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Jules —  March 24, 2006

My mom’s side of the family is fairly large. My Grandma Vera had six daughters: Marlis, Marilyn, Nita, Linda, Kathryn and Kelli.

Marlis (brunette), Marilyn (top left), Nita (my mom, the little blonde), Linda (da baby)

The six daughters had sixteen children. The sixteen of us are having families of our own–eighteen children to date. We are all toothy and giggly and talkative (as you can tell from the blog conversations!)

I’ve recently received several pix of a few of our awesome children/grandchildren. You will no doubt be delighted by our angels!!

Here is a true doll baby. This is my cousin Scott’s little guy, Aiden. Aunt Kelli and Uncle Alex are his doting grandparents.

What a sweety!!! Baby Dimitri with Uncle Joe. My Uncle Joe and Aunt Kathryn are proud grandparents (I can’t remember your cute grandparent names). Dimitri is the son of my cousin Justin and his wife Kiki. I was very sad to have missed their Big, Fat, Greek wedding!

My cousin Kandis with her son Ian. Aunt Marlis is the proud, Grandma Tootsie.

Charmer James shows off his new birthday boots. James just celebrated his 5th birthday! He is my cousin Debbie’s third son! Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gil are the proud grandparents!

Here’s Debbie and Steve’s three boybarians, Christian, Connor and James!!

Their sweet side shines through!

Thanks to everyone who sent me pictures!!

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.”



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  1. Haven’t we got some cute :angel in our family? Even Joe, he sure looks like a proud Gpa. This family started out with all girls, what happened? Hee hee :eek Nice post Jules.

  2. Us four in the top pic are in the yard of Gpa & Gma Knutson, where Nita now lives and the garage still stands. :cool

  3. Oh Jules are’nt they so prescious ? I of course have to brag on are little Dimitri as Im sure Kelli and Deb will of their sweet things. Dimitri is a sweet cuddly boy , he goes to anyone and hardly ever fusses, he loves to laugh and smile. Kiki and Justin has several BABY EINSTEIN video,s ,he loves to see them and watches intently at what they,re saying and teaching him. O.K. Ill stop my bragging for alittle while, at least for now . Deb’s boys are cute as little bugs in a rug, speaking of bugs , they love bugs and are’nt scared of any, and snakes and all kinds of creepy crawly things, this is all due to Steve, they explore alot down by the river. Aiden is so cute , he looks just like his daddy Scott, I wish we could see him more but they live in Tx. now :cry later all

  4. Jules how come you don’t have a picture of me and Kelli? What are we , chopped liver? :cry Joe is very much the proud Papa, he has got to baby sit more than me, due to my late hours at the hosp.It’s funny to watch Papa Joe play wuth Dimitri when he thinks know one is watching :rotfl . Kandis, I can’t believe how much Ion is growing up ,, way to fast. later all

  5. Joe is Papa and Im Nay- Nay. I could’nt figure out what you ment by are cute grandparents name.Sorry. later

  6. What a great bunch of kids, wish you could have gotten them all in. Love em all, bunches. I have 5 cuties in all. Sure miss em.

  7. Joe, good to see you are looking so well.

  8. Ahhhhh–they’re all soooo cute! :angel Thanks, Julie, for indulging us. I hoping that since you felt like posting all of these that means y’all are feeling better now!

    I still bust up laughing when I see that picture of my 3 silly guys! :rotfl Do you see what I go through to get you all a decent Christmas picture?! :banghead :fish I took about 15 shots trying to get a good one of all three! Sometimes it’s like living with The 3 stooges! But at least they sure make me laugh! 😀

  9. Aunt Kathryn…I remember seeing a picture somewhere of you and my Mom when you were about 2 or 3. She was holding a leash…and you had a dog harness on your head. Hmmmm….what’s up with that? Are you sure you want us to go digging out those pictures to post?! :rotfl

  10. “boybarians”… I love it. What a funny word. :)

  11. Rob, Debbie sent a cute picture one Christmas of her boys in Rennaissance garb. The picture (if I remember correctly) was titled “Boybarians”. I thought that was really clever too. I’ll give credit to Deb for that one!!

  12. I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. Are people bringing their kids? See, the school year will still be in session. I do not want to come without my family but I am trying to figure out what to do. I hate to take the girls out of school for too long. I think I’ll talk to the girls’ teachers and find out what the classroom schedule looks like. I wondered what other mom’s are doing.

  13. Jules:
    This is great!
    I have been trying to create a blog today and went through 2 different blog sites signed up and just hate them. I will find something hopefully today that will be easy to set up.
    I could not figure out some things. One blog mom could comment but she had to use a password and on my blog site i could not figure out how to comment back. I’m so stupid….
    I’ll figure it out soon…
    Hope your feelin better.

  14. Kandi, James is working on setting you up somehthing with a word press blog. My blog is a word press. I e-mailed you and tried to call. Give us a buzz we’ll get you up and going.

  15. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing them and putting names to who everyone is. Don’t ya just love family! :flowers

  16. Ya, bummer about school, I have to leave my kid at home. Hope everyone can bring theirs.

  17. Thanks James and Jules, she’s estatic. 😀

  18. Jules,
    Thank you for posting my little Aiden. I hope I
    will see them on Mother’s Day! He is such a happy little boy. He will be one on April 12th. I love the picture of Kandi & Ian and the one of Joe & Dimitri and Deb & Steve’s angels. I got to watch Deb’s boys play basketball, it was fun. Thanks again James & Jules we so appreciate you.

  19. Julie, do you have any pictures of Beth’s little ones? I would love to see them. Linda has a digital camera I believe to send a picture of her four dolls. Trish get busy! I have some adorable pictures of Trish’s dolls but I let Audrie take my scanner.

  20. Jules:
    Those pics are great!
    Boy Ian and I look like we came from another planet.
    Are all the Ds healthy now :puke

  21. Today we are all healthy!