fresh paint

Jules —  September 24, 2005

Today was a great day. We took the girls to a fun parade this morning. There were lots of horses and marching bands. The girls were very disappointed. They brought bags to the parade in hopes of collecting candy. Not one piece of candy was thrown. Fortunately, homecoming parade is coming soon and they always load up on the sweets. Football players are very generous!!

This afternoon I went to a paint party!! A fresh coat of paint is so refreshing and hopeful. After finishing, we kept going back to the room and checking out our handiwork. It’s fun to stand in the doorway and look at new, clean walls.

Mary loves to paint trim! Hehe!!

Tori did the teenage thing and painted her jeans!

Aunt Joyce enjoyed her colors.

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” Danny Kaye



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  1. That is such a relaxing parade to go to. It was a little warm and the girls were up late last night so they didn’t have the energy to watch the whole thing. It was still a nice relaxing way to spend the morning.

  2. James dropped me off to paint, on the way home from the parade. He felt bad for the kids and took them to Wal-mart to pick up a bag of candy. Since they didn’t get any candy at the parade, they stood in the living room and he flung candy at them! They scurried around and fought for it just like at a parade!!! He just told me that story. Hilarious!!! :rotfl

  3. Lol, how funny. Hey, Jules, whose house did you paint? I love the colors!

  4. Great photos! Mary told me she was going to a paint party this weekend. Sounds like a great way to get a room done quickly and with lots of good company!

  5. Yeah Laura Gayle, it’s much more fun to paint when you do it with other people!! The job gets done so fast, too. It’s not the dreaded job it usually is!

    Rob, It was Aunt Joyce’s house, CJ’s new room.

  6. I love the colors- I’ll bet it’s a cheery room now with all that bright blue and green.

  7. I love a parade, Why don’t my family parade down here, I need the whole house inside painted? Well, 😀 It was a good try!!

  8. When you know that it is a teenage boy’s room, the colors make more sense. It is a surprise, so I won’t mention the other decorating ideas his mom has.

  9. I spelled surprise incorrectly. :(

    Laura Gayle, you were up early this morning!

    Jules, I wish I could have seen the candy throwing. It would have been hilarious. I guess I will have to throw candy at them some day just for the fun of it. 😀

  10. I guess I’ve been doing my painting all wrong, I usually chase everyone away and save all the fun for myself.

  11. Mary, I can’t find where you spelled surprise incorrectly. I’m a little confused! Yes, the room is a surprise!!

    Aunties, if you have a paint party I will do my best to come!!

  12. The colors remind me of the youth room at our church. They are these colors + purple & yellow. My guest room I just painted is a soft green, with Japanese art. One pic is one Gil took of a Japanese garden/bridge. It is poster size, the other painting was done by a real artist when I was at the Lake Ozarks with wives of husbands who were at a City Comference. He painted several pic. showing samples of different kinds of brush strokes then he had a drawing for them. I got the best one. I think my room is peaceful feeling. I put the water fall bowl that the girls gave me below it & am trying to keep the room decluttered, which seems to be a hard task for me. I feel like it trails me around like a cloud like the person in the peanuts cartoon. Maybe I will be able to conquer it someday. Hope, Hope! :(

  13. I am really into soft green right now. It sounds very pretty. I really like your water fountain. The sound of trickling water is so peaceful. I have one but I put it away. Too much of a temptation for Anjelia right now.

    I think your house is very comfortable and relaxing. It doesn’t seem too clutered to me.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    The candy throwing story is hilarious!! I would have loved to have seen that!

    CJ is going to love his new room. What a special kid to have such a great family to come home too. Makes me think of God up there preparing our mansions for us. He’s probably picking stuff out just like we would want them and saying “Oh, man, I can’t wait for her to see this one!”

  15. I need a paint party. Julie I am still trying to find the right green color for my living room.
    I want a soft pastel green. Green is supposed to be soothing and tranquil. I cant find a subtle green color. I want something to brighten up my living room but also make it relaxing.
    I really want to paint it madarin orange but my mom thought I had lost my mind.
    If anyone finds the perfect green paint chip please tell me the name of paint and color #.

  16. Karen, you gave me goosebumps. What an exciting reminder!! I wonder if I’ll have a Christmas room and a china room….

    Kandi, maybe Karen can tell you the color of her bedroom. It’s a very pretty, relaxing green. I think it might have a hint of blueish in it. Karen, do you remember the color. It’s so pretty.

  17. Karen, enjoyed your comments about God picking out things for our rooms. I’m looking forward to seeing mine. It will have a popcorn popper, freezer with vanilla icecream, & a full hot fudge dispenser, I’m hoping. Julie, I was reading in Readers Digest today, a comment by Jerry Seinfeld,”As a child, the only clear thought I had was” Get candy”. I thought of you & family when I read that, and your cute story of James throwing candy for the girls, What a DAD. :indeed

  18. Great quote!!!! I’ll have to use that one later!!!

    You’re rooms sound really great. I’ll have to come over to visit!!!

    I need to get a Reader’s Digest subscription. I always read them at Janet and Richard’s. They have lots of cute stories, sayings and quotes. Maybe I should just have them save their old ones for me. Hmmmm…..

  19. No, I can’t remember the name of the color of my bedroom for Kandi. If I think of it, I will let you know. It’s such a peaceful sage green. I go sit in my bedroom a lot and I love it even after several years of the same color. It is relaxing.

  20. Karen, you need to do a blog now that you have digital camera!! You are such a good writer and you’re very creative. Plus, you are so wise, too! It’d be great! I am sure that James would get you space on his web server.

    Captured Heart…….????

  21. 😀
    Ok, Everyone pray for Ian!
    Ian has had a very hard time with sleeping in his own bed. But since Grandma Tootsie got him a new big full size bed he has been sleeping in his own room.
    I have struggle for 3 years carrying him to his bed and or giving up and just letting him sleep with me, so there wont be an argument at night.
    So please dont think I am a terrible mother for letting this go on so long but I think the worst is over.
    Please pray for Ian.

  22. Yea for Ian, Being a Mother is not the easy job some people think it is. I’m sure there is noone visiting this blog who thinks it is. Hang in there Kandi, relish the good times you have together and remember those.

  23. I think we need to start a “Mom’s Who Say NO To ‘Mom Guilt'” club. I’m not sure how to say no to it but forming a club would be a good start! Anybody with me on that?

    I am going to read the book Captivating. I’m wondering if it will help. It talks about the role the church puts on women. The whole Proverbs 31 thing and women constantly being busy serving serving serving. From what I hear this book suggests that that isn’t always a healthy role to shove women into. Or at least something like that. I Can’t wait to read that book!

    Kandi, I agree with Aunt Marilyn, being a mom is the hardest thing EVER. I don’t think anyone gets it perfect. We should celebrate the victories and ask God to help us when we don’t get it right. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up but that is not healthy for our kids to see either. I am talking to myself here too. I struggle with the same feelings.

  24. Kandi this verse has helped me.

    He takes care of his flock like a shepherd. He gathers the lambs in his arms. He carries them close to His heart. He gently leads those that have little ones. Isaiah 40:11

    We need to let Jesus carry our children in his safe and capable arms. Our job is to keep our eyes on Him and follow Him. When we do that our children are safe in His care.

  25. By the way, CONGRATS to Ian!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jules:
    I love that verse. Oh that makes me feel so much better.
    Thanks Aunt Marilyn and Julie. Your encouragement helps me so much when I am down.

    Oh, The bed is from Mom’s next door neighbor. Ian hates small beds. So I so hoped this would help, so far it has helped. Now I wont have 3 in my bed, now Max can take up more bed space and still keep me warm.

  27. Jules, you know I can vouch bigtime for Eldredge’s Wild At Heart. His wife wrote Captivating, so it’s gotta be good!

  28. I am not real into books about being a wife and parenting. To me they seem to make me feel overwhelmed or guilty or like I need to take on a particular style. I think this one just may encourage my heart!!

  29. Jules, I left the second “r” out of surprise in my first comment. he he

  30. I still don’t see your first comment. I wonder if something is wrong. I’ll have James check into it. I wouldn’t want to miss one of your comments!!!

    Enjoy stretching out Kandi. I’m a bed hog!!!

    Where’s Trish and Debbie?

  31. if you guys like painting so much, you should all come up & help me paint my new house.. 😀 hehe

  32. Where’s Trish Debbie and My mother been at lately.
    Have not heard a word out of them…..

  33. I’ve been experiencing tecnical difficultes beyond my control :cry I’ve been writing things but nothing was going in. Are’nt you all lucky :evil

  34. Ok, Angela!! I have some family in Indiana!!

    Auntie, We’ve missed your comments!!!! Darn!

  35. :cry :eek :( 😀 😐 😉

    What is the deal with the icons above. Everytime I click on one to add to my comments they are not animated only words or colons/semicolons or parenthesis.

  36. :cry :eek :( 😀 😐 😉

    What is the deal with the icons above. Everytime I click on one to add to my comments they are not animated only words or colons/semicolons or parenthesis.

  37. OH, now they work and especially after I accidentally entered the same email twice.
    I guess you have to be smarter than what you work with.

  38. Kandi, you crack me up!!!!

    I can relate very well to your technical learning disability! I suffer with the disability as well!!! Being married to a computer geek helps me hide my lack of computer know how!!!

  39. well, when you visit them, you’ll have to stop by!

  40. Just out of curiosity :rolleyes do you still have Tommys horse he made “Pinky Red”. Just wondering.Sorry, this is addressed to Punky. 😀