Eleven men

Jules —  October 27, 2006

This morning I prepared breakfast for eleven men! I fixed as much food as I could prepare in an evening and a morning and they still ate every last bit! James took his employees to an important meeting today, so I treated them to a country breakfast before they left. I love feeding people.

It’s very hard to get a picture of these guys. This was the best I could do!

I am very thankful for God’s hand on our business and I am confident that He’s causing it to prosper– with the hard work of all these guys, of course! And the blood, sweat and tears of my hubby. God Bless all of these men.

Don’t tell them I put their picture on here!

I tried something new this morning that turned out delicious. I made a glaze to pour over fresh fruit. Yummy!

2 tablespoons caramel ice cream topping
2 tablespoons real maple syrup
1 tablespoon orange juice



32 responses to Eleven men

  1. What a brave soul you are, feeding all those guys. It was a wonderful thing for you to do and bet they really enjoyed it. The fruit glaze sounds really good. They will be bouncing off the walls today. Hope they can sit through the meeting. It’s a bet they probably won’t get hungry.

  2. I hope they are hungry for pizza. The company they’re going to is buying pizza for lunch!

    They were tickled cuz James told them they couldn’t wear hats. They did all look funny without their ball caps. My kitchen sure smelled good with all the different colognes.

  3. Bravo! That looks like alot of work! I hope the meeting went well tonight, especially since we will be James’ therapists tonight! πŸ˜‰

  4. Which one was on the roof reroofing. :p

  5. Carl, I think your safe. :eek Although I am always glad when he gets therapy from someone else! πŸ˜€ I am “the de-stresser”! It sounds kinda like a superhero name doesn’t it?

    Auntie, I laughed out loud at your question!!! They both moved away, but their brother is in the orange shirt. :drool

  6. Jules:
    Are any of them SINGLE?????
    Heee heeee

  7. Only four of the 11 are married. James is one of the eleven. There are 10 employees. Aren’t you proud of my math skills? :rotfl

  8. How fun, Jules!! What a blessing you were to those guys. I bet they really looked forward to eating your good cookin’.

    Sounds like they all had an unusual day. Those “non-routine” days are good for the morale. James is doing such a good job! :band

  9. Hey, that glaze looks really good! We went to a bed and breakfast one anniversary and they fixed us something really great: they fried slices of ham in orange juice concentrate. It was awesome. It made a really yummy glaze and tasted good and breakfasty.

  10. We all had a great day yesterday. The breakfast was fantastic! I was really proud to have all my men in one place enjoying a meal together.

    The meeting over at Integrity Interiors was really great. They are a very big client for us and they open a lot of doors for work for everyone. They talked about a huge project that will be starting very soon over at Whiteman AFB. This project is 175 homes that are actually already framed and ready for us to get started on immediately.

    Anyway, it was a great day of team building and encouragement for my guys. Something we all need from time to time.

    Thanks Julie, for being such a great part of our day!

  11. Karen, I’ll have to try that ham. It sounds really yummy. James is doing a really good job!

    Next time I’ll make more food, hon! I really enjoyed doing that for the guys. It was a lot of fun for me, too. I loved playing waitress and pouring their coffee and drinks for them!

  12. Louise and I have made lunch for our men to take at our shop. I would make a large pot of chilly and she would make home made cinnimon rolls. Its been a long time so we need to do it again. Julie, I am proud of you cause it takes a lot of planning and work. Its always good that the employees see the “world” of their employer. You showed a servants heart to James’s workers. :worship
    What kind of fruit did you serve? It sounds so-so
    good!!! :drool

  13. Jules is taking care of that man and his men. Sounds like a great contract at Whiteman. Good going.

    We are still having fun here. I’m enjoying both of my families. Rich and the girls came down today also.

  14. Way to go James on the contracts, and to you Jules for your good start Breakfast.

  15. Everyone had a good time :band at least I sure hope so. I enjoyed every moment. Linda, butch and Nita left at 7:15 new time and was full of bacon and pancakes.

    They had a load of rocks piles in places to pick up on their way out that they collected on their WALKS WITH GOD!!!!!!

    It’s just Ian and I now, Kandi took off for a little R&R at wally world and no telling where else. Their planning to leave sometime this afternoon. I’m so glad the trees stayed beautiful for everyone. We got their pics downloaded here and viewed and another blog. Nita and Kandi put together a picture of her trees with the poem TREES by Joyce Kilmer. Everyone got a copy. This family is so easy to enjoy and relax with.

  16. Kandi has a new blog :band

  17. Mmmmm, country breakfasts are the best!

  18. Marlis, I’m glad you enjoyed our visit, you know we did too. I’d love to come back. I learned a lot too.

  19. She’s going to have to start learning me more too. He, he.

    Kathy, maybe you could check on Deb and see if she is sick. Hope not.

  20. Marilyn alias(Punkie) October 30, 2006 at 9:56 pm

    Ops, that was me above, forgot to check names.

  21. Okey Dokey Punkie. πŸ˜‰
    Thanks Linda, got your plants you gave me planted.
    If you have any questions, holler.

    I guess I’ll take FLATTERY across the ferry Jules, if you all can, I can.

  22. Julie, what a blessing you are to your husband…and to us by your wonderful example of hospitality. You know, that breakfast probably meant so much to those men–to be invited into your home and family. Jesus is just shining right through you, girl! :flowers

  23. Julie, I fixed the mixed fruit with that wonderful glaze. Richard really enjoyed it for our supper. It was refreshing to eat for a evening meal. :indeed

  24. Glad you enjoyed it. I need to feed the kids some fresh fruit. They’ve had so much candy!

  25. Marilyn alias(Punkie) November 2, 2006 at 8:33 am

    Julie, guess you got the word that Anna is coming today. I called Nita to tell her. :birthday :band :band :band :love :worship

  26. I hadn’t heard. That is wonderful news! :baby

  27. Anna’s pics are on my blog. She was born around 4:00.

  28. Helllloooooooo…..anybody hoooooommmmmmme?

    You must be having a busy week. Just popped into to see Hi ya! :flowers

  29. yeah, it’s seemed busy. I haven’t any halloween pics to post. That’s a bummer. I’ll come up with something soon. HI!!!

  30. I wasn’t pressuring you for pictures–just wanted you to know you were being thought of. πŸ˜‰

  31. Marilyn alias(Punkie) November 10, 2006 at 2:29 pm

    :baby :love :love
    I got to hold Anna today! She is precious.
    She is beautiful!!!!!
    Hi Jules!!!!!!