first days

Jules —  August 18, 2005

The girls woke up early and quickly and excitedly dressed themselves, ate breakfast and put on their backpacks. They were ready a half hour early. If only they would stay that enthusiastic in the morning all school year. I am happy for them. They both really love school and it looks like they have great teachers, once again.

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” Tom Bodett



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  1. Awwwww. I’m happy for them. They look so cute and ready to go!

    What do they have in their backpacks?? Julian carries his to school but it’s just empty. Sort of cracks me up.

  2. They take notes, lunch money etc. to school in them. They have a folder that they bring home papers in each day. Julian will be bringing home his worksheets, coloring pages, books, notes from school etc. in it. He probably won’t have much until school gets in full swing. The girls stick their jackets it in the afternoon. I know it seems like overkill but I guess papers and stuff are safer that way. Plus if they do show and tell etc. Does he have a Spiderman backpack? Or Batman? Or Superman? I love that boy stuff!

    I am glad Julian is doing so well so soon!

    Kelli posted something very nice on the “He Sings Over Us” thread.

  3. how fun! the first (& last) days of school were always the best.
    i think my mom took pictures of my sister & i like that every year!

  4. ok.. only when we were in grade school.. lol

  5. They looked so cute this morning.

    My girls are growing up so fast!

    I love the quote.

  6. Reminds me of when Punky and I went to school. Except we did’nt know what a backpack was. We also could not wear anything but dresses or skirt and blouse. Alot of things have changed but the first day of school each year is the same thru the years. My they are growing so. Aunt Tootsie 😉 😉

  7. Jessica picked out her red shirt. Red is her favorite color. She absolutely LOVES her umbrella. She has always had a fascination with them. I wonder what their new, pretty white tennis shoes will look like by the end of the day. :cry Dress codes sure have changed.

  8. Grade school memories of having your mom take your picture sure are fun!

    The girls got on the bus for the first time this morning. They really wanted to ride it and James and I finally got brave enough to put them on it!

  9. Yay for them and yay for mommie! Hope they have a blessed and wonderful year! :indeed

  10. It’s a Spidey pack.

    I remember when I would force out a smile at the camera while groaning through my teeth at Mom.

    Julian just proudly grinned. I wonder how it will be 5 years from now !? 😀

  11. The girls sure are cute and growing so much. I always liked riding the bus. I have a purple umbrella like Jessica’s, I like them too. I don’t remember mom taking 1st day of school pic. of us.
    It wasn’t such a big thing WAY back then.

  12. Oh, your girls are so adorable! I can still remember the excitement of new backpacks and school supplies. Actually truth be told, I’m excited about them even now. I go back to school on Monday, and I think I’m going to get a new bag Saturday. Heck, I might even take my picture Monday morning with my classmates! 😀

  13. You go girl. Get your bag and take your picture, I sure would!

    The girls did well on the bus. It’s really nice not to have to load everyone up every morning and afternoon. I really hated waking Anjelia up from her nap. That’s just not right to wake a sleeping toddler!!!!

    They are the first stop after school. When the bus pulled up it was so loud with wound up kids. Very funny. In the morning everyone is real quiet.

  14. I always love to buy new crayons this time of year for the boys. There’s just something about a new box of nicely sharpened crayons, all nice and neat all fit nicely in their box, not broken and thrown in a pile. Speaks to the potential of a new start–I’m sure someone more poetic than I could wax on more eloquently or find a really cool way to Spiritualize this. Anyway I love this time of year–a new beginning.

  15. Cool thoughts.

    I wish they stayed new longer.

    I am so thankful for seasons in weather and in life.

    I’m sure Karen and Rob could really expound on this! 😉

  16. I myself am appauled at the school lists you have to pick up at Walmart and buy. My word Mama used to get us a new Big Chief tablet and crayons and pencils and that was it. The teacher had a box of scissors, compasses and other odd and ends we used. Maybe once in a while pick up a tablet to have ready. I simply do not know for the life of me why a child, with a good teacher needs more than that to learn the three R’s. It has got out of hand,maybe I’m not to smart. Yes, that could be it. OLD, OLD, Aunt Tootsie.

  17. 😀
    Ian had a long school supply listr.
    He had to bring large ziploc’s, 3 boxes of kleenex, 1 box of crayons, ruler, scissors,markers, 4 folders, 1 wide ruled notebook, 2 boxes of butt wipes, 12 “yellow” pencils” and Ian found 12 penicles with his name on them but now cant take them, 2 glues, 1 ruler, 1 pencil box, 1 plastic school box, 2 pink erasers, 6 scotch tapes, etc… I cant remember what else. Then school clothes, but I could not buy novelty shirts and no baggy jeans. Only solid color tops and plain jeans and shorts. The school will not allow baggy jeans or slang on shirts.
    I am so excited for Ian, I hope he loves 2nd grade.

  18. “I am so thankful for seasons in weather and in life.”

    No, I think you summed it up the best, Jules. And besides, brevity is always a stronger communicator.

    The whole seasons of life theme is very, very relevant to me right now, as you can imagine.

    I just saw my cousin Emily off to college with her parents yesterday. My goodness that was hard!

    Your girls are beautiful. Hope they have fun. Soak up this time with them!

  19. At least the supplies are pretty cheap. Glue is .20 cents a bottle and crayons are like .30 cents a box. We go on tax free day too. That helps save a few bucks especially if buying shoes and clothes.

  20. You’re really going to miss that part of your family, Rob. I remember you talking about them when they were little.

  21. One reason the school supply list is so long is because the schools can’t or won’t afford to buy those things for the students. I think the teachers buy a lot of things they want to use in the class rooms too. Marlis, anyone only a couple of years older than me, is not old. :fish
    At my age, I still like to buy a new box of crayons. I eventually take them to church for the kids to use.

    I remember 1 year mom crocheted Marlis & I sweaters to wear to school, hers was yellow & think mine was green, they were made with a popcorn stitch, and some kids made fun of mine saying I had misquito bites, I can’t remember wearing it again, what a terrible shame.

    B-wipes, I never heard of having to take them to school!!!!!

    Sometimes our lives seem like an old box of crayons, broken, frayed, lopsided, disheavled, lost. Only God can put things back in order like a new shiny box.

  22. The teachers do a lot. I think most go above and beyond when buying things for their classrooms. Lydia’s first grade classroom looked like kids paradise. I couldn’t believe all the effort her teacher put into her class. She did lots of stuff with her own money. Her husband built a reading loft for the room. She even treated her entire class to Sonic one day. She mailed Lydia 9 envelopes full of worksheets and goodies over the summer.

    I know you hear about the horrors of public school but I have had a great experience so far at our school. I pray quite a bit for the teachers classmates etc.

    You know public education is free (I know we pay taxes but you know what I mean) so I try to remind myself that when I’m buying school supplies or stuff for the classroom or fund raisers, etc.

  23. When I worked at Walmart, many families could not afford these supplies and really make a sacrifice to do so. 12 boxes of kleenex, lots of stuff like that. I felt sorry for them. Each school is different I guess, but a lot of complaints down here. I’m just repeating what the parents have told me. I can’t remember everything on the lists but they each bought for the whole year and could’nt possibly use it. I’m not old, no, just grouchy. I’m sorry for griping.

  24. Beliieve me, I’ve griped about it!!!! Last year was hard cuz we were broke and couldn’t afford it!!

    Don’t be sorry and you are NOT grouchy!!! :fish

  25. Your gma Vera always made all our school clothes, bet you are glad for walmart and Garage sales!! The girls clothes look really cute, as do they. I remember still a lot of the outfits she made for me, and I told her a while back that I really appreciate, now, all the effort she went to. She seemed really pleased. :flowers

  26. Except for the two mosquito sweaters she made us and we hated cause the other kids teased us :rolleyes Mother was an expert seamstress. Whether the material was feed sacks or satin, we wore the nicest clothes. 😉

  27. Well, I did it! I took my first-day-of-school picture today! I felt a little sheepish getting Jim out of bed this morning to take it, but glad just the same! 😉 (I think I’m going to have my mom dig up all those old photos of me, and then scrapbook them.)

  28. Good for you!!! 😀

    I bet you looked really cute!!!

  29. Lol, that’s great, Mel. You need to send it to us so that we can see, ya big tease!

  30. Hey everyone:
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    The book is called “The Sexy Years” by Suzanne Sommers.
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  31. I’ve heard her talk some about it and it seemed really intelligent. Thought I’d look it up when I get to that stage but I already have night sweats sometimes. I had them really bad for about a year and a half with each pregnancy but why do I get them on occasion still? NO I am not pregnant!! I think I remember them talking on Oprah that hormones can start changing as early as your thirties. :eek

  32. I’ve read the book and tried to talk to my Dr. about it. He wasn’t much help. Let me know Kandi if you come up with a good Endro. Dr. Most of the ones who practice what is in her book are probably on the West coast. I have the book Julie, so don’t buy another. It is very interesting.