Friday nights

Jules —  October 29, 2005

Friday nights are my family’s favorite night of the week. There’s no schoolwork, no baths, and no homemade supper! Basically, I get the night off! We decided last night that Fridays would officially be take out pizza night! We pop corn and the girls have a slumber party in the living room. It’s a lot of fun! Thank God for the weekend!


Yesterday was Elaina’s Halloween party at school. She wanted to be a monkey for Halloween. Thursday we were gone for hours looking for a monkey mask or costume. We went to several stores and could find nothing. Finally, we decided on some cute pajamas with monkey’s all over them. She has monkey slippers and stuffed monkeys to hang around her neck. Basically, she was going to be a monkey lover.

That night as she was getting ready for bed, she said, “I think I want to wear my Cinderella dress tomorrow.”! Well, I guess she got a new pair of pajamas for my trouble!

Elaina’s posing in front of her Mother’s Day Out classroom. They went to the nursing home to sing for the residents.

I bought this pink mask at Target when we were out and about. She was really proud of her princessy self!

“Joey: You can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey. That’s like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas.” Friends quotes



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  1. Kids and their cute costumes are the best part of Halloween… adult costumes aren’t really as much fun!

  2. And a prettier PRINCESS there never was. I can’t remember the costumes I wore. Most were old clothes of mama’s or daddys or old sheets and a mask. The mask was always the big deal, too find that special ugly mask. The ones in my time were dyed starched fabric masks and when you got home after a long haul, you take the mask off and the dye was all over your mouth and nose. I remember laughing at others because of it. I got laughed at too. Thank goodness for the rubber mask, no more dye. The rubber could be hot on a warm night. I think I loved Halloween more than any time of year. Unless it snowed. :disgust :rotfl the laugh goes up by the dye on mask. Oh well, have a nice halloween girls, sorry there’s no toilets like in my time to turn over. :rotfl

  3. By the way does James cook? Tommy used to cook and give me a break. But, Tommy liked to cook and so does his brother. :worship Was just wondering about James. :rolleyes Never heard you ever say.

  4. I think all men should do some of the cooking. It’s such an enormous task to feed a family all the time.

    James is not great in the kitchen but he is very good at grilling, which is a real treat for the whole family. I am always so excited in spring for him to start grilling for us. Too bad he can’t do it in the winter.

  5. Sarah, I agree. Kids make the holidays so much fun. I get to re-live my childhood through them.

    I bet you experience that with your students.

  6. Are you talking about out houses Aunt Marlis? There was indoor plumbing when you were a kid…wasn’t there? Your not an old lady!

  7. Guess again ole great one. We had outhouse’s only for years. The tub was oblong and kept in a closet or out side on a nail until it was brought in and filled with hot water and then cooled down. Everyone took their turn, mama would have to have warm it up for each one. You did’nt take to long. We usually took our bathes in the living room. Sometimes the kitchen, depending on the biggest room. I loved it in the winter, it was sat in front of the woodburning stove. You did’nt get a bath everyday, at most 2 times a week. You spit bathed in between. NO, not from spit. From a pitcher and bowl on side table. Or from swimming in the creek. One thing about the out house, it was a 2 or 3 holer. No one had to wait. The first running water I remember was when daddy put a pump in on the kitchen sink from our cistern. The neighbors gave daddy an old pump and some pipe and grandpa helped put it in. It was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. Real running water in the house. But when we moved to Odessa, 50’s maybe 53 or 54, that house had a tub and I think a stool. Maybe Punky can remember. But we did finally get rid of the slop jar under the bed and the old oval galvanized tub.

  8. Well, you’re still not an old lady!!

    I should be more thankful for running water!!!

  9. Yes, I can really appreciate what I have now, but looking back we did’nt think it was bad. That was all we knew. Bucket of water on the counter by the kitchen sink with a long handled dipper for a drink. Most pumps out side on the cistern or well had a medal cup for drinking. Lot of times we took our baths outside in the tub in the summer. We got to play more outside, inside when you were bathing, of course you could’nt splash. I enjoyed the old days, everything was less of a rush. There was no tv for years for us. We did’nt know it existed. We learned to play together and think of our own things to do. There was a world on the backs of cereal boxes, codes, Hopilong Cassidy cups , things from Gabby Hayes, Roy Rodgers, Gene Autry, others I can’t remember. We would save box tops and get the greatest things. I wish I still had my hopilong Cassidy mug. Life is too fast now and sometimes I would like to go back. Survive on my own in the woods? You bet I could, by the way I was raised. 😀

  10. I love her princess dresses. She’s just so dang cute!

  11. ooh, also, I love the Friday night tradition you started. We used to have family game nights–Rob hated them–but I look back on them fondly!

  12. Speak for yourself, Sarah! I happen to still love dressing up big for Halloween.

    Melissa, I didn’t hate Friday game night, I just would rather have been doing other things. I swear if I ever play Sorry! one more time…

  13. “Family Game Night”… ha! We had Family Fun Nights on Fridays also, but I actually enjoyed them! :-)

    Rob, since you’re so keen on costuming, I need some quick, free ideas for Monday! It’s just plain Scrooge-like if a teacher doesn’t dress up for her class party.

  14. Oh! I remember those awful cloth masks, the mouth was a mess by the end of the evening, soft & frayed. Don’t remember when we got out of the out house business. Grandma Pearl didn’t have an inside bathroom for a Loooong time. We also had a sink in the bathroom at the Parrot House. Aaaah, don’t think I want to survive in the woods on my own, I like a house around me. Elaina is so cute in her dress. Ilan has blond hair now. Haven’t seen a pic of him for a long time. It’s so nice to spend time with Sisters, tell Beth we love her. Love ya

  15. We actually scrubbed up th grill today for some grilled hamburgers. I get sick of eating on the stove stuff. Neither one of us like to cook, which goes well with picky-eater kids.
    Sarah is going to be a butterfly for halloween and Aaron is bat-man, not like the character, but like a bat. I use makeup on their faces, they won’t wear a mask. There are several houses all decked out with halloween/scary stuff, very kid friendly neighborhood, so we are looking forward to trick or treating this year.
    Chris is constantly telling me he wants to live in the woods, slow down and live off the land. We are like the green acres couple! I’d be freaked out scared in the woods.
    They have an annual bear hunt in the nearby Maryland hills, they get to kill 40 bears, the first one was killed by an 8 year old girl! I guess I am raising wimps, can’t imagine lettin my babies go and do that. :eek

  16. Sometimes I think I am sheltering my kids too much when I see kids their age riding their bikes around town. There’s just no way I’d let them do some of the things I see other kids doing. Shooting a bear? Wow. I think my girls would burst into tears if they saw a big animal killed.

    I would love to live in the country-right outside of town. Living off the land-no way!

    The simplest meals I make are the ones the kids eat best. Simmered chicken breast, green beans, and bread and butter.

    Sarah and Aaron picked fun things to dress up as.

    I’d love to see a pic of them.

    I wish someone in TN would do a blog. I’d love to hear and see more of everyone’s lives.

    I do very much love it when everyone comments on here about their lives. I don’t want this to be just about me. THANKS!

  17. Trish, I still associate you with that crowd even though I know you move around.

  18. Rob I am looking forward to what you will be doing this year!

  19. Jules, it is fun to re-live the Halloween costume memories with my class. Now, if only Halloween didn’t involve 24 sugared-up 10 year olds…

  20. what a cute little princess!!! I’m sure she was proud, she’s always wanting people to pay attention to her outfits…she’s a fashion queen already!!!

  21. Well, I’ve been on a superhero/villian kick the past few years, so my suggestions may be biased.

    Hmmm… Oh, how ’bout Sydney Bristow?

  22. Rob, I’ve always enjoyed your Halloween costumes.

    Rob’s Gallery

  23. Well, I guess I need to explain myself. I would like to live in a house, back in the woods, where there is not any traffic or close neighbors. I can grow my own food and cut trees for fire and cooking. But basically I mean out away from people. You all are invited. It would be a very nice home and I want my computer and digital camera. :rotfl I can’t imagine you all thinking I don’t want a nice warm/cool home. :rolleyes silly people, and I don’t want a outhouse for someone to knock over either :D. But I know you all know I could live off the land :evil.

  24. The country is nice and peaceful, but I’ve lived in the country and was scared like Trish said. I guess I’ve just been in town to long. I enjoy seeing people. Marlis, I didn’t “really” think you wanted to go back that far, but glad you clarified. Ah, Halloween, I’m not much in the spirit of it this year, but I have my candy and am ready for the kiddo’s. I enjoy looking at their costumes. I know they get really excited about it. I must be mellowing, I was teaching sunday school today and it was really hard to keep 9 little pre-schools focused. I just kept on telling the bible story hoping 1 was listening.

    We always vote YES for teachers pay increases or needs, they need all the support they can get.