Jules —  April 1, 2005

Anjelia loves to play in my kitchen sink. I fill it with warm soapy water and give her a cup to scoop and pour with and she is happy as a lark. This makes it much easier for me to fix dinner, mop, put away dishes, etc. I can get quite a bit done while she’s soaking.

Last night we had spaghetti. Feeding a one year old spaghetti always requires a bath afterwards. Her entire head was orange!! This was a great thing. I was then able to sit with Lydia and help her with her homework, while Anjelia splashed around in the sink.

After a few minutes, I walked over to the sink to get something, and it caught my eye. Ughhh, a floater!!!! Yeah, you guessed it… turds in my sink!!!! All I can say is, thank goodness for my garbage disposal!!!! Oh yeah, and clorox!

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding. ~Erma Bombeck



5 responses to Floaters

  1. Ahh!!! A home-made meatball to go with the spaghetti! How appropriate! :)

  2. it’s like kids KNOW when it’s the best time to poop.
    last fall i was babysitting a large group of kids at the church, and one of the 3yr olds had the runs.. and there was poopy EVERYWHERE in the boys bathroom! on the floor, covering his clothes, even on the walls! everywhere but in the toliet!

  3. I’ve got a picure of my Jessica when she was two, holding up two poop covered hands!

  4. That reminded me of your story about James NOT doing poopy. Remember when you were gone and there was poop in the tub and he just left it for ya??? Hee Hee. (it’s funny now)

  5. Thank God for Bleach.