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Jules —  December 9, 2005

I just received bad news. A life long family friend of Janet and Richard’s was killed in a car accident this morning, after he dropped his grandson off at work. Janet and Richard are on their way over to be with his wife Marge now. James has known them since he was very small. Please pray for this family. Please pray for the grandson. All the grandsons have been trying to get their lives together since their father, Marge’s son, passed away. George and Marge have been helping them. Awhile back, I posted pictures of a couple of the grandsons working on James’ shop roof. Thanks.



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  1. Janet called me with news. George was crossing the highway when his brakes locked up on the slick road. He was hit by a truck and killed immediately.

    Janet called Marge at 8:30 this morning and Marge was concerned because George wasn’t home yet. Shortly thereafter, a state trooper showed up to tell Marge that George had been killed. They were married 50 years.

    Richard is with Dereck the grandson that was with him this morning. Dereck is blaming himself and already receiving pat answers from people.

    One day Jesus will wipe our tears away. I am thankful we have an eternal hope.

  2. :cry

    sometimes people just need to now give those “pat answers” and instead just give hugs and hold on for as long as needed, u know. That’s just my opinion.

    I pray that the Lord will be with this family in an extra close way this Christmas

  3. Thanks Ciera. Yeah, I hope I haven’t hurt anyone with a pat answer. They are easy to throw out there when you don’t know what to say. I think you’re right. Sometimes words are unnecessary. We are supposed to weep with those who weep.

    Janet and Richard are my husband James’ parents. I think everyone knows that, but thought I’d mention it just in case.

  4. I’m really sorry to hear that. We will definitely keep them in our prayers.

  5. :oops

    oh my. I hope I didn’t offend with my comment. I can sometimes say something soo wrong sometimes.

  6. Not at all, Ciera. :love

  7. Jules…you so bless me :love

  8. I find a lot of times words seem to trivial at a time like this and hugs & just being there say it all. We were so sorry to hear this news, & it just seems worse at Christmas time when we are all supposed to be happy. I hope they will feel God’s comforting arms around them through their friends and family.

  9. It really makes no difference the time of year, I lost my beloved at 32 years, I can not imagine at 50 years. That woman don’t even know your talking, so don’t bother. Hugs is not going to help right now, but at least she knows you care. At this time her memories are going around and around and around thru her mind and she can not even stop them if she wanted too. God bless her and be with her, and hear her cries of anguish and take her into your heart and hold her.

  10. Thank-you to our Julie. Thanks for the ones who care about the hurts of others. I like what is being said. Our little Bible Church will face our first loss. Our Pastor will have a very hard task to do the funeral. He has been a Pastor of this church for over thirty years.

  11. Richard and I teach S.S. to our young people at our church. This Sunday they will see the real side of us as we will cry in front of them. Ecclesiastes 3
    Also our Saviour cried with Mary and Martha when the death of their brother had come to pass. Jesus was going to raise him from the dead, but his sweet human side cried with them. We have a Saviour that hurts with us,yet He is the Resurection and the Life.
    Thanks for letting me share my thougths!!! It helps my heart during this time. 😐

  12. I should make myself clearer. This year it won’t make a difference it being near Christmas, because right now she is not thinking of Christmas. Yes, next Christmas it might make a difference and years to come. Mothers day is hard for me, cause thats when mine died. Hope I did’nt sound insensitive in my first note. I just know how she feels. Devastated!!!!!Lost

  13. Oh, I so terribly sorry for your loss Mom & Dad D. :(

  14. Thank you Rob. And Marlis you are so right!! Thanks for all your great thoughts. I plan to be there for my Marge(thats what I call her) as much as I can. We live only two miles away from each other. Her Grandsons are worried about her but I assured them that she will be just fine health wise. It’s her heart that is broken right now.

  15. Again Julie THANKS. :indeed

  16. Mom D. I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. Being there to cook or take care of the phone or even sit down and pay a bill any little thing will be the best thing for her. I got behind on bill paying because I was so devastated, I did’nt clean house. My family all came in, everyone of them and did all they could for me. People were bringing in food and I could’nt deal with it, my family did. I stayed in my bedroom and cried. I don’t remember alot about the first week.

  17. Stick a Book of Stamps in Sympathy card. That saves them from having to deal with getting them.

  18. Marlis, Such good advice. :indeed Our church service was very special with much tears. Our Pastor asked the ones that came to say what they remember about this godly man. There was laughter mixed with tears. My Marge held strong.

  19. I like services where they ask for comments from audience. When we had daddys memorial us girls had the services. Our brother in law down south officiated for us, it was the nicest memorial I’d seen and some of the relatives got up and said how they liked it.

    I’m glad your friend held up well, I know how hard it is. I’ve lost two.

  20. The more I hear from you Marlis the more you bless my heart. 😀 This day was very long but God was in it to bless my heart as we buried my best friend’s LOVE. Thanks!!!!!!