girlie-girl bed

Jules —  September 24, 2006

Anjelia is delighted.

My sister, Beth, bought and painted a twin bed for Anjelia’s birthday. Notice all the cute pastel colors that she carefully painted. It is the sweetest girl bed EVER. Beth and I went shopping yesterday and I found the absolute CUTEST bedding set for it at Wal-Mart on clearance. The bed looks like something out of a magazine. I can’t stop looking at it. Thank you Aunt Beth!

This bed makes me wish to be a little girl again.

The bunny is Anjelia’s new Build A Bear bunny from Elaina’s birthday celebration. Isn’t it precious?



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  1. What a beautiful bed for a sweet lil girl. Tell Beth I think she did a wonderful job & what a nice birthday gift. Everything is so pretty. I know what you mean, I kept going back to Marlis bed and bathroom to look at the pretty decorating job we did. Its nice to have something new to look at. I’m at that point at my house. Found some real pretty curtains I want to get.

  2. Yes I love my new bed and bath. Punkie did a good job. I feel so happy about it. Except for the closet door that fell off today. :cry

    Anyway, this bed is just the cutest, I can tell anjelea is thrilled to pieces to have her big girl new bed. Beth you did a nice job, what a suprise birthday gift. I got a good buy too on my walmart BED IN A BAG. Only thing is, I have’nt found the frame yet. :evil

  3. I knew that wasn’t Dad posting above as soon as I saw the phrase “Everything is so pretty.” That’s just not a comment that comes out of Dad’s mouth!! :rotfl

    That bed IS so pretty, though. Beth did real good! And I didn’t know she painted. In fact I just don’t know much about Beth at all except when we were little kids. We’ve got to keep encouraging her to get on here–I’d love to get to know her as an adult! She sure is a sweet auntie!

    Anjelia must be so pleased–that does look like a bed from the magazines. I love the bedding–it picks up the colors in the painting Beth did.

  4. Beth has a love for refinishing furniture. She does a really good job too. She has started doing pieces for hire. I should post a pic of a cabinet that I used to have in my garage. She refinished it and it is gorgeous in her dining room.

    I corrected the name!

  5. Thank you Jules!!!
    (this really is Uncle Gil)

  6. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 24, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    I can’t read, thanks for fixing my bo bo’s. It’s me Aunt Punkie. That would be a good business to be in if you really like refinishing furniture. Is she still selling Avon?

  7. so cute! i love all the pink!

  8. Thanks Angela! We have a very pink family. Poor James. . . Actually, I think he enjoys all of the girliness — from a distance of course!

    Yes, Beth still sells Avon. She works at the produce section of Wal-Mart on the weekends, too.

  9. I love it!!! I can’t wait to do Sarah’s room someday. It met the nurses approval here at work too. I had to show them her big girl bed!
    I am teaching the kids to call Mom, Grandma Punky. Sarah thinks it’s funny cause I call her punkie all the time!
    Aaron and I were watching ABC Home makeover show, he asked me when he get’s a bedroom like one of the kids on there. It was a huge room with a wrestling area and workout stuff!

  10. Yeah, my kids think they are deprived when we watch that show and they see the kids rooms.

    I need to paint the walls now and put up some sweet decorations. The room needs improvement to be worthy of such a bed.

  11. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 25, 2006 at 3:26 pm

    Marlis, I think the frame for your bed was in the folding closet and that is what made the doors fall off. :banghead

  12. Your the only one that caught the frame bit. We had a woman when I worked at walmart, come back and chew us up one side and down the other cause when she got her bed in a bag home the frame was missing. I’m sorry you all, but, we just stood there and laughed till we were sick. We did explain to the lady that the bed it’s self does not come in the deal. :rotfl :rotfl :evil :rotfl

    I painted and old Jenny Lind bed white for Kandi when she was little and an old dresser that matched it perfect, also wht. She loved that outfit. It was cute as could be. Wish I’d have kept it.

  13. Aunt Tootsie–I loved that story. I would have had a hard time keeping a straight face too! 😀

    When I worked at a video store during college, I had a lady come in and ask for the “Wolves Be Dancin'” movie. I had to giggle when I finally realized she wanted the Kevin Costner “Dances with Wolves” movie. Steve and I to this day still call that movie “Wolves Be Dancin'”!! :rotfl :rotfl

  14. I just smile every time I see these pictures–Anjelia just looks ecstatic about her new big girl “girlie-girl” bed. 😀 😀

  15. That’s awesome. She’s growing up to be a ‘big girl’. Soon she won’t be ‘the baby’ anymore. :cry

  16. When I tuck her in at night she looks so incredibly cute in that big bed. It hurts it’s so cute.

    Hilarious stories!!!!!!!

    When I worked at a pharmacy, a man walked up to me one day and handed me a greasy tube of something. I looked down and it was a tube of hemorrhoid creme. It had the applicator tip still on it!!!!! He looked at me and said, “It didn’t work; I want my money back.” I didn’t scream, but I did wash my hands thoroughly!!!

  17. I hope she’ll always be “the baby”, Carl. I suppose you are right though. :cry

  18. oh my goodness, when he went to hand that tube to me, I’d have moved my hand and let it go on floor. Eck :eek That my dear is one nasty old man. :puke

  19. Oh what an adorable bed!!!! Beth did a great job on it. It’s so “Anjelia”. The bed cover looks like it was meant to go with the bed. How sweet!

    I keep thinking Jaden probably needs a bigger bed, but that means he is growing up. . .not ready for that! I can’t believe these little darlings are 3! Jaden is super excited about his birthday in a couple weeks. It’s to be “Thomas”! So fun!

  20. I can’t wait to come to his party. Anjelia was so excited to get Thomas stuff for her birthday!

  21. Auntie, I have several good pharmacy stories. I have one I’ll tell later when I get the time.

  22. Ewwwwwww! People can be soooo disgusting! :disgust Hey I finally got a chance to use the disgust smilicon. In our family, haven’t needed to use it yet–I use mostly the laughing one!!! :rotfl :p 😀 :rotfl :indeed

  23. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 26, 2006 at 1:10 pm

    That was pretty disgusting, He must not have stopped to ponder what he was doing, just wanted his $$$$$$$. :puke :eek

  24. You always see the possible good side in people, Mom. That’s a gift! :love

  25. I just noticed Anjelia’s shirt–it matches her bed, even the flower!! Sweet

  26. Jules:
    Ian is making a flat stanley in class in a few days…..
    I remember you talking about the girls’ flat stanley…..

  27. Anjelia is almost always naked. She runs around in panties all day. If we go somewhere, she strips as soon we get home. I made her get dressed in that particular outfit to take these pictures. I thought it matched well!

    Yes, K, Flat Stanley is fun. Ian will love doing it!

  28. OK, what is a flat stanley :oops. I’ve never heard of it.

  29. Ok, I’ll share my sad pharmacy story, cuz it tops them all. I don’t think y’all know this story unless Mom told you.

    There was an elderly gentlemen that frequented our pharmacy and I knew him by name. He came in one day to drop off some prescriptions. We delivered prescriptions to people’s home for them and he decided he wanted us to deliver to him that day. He had never asked for delivery before.

    Before I left the pharmacy to deliver his medication, a co-worker called the gentlemen to confirm his address and apt. number for me. He lived two blocks away and she told him I was on my way.

    When I got there, I knocked and knocked and no one answered. Finally, I cracked the door to call for him, instead I found him sitting at the end of the couch, positioned where I would crack the door and find him. He had shot himself in the head and the gun was still in his hand.

    I didn’t sleep well for a few nights. It was creepy knowing he’d totally set it all up so he could commit suicide and he knew I’d find him within a couple of minutes.

    You just never know how much pain and lonliness people around you may be experiencing.


    Here’s a link to a picture of Lydia’s Flat Stanley. He’s a paper guy that Lydia mailed to Colorado to Rob. Rob then in turn took pictures of Flat Stanley seeing the sites in Colorado. Rob sent a letter back for the class along with Flat Stanley nad pictures of Flat Stanley standing on Pike’s Peak, etc. The class had a Flat Stanley picture book. Each kid got to take turns taking him home, along with the notebook. They took pictures of Flat Stanley doing things with their family to put in the notebook. They also wrote a page about the things they had done with Flat Stanley. The pictures and stories were so cute. There were pictures of him at the gas station, with family pets or in some dad’s race car. Picture of little girls reading to him or swinging with him. He went to the mall, etc. Lydia had a ball with the Flat Stanley project.

  31. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 26, 2006 at 8:23 pm

    Wow!!! Jules, that must have been a real shock to you. CAn’t imagine trying to get that out of your mind. Hope you have been able to get through that ordeal.

  32. That is a horrible experience Jules. I can’t imagine how you handled that, I know me, I’d come unglued and never deliver ever ever again. :eek You poor thing, Oh my how terrible.

  33. Actually, I was really ok. I didn’t sleep well that night. I think it bothered me for a few days. Now it’s just an interesting story. I am just glad he didn’t shoot me. My first thought was, Oh dear this guy has a gun and it’s pointing at me then I realized he was dead.

  34. This is so sad. This poor man must have felt so alone.

  35. Yeah, his wife had died a year before and I think they’d been married for many, many years and he had shingles so he was in pain and probably really really depressed. I think he set it up so I’d find him and not his family.

  36. I did not know you experienced something so horrific! :( I bet that could be the only reason he would plan to do that in that way so his family did not find him. I wish people would reach out to us. We really don’t know what is going on sometimes. I believe that is a lack of faith in God when you give up like that. I realize people are hurting and they want out but I want them to hold on and find love and laughter and happiness.

  37. It says alot for a person who has real struggles and work and pain going on in their life to look at the beautiful world around them and listen to the birds sing and the deer drink and how beautiful flowers and take time to paint them and post pictures on the web and special things for peoples special days and just love and live. That applies to all our family…thank you Marilyn and Kandis and Jules and Marlis for the effort you give to us to share your life and thoughts and what you find fun and interesting from day to day.
    Even scriptures to feed on. When we were in Germany, Al’s friend got shot in an accident and his wife stayed with us and she said nothing comforted her except the bible.

  38. I realize Butch and Linda share alot on the blog and the paintings you do and Kathy and Joe send pictures to the blog and Gil writes in from time to time, I’m saying I’m grateful to all of you. Sorry I don’t get on more often but I take it a week lapse or a month goes by but you are all still here and that’s good.

  39. Kelli, I so appreciate that my family and friends care and participate in my blog as well as the others. I could do a blog but it doesn’t mean much if know one cares and comments. I am blessed to have people care for me and about my life and family. Thanks to all of you who participate in the blogs and share your lives as well!!

  40. sniff sniff I LOVE YOU, MAN! :cry

  41. Keli, those were beautiful words of encouragement. I tried to call you last night but you weren’t home yet. We’ve GOT to get together–maybe we can have a girls breakfast when Auntie Kathryn gets back.

  42. Marilyn alias(Punkie) September 28, 2006 at 9:13 am

    Thanks for the encouraging message Kelli. Yeh, it wouldn’t be much fun bloggen with out any response. I love the connected feeling I feel from all of you. Takes ((((some)))) of the homesickness away that I feel when I haven’t been with you for a while. {{{{HUGS}}}} TO ALL OF YOU.

  43. Me too Kelli, Your a doll SIS :cry 😉