shop ’till ya drop

Jules —  December 20, 2005

I’ve been really busy the last couple of weeks. Every year at this time, I promise myself that I will get a head start on Christmas next year and each year I break my promise. I get down on myself; I feel like I am always last minute and unorganized. I try to remind myself that I am the mother of four young children, but I still feel bummed about it.

On the bright side, I finished shopping for the kiddos yesterday! Their Christmas should be very merry! James’ Aunt Joyce really helped me out. I had purchased a few stocking stuffers. Friday she gave me a bag stuffed full of wrapped stocking stuffers for the girls! Her giving heart in the midst of her busy life totally amazes me! I can only hope to someday be half as generous as she is. She made 22 boxes for Samaritan’s Purse this year!!!

Today I finished shopping for the wonderful teachers in my children’s lives. I had six special teachers to buy for so I am glad that’s done. Yesterday, I bought James a new coat that he desperately needed. I gave it to him as an early gift, but I’ve got one more present to give him on Christmas!

In the midst of all this shopping, Jessica sweetly asked me this evening if I would get her a new dress at Wal-Mart. She is going to the nursing home tomorrow on a field trip to sing carols and she wanted something new to wear. Sometimes it just feels good to buy a brand new outfit for my girls. Girl clothes are sooooo fun! I spend six months of the year picking through garage sales for hand-me-down kids clothes. So, I went to Target and in a moment of weakness, I bought a new outfit for each of my four girls. Lydia is going caroling for the old people tomorrow, too. Elaina and Anjelia are performing for the Mother’s Day Out Christmas program, as well. I am not a big spender, so I am feeling a little stressed!

I guess I am kinda rambling. In the midst of the holiday busyness, I am trying to remember that this season is a celebration of God’s gift to us. Each day I talk to the girls and remind them that this is a celebration of Jesus’ birth. It’s the most important birthday party of all time. The girls relate really well to that. Birthday parties are a huge deal to them.

“There’s nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.” Erma Bombeck


We went sledding, before the remaining snow melted, after our 10 inch snow storm. We spent the Saturday at Mom and Larry’s. Larry was determined to take the kids sledding. He tinkered with the tractor much of the day, until he had the conditions perfect. You haven’t been sledding until you’ve done so on a car hood being pulled by a tractor!! I screamed a lot. I’m sure that’s hard for most of you to imagine!! :)

I’ll leave you with these fun pictures of our sledding adventure!



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  1. Maybe I said this before, but Iam getting older!!!
    My Grandmother who raised my sister and me showed us how to make snow angels, a snow man and snow balls. Being so young and her being “so old” we could not beleive how she knew these things. She loved going for a drive in the snow. Because of that I love it when it snows. :angel She lived to be 93. “He will wash me and I shall be whiter then snow” Isa.1:18 :indeed

  2. Looks like the sledding was a great time! And just take a deep breath about all of the preparations. You’re so right that it’s all about Christ’s birthday and that’s what we need to remember. Hope the girls enjoyed their new dresses — I know they’ll brighten the hearts of the older folks!

  3. TARGET?????? :eek What about my Walmart stocks? :cry Well, OK, as long as the girls are happy. I wish I could have been on the carhood with you all, what fun.

    My stepdaughter Julie and I from Minnesota got our Christmas shopping finished yesterday. I’m hoping to go to Kandi’s Sun or Mon for our Christmas. I think she will really like what we got her. Better get dressed, Julie will be back from her walk that I should have been on with her. 😀 can’t lose weight sitting around but I hate the cold, thinking of joining our gym for the winter.

  4. Sorry, Wal-Mart didn’t have a thing I liked. Target is a kids clothes paradise. I have heard they are BIG financial supporters of some things I don’t agree with. I was not going to keep shopping there but gave in to temptation. They have great prices for really cute clothes. Elaina and Anjelia’s dresses were on clearance for seven dollars each. I’ll probably just shop there if I am in need of kids clothes.

    The girls did like their dresses. They were very excited and happy this morning. Jessica couldn’t even eat breakfast. She couldn’t wait to go to school.

  5. Mom D, Karen and I were talking about memories of loved ones who are gone. We remember the daily little things they did, but also we remember the things they loved. It becomes a part of who we are. Your Grandma loved snow and you remember that so well and now you love the snow too. :love

  6. Jules I was teasing you. $7.00 my gosh that is great, I don’t blame you. Love ya! 😀

  7. Hehe!!! I know!!! Wal-Mart had really fancy dresses, but not much dressy-casual. I like to buy stuff a little more casual so they can wear it more often!

  8. WE have not had any snow yet. Just 1/4 of an inch and it did not last long. Ian loves the snow and so does MAX. Max runs tunnels under the snow. Ian wants it to snow real deep so him and max can make an igloo. Ian wheezes when its cold out so he comes in and out a lot.
    Max walks on three feet and shakes a lot but he loves the snow anyway and when he runs inside the house he tiptoes until his paws get warm. I never leave him out for more than 2-5 minutes and he runs in the house like he has been outside for days.
    We love to snow fight and go to stephens lake and go down the big sled hill but I can only take going up that big hill only so many times before I am ready to go home.

  9. How fun to buy new dresses!!! Good for you, those moments of weakness are sometimes just what we need.

    Talking about Target is funny! I was talking to Amber the other day about how we don’t want to shop there, but find ourselves at the “evil” store! :disgust

  10. That looks like so much fun. I always tell myself that we will all go sledding whenever it snows and then I never manage to actually get out and do it. That was so much fun when I was a kid/teenager. Probably a lot safer on the old tractor…my dad used to pull us on the sled behind his pick up and I recall him moving pretty fast and us spending lots of time in the ditches…good memories though now it seems very foolish! :)

  11. I totally support your stock, Marlis. Why just yesterday I went to Walmart and bought the kids christmas socks with jingle bells on them. I have been so good not spending money, now that I get to go shopping I’m way loosing my control.
    They will look cute jingling around on christmas!

  12. Ha! I almost bought those socks! They are so cute. I resisted when I multiplied them by four!

    Definitely a worthy purchase!

  13. At A Girl Trish, thanks. HeHe!!! If I don’t raz my family, who am I goin to raz. I tease the girls in my art club too about visiting Wally World for me at least one a week.

    I think I finished my shopping today, and I shopped at GAP, Haggar, and a book store and Walmart in the last two days.

    Well, I better get back to my company. We cut out a skirt and jacket pattern this evening, she’s going to finish it when she gets back to Minnesota.

  14. Looks like you had fun! Larry makes hayrides and sledding such fun! I love the picture of Nita on the sled. Your expression is priceless, Nita!

  15. Come look in my checkbook register, Aunt Marlis, I’ll be your favorite! About every other check is Wal-mart these days! Gee, I never thought about’s the gift that just keeps on giving. Do you think Steve will look at it that way when we balance the books this month. “Gee, honey, I was just trying to help out my aunt’s stocks!” 😉

  16. Yeh, you’d be really happy if you saw our Visa bill each month too, Marlis. We are big supporters. Julie, I always think I’m going to get my shopping done during the year as I see things. It never seems to work out that for me. Christmas day will make it all worthwhile. The sledding looks like a lot of fun.