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Jules —  June 21, 2005

I have been too busy to post and I have much left to do. I am going scrapbooking at my church this afternoon. This is a great opportunity for me to get motivated about getting caught up on my scrapbooks. My blog is like my on-line scrapbook! I think that’s one reason I enjoy it.

I was going through pictures last night and found this pic of me when I was six. It is my first fish! I remember when I caught it. My dad was on the other side of the lake and I started yelling for help. He ran around the water and helped me bring it in! It seemed soooo ginormous to me!

We are going to take the girls fishing there in a couple of weeks. It’s out on his property where I grew up. If the weather isn’t too hot, James is going to pitch a tent and camp with the girls. Maybe they will catch their first fish on the same waters that I did! I’ll be sure to take my camera.

We camped by Mom and Dad D’s pond last weekend. Maybe I will post some pics of that too. It’s so fun to feed their catfish. They come right to the waters edge and you can throw the food in their mouths! There are some BIG boys in there! Dad D is proud of his ‘pets’! Jessica almost petted one. Instead we got soaked with pond water when he got spooked and slapped his tail on the water!

Before the weekend was over, all the girls were swimming in the muddy pond. I used to swim in ponds but I don’t like to anymore. Janet was quick to throw on her suit and get in with the girls! They were in their Sunday dresses! Amazingly they came clean!

How about you? I’d love to hear your fish stories! This is the time of year that brings back fishy memories!

“Do not tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish”
Mark Twain



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  1. Julie, I never noticed you had a cow-lick. Anyway, my fish stories are a plenty but I remember catching some nice bass on Karen’s grandparents farm ponds and putting them on a stringer. I came back after church and the turtles got them and ate them like corn on the cob. These were 3-5 pounders. I was not happy. Since then I always fished there wearing my pistola. Plus I looked cool. With my summer tan and bandanna I looked like Poncho Villa.

  2. Despite being “round-headed kids” your 2 youngest really look alot like you!

  3. I don’t like fishing. I like fish though.

  4. I thought that pic was Lydia. I don’t catch fish, I catch branches, and junk, very frustrating.

  5. Yep, Tom, I have the biggest cow-lick ever. I’ve managed to train my hair so that at least part of my big forehead is covered. My niece inherited it and somehow so did Jessica.

  6. I used to love to stand in the water and watch the little fish nibble my toes. I am sad that my kids are growing up in town. The country is the best place to grow up. Fortunately, all the grandparents live in the country. The kids are not deprived.

  7. During the flood in the 50’s our road was underwater. When it receeded, Punky and I took off with our fishing poles to catch supper. The poles were the finest we had seen and we made them. Two limbs, baleing twine and bent diaper pins. Hey! us poor people do just fine, thankyou.
    We pulled them bullheads out of them holes and did they taste good. We got so good, daddy decided it was time to teach me to clean fish. I’m cleaning them for the kids now. Later on we lived at a place where the bull frogs were humongeous. Some got loose in the kitchen the first time Punky and I went out at night. Well, we had to show them off, Mama was’nt to happy having to help us catch them again, but daddy sure had a good time. Then mama had to keep them in the skillot while frying them. Try it some time. Aunt Tootsie.

  8. I used to love fishing with my Grandpa especially on his little motorboat. One time when I was around 9 or 10, I snagged a fish while letting my hook dangle over the edge while we were motoring to a better spot on the lake. I felt so bad for the fish as the hook was in his eye. How is that worse than his mouth? Hmm… I remember what fun I had throwing my line in when I was around 5 or so. I didn’t figure out until the next year that they had not given me a hook or any bait just weights on the end. :o)

  9. Maybe that is what we should do with Elaina’s line!

  10. Aunt Tootsie, how come she had to keep them in the pan? She wasn’t frying them alive was she!

    I’ve never had frog legs. Don’t think I am interested in trying them either!

  11. Thank you for asking that question, Julie. I was wondering the same thing! Maybe the legs jump around on their own…kind of like how chickens jump around even after their heads are cut off! Ugh! I want my food NOT MOVING!

  12. I had to help my grandma kill and clean chickens one year. It’s so strange how they hop around headless. Plucking them is no fun. I am thankful I can drive down the street and buy a chicken that’s all ready to cook up. I have no room to complain!

  13. Gil & I were discussing the hopping froglegs as they cook. It’s just something that happens with the leg muscles & the heat.

  14. That is totally weird!

  15. Punkie beat me to it. Yes it has to do with the nerves and muscle. Their dead and cleaned, but they move around after you first start cooking them. They are a very delicious meat. Not a fish flavor. The legs is all you eat. So be sure that’s a biga BULL frog.