earthworm races

Jules —  March 24, 2009

The lineup

The winner

Resting comfortably at home



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  1. Marilyn alias(Punkie) March 24, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    Darn, Marlis, why didn’t we think of that 55 yrs ago, think of all the fun we could of had racing earthworms. Bravo, I can’t tell if that is Anjelina or Elaina, but that is a wonderful idea.
    When Gil & I were on the beach we found loads of hermit crabs and raced them.

    Nice earthworm home.

  2. It’s Anjelia. She’s had a blast all day with her worms. She took them to Mother’s Day Out with her today and showed them off to her friends. I surprised her with even more worms after school. It rained last night and then I raked today and they were under the leaves. I showed her how I found them and we hunted down some more. She loved finding them. She’s always loved worms. She keeps talking about how “cute” they are.

  3. We just tucked Anjelia into bed and were surprised to find that we had to vacumn all the worm dirt off her sheet first!

  4. they are hard to put on a worm hook to fish with. They were fun for me to play with when I was little too. I remember trying to find as many worms as I could for my pet rooster “dog” and would feed them to him.. Maybe that is why dog followed me around all the time. lol lol lol

  5. Did you name the rooster? I’m sure there muust be a story behind that.

    I’d love to play with hermit crabs on the beach!

  6. We found the rooster sleeping with the dogs. We had two dogs and that rooster curled up in between them and slept with them, also ate dog food with them. SSOOOOOO we or Kandi named him “DOG”

  7. Punkie and I were always playing with wworms, but never thought to race them, like she said.

  8. I’m glad you captured that memory of Anjelia and her worms!! That is so cute. Seeing her worms at school was just great.

  9. She calmed right down yesterday after she got in the van because I had some “surprise” worms in a bowl waiting for her. It helped her forget about going to Jaden’s house! She was ready to go home and play with her worms!

  10. Worm fun! So cute.

    I can’t believe how big Anjelia looks. All of a sudden she looks so much older in these pictures, it seems.

  11. Just wanted to wish Elan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  12. Anjelia – great worms! A worm race is a great idea.