fall fun fest

Jules —  September 17, 2005

We spent last night at a local fall fun fest. It was a great night for our family and we were with fun friends, too. We met up at Carl and Mary’s house. Mike and Abby joined us and we walked over to meet up with Aunt Joyce at her home. Aunt Joyce recently purchased a fabulous scooter to help her get around. It’s so fun to watch her zoom ahead of the rest of us and the girls loved hitching rides with her. The very best part is the candy apple red color! I think the scooter and the fact that Aunt Joyce bought peanuts, finally tipped the scales in Elaina’s eyes. They are buddies now.

As we walked to the festival, the first thing to capture Lydia’s attention was the Ferris Wheel. It was great fun watching the girls ride. Abby was a brave soul and rode with Jessica. Elaina screamed and held her arms in the air the entire time. Too cute!

The food was fun. The freshly fried corn dogs were scrumptous! There were barbeque sandwiches, turkery legs, sausages, funnel cakes and cotton candy. It smelled soooo good. James and I were very naive about how much money it would cost to feed the six of us! I thought about a quote that a wise woman once told me, “Spend your money making memories.”.

Elaina got to see her first real monkey! She’s a fan of monkeys. I know we need to get the poor thing to a zoo. I have been working on James for years now trying to get him to go on a road trip to the Nebraska zoo. Oh, and we were nearly attacked by a hungry camel.

Lydia just HAD to make bottled sand art!

Jessica loved her blue teeth that a church booth gave her!

Anjelia is always a perfect angel in her stroller. She loved all the balloons, especially when they would get away and float up in the sky (as long as it wasn’t her balloon!).

Thanks to friends and family for a very memorable evening!!

“I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris wheel.”
E. B. White



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  1. Sounds like great fun! We always want to make it to the festival but it never works out. You would all enjoy the Nebraska zoo. It’s very nice, I love the aquarium! Abby confessed to me she wasn’t real thrilled with the ferris wheel ride so she was indeed a brave soul.

  2. Bless her heart!!! Ultimately, I would have done it for Jessica. What a trooper!! :love Thanks Abby! :flowers

  3. We had a great time last night and slept well after all that walking and eating junk food! Thanks for going with us, it made the evening that much more enjoyable. :indeed

  4. What smiling faces 😉 you captured. They will remember this fun forever. Thru the years, you will have considered it well worth the cost, that quote is good. Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing. I still remember the night daddy took me to the circus, never wanted to go again, had memories for a life time. Never trade them for another circus.

  5. Thanks for inviting us, Carl and Mary.

    Do tell about this circus with grandpa.

  6. Too bad Tom blew us off, they would’ve had fun! :cry

  7. Looks really fun!! Yeah, Tom blew you off. . . we ended up having a really fun family evening though!

    I hate Ferris Wheels! Did you ride it, Jules?

  8. Let’s get our families together soon, Ok. We need to do that, it’d be a lot of fun.

    I didn’t ride.

  9. What a nice memory your girls will have of this!

  10. The pictures of your smiling girls are priceless! Our county fair is this week and the boys are raring to go! It’s always so pricy, and we go on half price night, but I like your quote using your money to make memories. And I’ll take the camera this year!


    Are you ready for a geeky history moment?! (I’m enjoying history much more the 2nd time around!) The boys and I are reading a good book called “The Great Wheel” (historical fiction)about the 1st Ferris Wheel ever built. It was designed by a steel bridge engineer with the last name of Ferris and it was built for the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. They were trying to outdo the Eiffel Tower which was built for the 1889 Paris World Fair. The wheel was 250 feet high (taller than a 25 story building). It weighed over 4000 tons and contained some of the biggest pieces of steel ever milled at that time (not very portable). Each of the 36 carriages that people sat or stood in resembled a trolley car and held about 60 people each (Can you imagine the size of this thing?!). People thought the idea was ludicrous and called it Ferris’s Folly as it was being built. Each ride cost 50 cents and it made over $700,000. Obviously it was a success!

    Aren’t you glad the girls got to ride the smaller version?!

    We’ll definitely be riding the Ferris Wheel again this year at the fair–I think it’s cool how God worked out the timing of our reading this book during Fair Week!

  11. History can be quite amazing! I think I like the smaller Ferris wheels better. Too bad none of those people are alive to tell about it.

    Have fun at the fair!!!!!!

  12. Ahh, fun times, Jules.

    Great comment, Debbie! I love these little historical factoids. So where is this thing? Something that big and heavy couldn’t be scrapped! Could it? I wonder if it’s in a museum warehouse somewhere.

  13. I don’t know anything about current world fairs. Do they still have them? Wouldn’t that be neat if the USA had one. Maybe they do and I am a sheltered house wife! Wasn’t the ice cream cone created for a world’s fair. I need to look that up.

  14. Yep, I was right. It made it’s debut in America at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

  15. Rob, since you asked, here’s some more Factoids for you…..the Ferris Wheel was dismantled after the Fair and appeared again at the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. A few years later it was scrapped out. Can you imagine trying to save that huge thing in a musuem? It was 25 stories high!

    And, Julie, apparantly World’s Fairs continue…there is one this year in Japan. I never hear of them–I guess they’re not the novelties that they used to be….before our society was overrun by Disney World, Six Flags, Mall of America, TV, and all the other things that bombard us from every angle.

    OK, enough History Channel—I’m outta here!

  16. I enjoy riding the double farris wheel at the Mo. State fair. It rode so smoooooth. Enjoyed the history lesson.

  17. Cool, Debbie! I’ve got a series of books published by Readers Digest called “Strange Facts of America’s Past”. It’s great!

  18. I noticed, finally the note you asked about the circus. Sorry. It was after he and Mama divorced and before your Mom and Marilyn. We never had any money, could’nt go, or do anything, and a small circus came to town. I and daddy needed to laugh and smile and boy the Clowns was the best medicine we had had for awhile. We enjoyed the animal tricks and rope acts, but the gift of laughter and tears of joy, at my first circus was
    one I never had to try and repeat.

  19. i hate ferris wheels they should be banned

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