Girls’ Weekend 2010

Jules —  May 17, 2010

The women on my mom’s side of the family gathered together for our 2010 Girls’ Weekend. We had a great time relaxing, talking, shopping and enjoying the scenery.

This year we honored Aunt Tootsie with a Tootsie Roll party!

We barely had the table ready in time for her arrival! We were thrilled to have found a fun set of party decor.

Aunt Tootsie’s daughter, Kandis. My pretty cousin. The first cousin.

Aunt Kathy took this pic. I hate to have anyone missing. Mom had us all make a jar of exfoliate. It made our hands silky smooth.

Aunt Kathy is in this one, but Mom is now missing.

Here we are relaxing in front of the country home we rented for the weekend. We were so far out that none of us had cell phone connections, the gravel road was completely flooded in one direction, and when outside at night there was literally no light – at all. It was odd to those of us accustomed to light pollution.

We had a blast spending a couple of days in a quaint little town in the middle of wine country. Great shopping and good food were big hits, of course! Kandis, Aunt Punkie and Mom posing showing off their new rings.

I had to get in on it, too!

Ok, so we were all pretty excited over our jewels!

Aunt Punkie was totally in her element when we stopped off at a winery with live music. We had fun watching her dance!

She found someone else to be her partner. A nice, random lady

Aunt Punkie and Kandis ended the weekend perfectly.

There was so much I didn’t capture in pictures. I was too busy relaxing and having fun.

I’m looking forward to next year.



15 responses to Girls’ Weekend 2010

  1. Looks like GREAT fun! Kandis looks so pretty in the pictures.

    Glad you all didn’t get rained out.

  2. It rained a lot, but we still had a great time. It was cold, too. For more pics check out grandma tootsie and punkie under my links. they put up pics too.

  3. I love it when the ones with little ones really enjoy our weekends. I sat in the truck Saturday, but I wanted everyone to enjoy it. I sure did. Sunday was better, I didn’t hurt as much. I felt so special this weekend and I REALLY NEEDED THAT.

  4. I could tell you were feeling better Sunday. I’m glad you got to do some shopping and get ya some Indian slippers, too. I love mine! Oh, and the flip flops!

  5. Aren’t the rings just special, I know I love mine. I was at a meeting last night and my preacher’s wife said she wanted to borrow mine sometime. It was a fun week-end and I was really jazzed up on Sunday. Loved the shopping, eating,dancing & hanging out with the girls.

  6. I do love my ring!!

    I like it when you get jazzed up!

  7. Such fun pictures–I love seeing everyone dancing, especially my wonderful dancing Mom. And the close-ups of Aunt Marlis and Kandis are BEAUTIFUL! Everyone looks so filled with joy! Next year, next year–I’ll be there, especially if we’re hosting it here!

  8. Julie, so glad you had fun on your girls weekend. Always enjoy your pictures and stories. Miss you guys, need to see you again soon!!

  9. Debbie, that would be so fun to see you!

    Robin, I bet we’ll get to see ya’ll on Saturday!!

  10. It’ll get easier Deb, as Jude gets older, cause he’ll want to be with the boys then. Will be great for you to be with us.

  11. Oh, I know it’ll get easier. And I’m enjoying him thoroughly while he’s little. I’ve learned how fast they grow up and become “one of the guys”. He’s already getting braver and less of a mommy “Cling-on” He just takes off walking and doesn’t look back to see if I’m coming. If I do follow, he goes faster!

  12. And not that there’s anything wrong with him becoming “one of the guys”. I wouldn’t want anything else for him.

  13. Great pics and wonderful jewelry! I am so glad you all had a good time and obviously really enjoyed yourselves. It is good to get away, even if it is just for a few days.

  14. They sure do grow up to quickly, just look at you, Mom of 4 now, and Trish, Mom of 3.

  15. We must, we must make exfoliant again!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nita is so smart and beautiful.