easter preview

Jules —  April 12, 2006

I took three of my girls Easter dress shopping Monday evening. Boy was I wore out by the time we arrived back home at 10 o’clock! They love to shop! Each of the girls picked out new dresses and shoes. Elaina fell in love with her dress as soon as she saw it hanging on the rack. We could not persuade her otherwise. This girls LOVES clothes. She put on her new dress Monday evening to show it off for her Daddy and hasn’t taken it off and it’s Wednesday afternoon! She has been riding around on her John Deere Gator for two days in her lovely spring dress. At night she refuses to take it off to put pj’s on! I really need to wash it!

Elaina loved getting her picture taken in her new dress.

Cookout Fun

Saturday afternoon we had a cookout! The kids had a ball! We had a pinata full of candy and they all ate as much as they could! James’ grilling was scrumptous and eveyone’s side dishes were delish! Later in the evening Mary and Carl and Tom and Karen stuck around to visit and listen to music. Tom played the part of DJ and even did some dance moves for us! We all pooled our dollars and quarters and the kids had a dance contest! It was a hoot. The kiddos will dance wholeheartedly when the reward involves cash!

This was how Jaden looked for several hours!! His fists were full of candy!

Carl and Mary

Karen really enjoyed the food!! I think she really likes my potato salad!

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.รขโ‚ฌย Pope John Paul II



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  1. What fun. Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves. Three days, WOW, hey it’s better than her not wearing it. I bought Kandi the most darling dress one day and took it home. She would not wear it. I was so mad I tore it all to heck. Kandi felt bad, but I’m the one who learned. LET THEM PICK IT OUT, IT’LL GET WORN ๐Ÿ˜‰ I must say, Karen makes that potato salad look good, I think. :eek

  2. What a good Mommy you are for letting her wear her Easter dress for 3 days BEFORE Easter!

    I must admit, I haven’t ever splurged on Easter outfits for the boys–it’s just not the same as buying those cute little dresses for girls! :fish

    Looks like y’all had great fun at your BBQ. Karen looks like she had A LOT of fun with your potato salad! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Girls are very expensive! Every year I think that I’ll just skip Easter outfits but then I just can’t. It’s too precious seeing them in new clothes. I try to buy things they can wear all summer and just not a couple of times. James LOVES seeing them in new dresses, so he doesn’t care how much it costs.

    I think I’ve turned them into girlie girls but we like it that way!

    Girls are fun but like I said, they aren’t inexpensive!

    Karen may kick me for posting this pic. If it gets taken off, you’ll know why!!! She’s a good sport! Better to ask for forgiveness than get permission!

  4. She took the dress off!!! She’s in the tub and the dress is in the washing machine!

  5. Great pictures per usual, Jules…especially the one of me (he, he). We had so much fun at the cook out! I love Elaina in that dress.

    And I agree with Karen; your potato salad is wonderful!

  6. By the way, my mom always made me wait to wear my Easter dress (and my new school clothes were saved for the first day of school too). I remember the anticipation building as Easter grew closer. It was so great to get to wear my dress. I was a twirler just like Elaina!
    :rolleyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

    On a more serious note:
    I am so looking forward to this weekend. I was thinking of how stressed Jesus must of been on this day knowing what He would be going through in a couple of days. It is so nice to think of the end result now, but how He must have suffered in spirit and body! I am so thankful for His sacrifice and gift of life.

  7. I think Jesus probably gets a kick out of watching girly girls…..
    Yes we have been reading about the history of Easter at home every night for his Title 1 reading class.
    Ian enjoys reading.
    Jules the dress is darling. I think it would be fun to dress shop for a little girl…
    Ian gets to wear hand me downs from a neighbor boy who has nice clothes “thank goodness”
    Blake has lots of nice Sunday clothes and gap clothes Ian does not mind wearing Blake’s clothes since he thinks Blake is cool…
    Jules be sure to get Easter Day pictures for me online.

  8. Jules:
    Share your potato salad recipe.


    Sounds like you all had a great time. You’ll have to make that potato salad in May, Julie. OK?

    Gil may get to come home tomorrow, he is doing great. Had a little fever when I left today but hopfully it will go back to normal. He had a scare this morning, the Dr. came in and saw his calf was swelled so ordered an ultrasound to make sure he didn’t have a blood clot. Thank God he didn’t. He walked up stairs today, and walked by himself w/a walker, and gets around real well. :worship :worship


  11. I am not going to let her put it back on. She’s singing Friday night with the other preschoolers at our Good Friday worship service. The girls are all going to wear their outfits to that service as well as the Easter Sunday service. Lydia and Jessica are singing Friday too.

    That dress was on clearance at Target for 9 dollars. Definitely money well spent.

    I am so thankful for the sacrifice the Father made for us! Thank you Jesus!

  12. Ah, isn’t that the life. Wearing the same clothes for days and riding around on a tractor…oh to be a kid again. :baby

  13. Jaden is so cute, too! Fistfuls of candy…mmmmm! Now I forget who Jaden’s Mommy and Daddy are? I’m still trying to put all your friends names, faces and families together in my mind!

    Oh, and I noticed Karen hasn’t posted! Is she boycotting or is she blissfully unaware of her potato salad picture plastered all over the net?! :rotfl

  14. I can’t imagine making all my girls clothes. Where would I find the time. I guess if I was a good seamstress it wouldn’t take as long as it sounds. Grandma’s incredible.

    Carl, Elaina has the perfect life!

    Debbie, Carl and Mary have one thirteen year old daughter, Tori. Tom and Karen have two boys and a girl–Julian 6, Jaden 2, and Evely 1.

  15. I forgot to mention Jaden, he is a really cutie esp. with cho. face. All the pic are great, but Karen wins the prize. I’m like Deb still trying piece people together. Gil is coming home today, he is doing great. Pain level seems a LOT lower this time around. I guess after 3 times you get used to it.

  16. Aunt Marilyn, I am so glad to hear that. I’ve prayed that his pain level would be lower. God is so good to us.

  17. Jaden is the son of potato salad annie, (karen) :rotfl :rotfl Sorry Karen, your the brunt of the post this time. But, somebody has to be and can’t think of a lovlier person :angel

  18. :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

    Okay, that was hilarious! Yes, I have been blissfully unaware of what has been happening out here in cyberspace!!

    That is a great picture. Pays me back for the one I posted of you with the pizza over at our place. I don’t mind. What seems weird to me is my hand!! It looks odd, like I have major arthritis in my middle knuckle or something.. .what’s with that!

    I have to say, I DO LOVE MY JULIE’s TATER SALAD!!!! ‘course I love all potatoes. Haven’t met one I didn’t like. I had had dinner, cake and icecream, more cake and ice cream and then topped it off with potato salad. I had the weirdest dreams that night!

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments and yes, I praise the Lord Jesus for his amazing humility and sacrifice for me. Beth Moore said something this week. “Many times we reap what we sow, but sometimes we don’t reap what we sow and it’s then that we have experienced his amazing GRACE!!” Isn’t that soooo true! I thank God that I am not reaping what I truly deserve for my sins but instead I am going to reap eternal life and satisfaction here and now because of HIM!! Praise His Name!

  19. Now you can all go back and look at my knuckle. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Love the dress! That gator looks fun. My girls have a new skirt for Easter from the Old Navy, oh, no they have outfits to wear for an Easter program they are doing at church. Their youth leader is moving and they are gonna miss her. She has been such a good example or mentor to them. I’m gonna miss her too, pray the girls will continue in the Lord growing in new ways. I’m so thankful for Jesus and I was thinking about the days leading up to Friday. I believe He sweated blood in the garden. I teach Muslims tomorrow on Friday, pray I can tell them of Jesus’s love for them too!

  21. I too am thankfull for Jesus sacrifice, when I really stop and think I wonder if he was terrified of what lay ahead for him or did he just knew the outcome? I guess he just had faith. When I have seenchurch play’s , re-enactments it just made me cry for his pain. I remember when we we’re young Moma sometimes made us new easter dresses, we we’re so proud. love to all, later lovey’s