Jules —  June 17, 2009

I publicly embarrassed the older girls with this picture. Everything I do seems to embarrass them at this age!

Lydia, Jessica and Elaina are members of our swim team, Gators. This is our first year to participate in our local swim team and it is a blast! The girls were in shock the first day of practice. It’s swimming boot camp! They practice every morning and are swimming in six swim meets competing against other teams.

The girls’ first meet was Saturday. They were doing warm ups in the water at 6:30 AM Saturday morning! It was in the 50’s and the water was very cold after a week of chilly, rainy nights!

Jessica trying to warm up between races.

Elaina was sooooooooo cold that she did a shiver dance while waiting to swim her relay race!

Between races we wrapped Elaina in blankets. Her head was even covered. She stayed there in a ball until her next race. She did great at the backstroke, winning her heat. She brought home a First Place Ribbon! Even though she was miserably cold she did not complain once. She even said she had a great time!

Jessica did well swimming the breaststroke!

Lydia is really being challenged! She’s already improved a great deal. She seems to love to get out there and work hard. She had to swim 500 meters this morning without stopping. (our city pool is 25 meters long)

Eat My Bubbles,
Kiss My Toes,
Watch How Fast This Gator Goes!



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  1. A BLUE RIBBON! Great going Elaina!
    The girls look great. Poor baby, she sure must of been cold.

    Ian is taking swimming classes two times a week. Doing real good I’m told.

  2. I forgot to mention that Jessica’s relay team placed third in the freestyle relay.

  3. Go, Gators!!! I am proud of you girls.

  4. It was soooo much fun watching them race and cheering them on. I had a blast!

    Yesterday I decided to race Jessica freestyle. She beat me! I was humiliated! Ok, not really, I was proud of her and felt old, fat and slow.

    I did have her show me how to do the breast stroke. She’s a good teacher!

  5. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 18, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Makes me want to get back to swimming again. It is a wonderful thing for them to know how to swim and sounds like they are doing a great job for the team. Thanks for sharing with us. Our city pool was full today with it being so hot.

  6. Julie, thank you for sharing this. I had hoped you would blog about it. Olivia and I had been checking in frequently. Tell the girls I am very proud of all of them!!

  7. Yeah! Girls!! Good job – all three of you. I couldn’t swim 500 meters that early in the morning. The meet’s look really fun.

    By the way…love their cute suits!

  8. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 18, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    That’s 20 times. WOW! I used to swim 40 laps, (1 mi) for a while but it took me forever. I’m sure she would swim rings around me. I’ll bet it is a lot of fun watching them.

  9. Thats so good the girls are on swimming teams, such a good activity, great exercize, I need to go to Kels every morn. and swim laps, alas,Iam a lazy bumb …

    love u all, love,love,love…

  10. Aunt Marilyn, I was wondering if you were still swimming.

    Robin, I am glad to hear you were checking in. Sometimes I think about quitting blogging, but if you are interested maybe I should keep posting! The girls have a meet Saturday and Monday night.

    I ordered t-shirts for swim team. I knew the one Jessica picked was very cute. For some reason I let Lydia and Elaina pick whatever saying they wanted. I got the shirts today and Elaina and Lydia’s are ugly. I am soooooo irritated at myself. Money is so tight that it’s sickening when you get something and don’t care for it much. UGGGHHHHHH Ok rant over. I will get over it!

  11. Aunt Kathy, I wish I could go to Aunt Kelli’s and swim laps with you. I should’ve swam on girls’ weekend, but I’m sooooooo busy here in the summer that when I slow down and relax on our girls’ weekends, I can barely move! I get so tired. That’s why I don’t sit down around here. I have more energy if I keep moving!

  12. Julie I love your blogs…I check in often to see what is new. Don’t do it just because I love it. I hope you love it too!!

  13. Julie, I love your blog too!! I like to see what’s new!

  14. Ahhhhh, thanks so much my dear friends! Love you guys. I am thankful you’re in our lives!

    I am already so far behind technology. I am NOT a Facebook or Twitter fan. I better keep blogging or I may slip back into a cave somewhere!

  15. Marilyn alias(Punkie) June 19, 2009 at 9:31 pm

    I for one will be VERY VERY SAD if you quit blogging. I love seeing the girls and what you all are doing. Please don’t stop.

  16. Hi All, swim team is so good for them. Alexis’s back has a curve in it and soccer was not good for it and Doc Carson said swimming much better sport. She wished she started in the 9th grade instead of her senior year. Makes you so much stronger! Hey I need to get in there and do laps!