Jules —  August 30, 2005

Lydia finally lost her first tooth!

She’s so excited. It was getting real loose. Sunday she was at mom’s house and out it came!

The tooth fairy came and left a coin purse with 8 quarters in it. The kids LOVE quarters because of those quarter toy and candy machines. She knows we are the tooth fairy but we all play along and have fun with it!

If you see tarter, I apologize. She gets the “brush your teeth good” lecture, often. As you can see, the other tooth has already started growing in. She has several more loose teeth, so I think this ball is starting to roll. I also think braces are in her future. Her baby teeth are soooo small and close together. I don’t see how a bunch of big teeth are going to fit nicely in there. Oh well, thank goodness for payment plans!

To celebrate, she picked out ice cream for all of us to indulge in. We were pleasantly surprised by how scrumptous orange sherbert still tastes. Yum, it’s been so long I had forgotten!

“She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth.” Benjamin Franklin



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  1. Why is it so exciting to lose that first tooth and yet it’s scary. I can remember that’s how I felt. Excited and scared. Loved it when the tooth fairy came during the night and trying to decide whether to save my money or what to spend it on, 😉 I think my first tooth was tied to a door knob, and when I did’nt expect it, the door slammed shut. I made a bunch of cards for Ian that had a big smiley tooth, and said thankyou from the tooth fairy. Kandi would put one with money in it under his pillow, he thought the tooth fairy put it there, or she would give it to him and he thought the tooth fairy mailed it to him. Aunt Tootsie :fish

  2. I think little kids with missing teeth are so cute!

    Adults with missing teeth are scary!

  3. My biggest tooth story was being on the farm with a front tooth hanging by a root. It was that way for days and everyone was begging me to let them yank it out of my head. I finally let my grandpa do it. He held his clean white handkerchief on it and with a small yank it came out. I was very proud of my $2.00 bill he gave me for it, too!!

    Lydia looks sooo cute! How fun to see them growing up.

  4. I remember Deb’s 1st tooth was pulled by a friend because I was to squeamish to do it myself.
    I called TN this morning and school was closed because of flooding in low lands & busses couldn’t get through. This is from the hurricane storm. Everyone I know there is ok as far as I know. Maybe Deb will report in.
    What a cute pic of Lydia.

  5. How cute Lydia is!! Christian has his 2 top teeth missing. Love that new toothless grin!

    We play tooth fairy too, but the boys know it’s just a game. Word of warning: if you’re going to play that game, you need to remember to actually do it. I must confess to earning the Forgetful Mom award twice for forgetting to replace the teeth with money. We just told them the Tooth Fairy must be running late, and snuck the money under their pillow later in the morning! :oops

    Hurricane Katrina went through and knocked down trees and power lines, but not too bad in our area. We got a lot of wind gusts and rain all day; had tornado watches much of the day. All the area schools were canceled last night due to possible flooding problems. Can’t complain–watching the reports of the destruction down South is heartbreaking.

  6. Hurray for Lydia! She looks so darling.

    I have vivid memories of my kindergarten teacher pulling teeth of my classmates. She was very quick and the kids trusted her. It was 1974 in a small town in Texas. You sure wouldn’t see that happening today, would you?

  7. Tartar? I don’t see myself anywhere…. 😉

    Congrats to Lydia-loo!

  8. OK–I must have missed something! When did the little icons pictures become animated? Before today, my computer just showed them as still pictures.

    If I had seen the puking one in action, I never would have used it in my post under the baked ziti. GROSS!

  9. i just got some ice cream too.. they’re giving it out free today here at work!
    ritter’s frozen custard, cookies & cream.. yum!

  10. I like the puking one. It has it’s place at times. You used it well Debbie!

    Glad everything is ok in your part of the woods. :indeed

    Angela, I could go for some ice cream too. There’s still some orange sherbert in the freezer……

  11. OK–I condede, Julie. I can see where the puking icon would have it’s place. We’ve been sick here this week so guess I was feeling a bit squemish when I posted! :indeed

  12. Yeah,
    Ian still beleives in the Tooth Fairy.
    His is big with snarly teeth and he looks like spawn (thats how Ian describes him) I dont let Ian watch the spawn movie but he sure does know what spawn looks like. Ian thinks girls have cutsy tooth fairies and boys have narly ones.
    Ian thinks his tooth fairy has real good handwriting though.
    Ian gets root beer floats every time he looses a tooth and dad usually gets him a P2 game.
    Boy my tooth fairy just gave me a darn quarter HUH.
    Ian really knows there are no such things as a tooth fairy but he likes to make beleive what his looks like.
    I hope his really isnt real or “I” wont be able to sleep………..

  13. Aaron was with Christian when he lost his teeth, so he tells me it is Aunt Debbie who is the tooth fairy, because Christian said so. So Aunt Debbie is going to have a lot of night flying when my kids start loosing their teeth. Bet you all didn’t know our own Debbie is really the tooth fairy! She is such a goddess!