh, that should be everyone’s dream. It’s hard to explain. I never forgot a word he said, your not supposed to.