going retro

Jules —  July 31, 2007

After several months of living in our new home, we have living room furniture! A few weeks ago I finally got the bright idea to ask God to help me out with my lack of furniture. He is so good to me. It wasn’t long and I ran into a very cool couch at a flea market type store here in town. It’s a vintage sofa, I’m guessing from the 60’s. It is so clean — I doubt it was ever used. I quickly scoured the store and found a few items to piece together with it and VOILA! I have a vintage / retro living room. It’s not what I expected. What a fun surprise!

I saw the movie Hairspray with some girlfriends on Saturday. What a fun movie! I kept looking for my sofa. Most of the furniture in the movie would fit right in with what I have.

Remember the leather top coffee and end tables? Mine have a green tint. I found a pair in excellent condition.

It’s starting to feel like a homey space with the new curtains I hung this weekend. I have been blessed with such a beautiful living room. I am so excited we get to use it and enjoy it now.

Nothing matches perfectly but I am having fun piecing things together. It’s cost me very little and that is as fun as it gets.

Karen, here’s the rocker you wanted to see. I love the shape of it. I would love to paint it black. I think it would look great but I’m not sure it would look good in my living room. I could incorporate some black things to tie it together. Let me know what you think.



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  1. Soooooo Groovy Baby!
    So cool!
    So Rad!
    I am so shagidellic’ly jealous….
    Great find Jules…..Love the couch.
    Looks great

  2. Kandis, you need to have Larry take you to see Hairspray. Your tongue will be wagging at all the retro stuff!!!

  3. Jules, I’m not real big on retro but I sure love that couch , it looks like new from here. I noticed that you need a big , beautiful painting over that wonderful fireplace, you should commision one of your Aunties to take care of that for you, HEE-HEE. later sweet lovey. ….

  4. Hey girl your living room is looking so good. Nice buys. Kandi changed her furniture around a little last night and put one of her endtables on the curb and when we looked out later it was gone. She says hers don’t match either. I told her it didn’t matter as it felt and looked homey and comfortable. She’s satisfied now I think. I like your short wingback chair. They are so comfortable.

  5. I mentioned to James that sometime we can buy a nice new matching set but we both agreed that new furniture is so expensive that we’re better off piecing a room together. We bought our furniture that’s downstairs brand new and it was a waste of money. After just six years it’s dirty and worn from our family of six. It was expensive quality furniture too.

  6. I do definitely need some artwork for my walls, Auntie Kathy. Great suggestion!

  7. Did you get the other rocker? I was hoping to see it in these pictures. I hope you weren’t too late to get it.

  8. Karen, I addded a pick of the rocker. I was glad to see it was still there. I think it’s worth 18 bucks. I love the shape of it.

  9. Oh!!! I really like your (new) furniture. Looks great. Good buy. I hope to find a bed soon for my Oriental bed room. Maybe it’s in Butch’s garage!!!!!!

  10. Cute rocker! I think it would look fine black. What if you put a green cushion or pillow in it to tie it to the rest of your things? I think you have so much black in your house – the rugs, dinette set, etc. that it would just tie with the rest of your house.

    You should make it the way you LIKE it anyway.

  11. Punkie leave some room in the trunk for me too!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love our new living room furniture!

    The curtains have added a nice touch as well.

    Julie really had a good idea with how she is decorating this room now.

    I love it!

  13. Thanks hon. I am so happy you are commenting. Nothing works better than a good guilt trip to manipulate you into posting!

    I am glad you like it. It’s important to me that you like how your home is decorated.

    Karen, thanks. You are encouraging as always.

  14. I just finished feeding six kiddos. It took an hour of constant serving up food before they were all full and satisfied. It was like feeding a small army!

  15. Ugh! What did you feed them?

    I have a sick Evely – fever. My Mom and Dad took the boys to their house to swim. So I am at the moment catching back up on my house stuff. Amazing what you can get done so quickly when it’s quiet!

  16. Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, apple slices with peanut butter and lemonade.

    Oh no. I’m sorry she’s sick. I guess that rules out Lake Paradise for the week. Let me know.

    I couldn’t believe how quiet the house was earlier this week when Janet was keeping two at a time. Two kids make no noise at all compared with four. . . or more. I’ve learned to really love the chaos!!!!

  17. Yup, love it or go crazy!

  18. Karen, you must be starved for conversation like I am today. Thanks for visiting with me on my blog. I get excited everytime I’m notified that I have a comment.

  19. I should just pick up the phone! 😛

  20. Marlis here: I’m at Punkies and anticipating or trip tomorrow. Can hardly wait. Ian and I have fried bologna\grilled cheese at lunch a lot. He likes the way I make them and was telling his mom last night how to do it right.

    Well time to head to bed in a while. Catch ya later from Lindas.

  21. I’ll bet the candles in the fireplace is pretty when lit. Glad you have a seat in the living room now. Love it.

  22. Awesome furniture! I love it! You will have fun shopping in the future because there are so many cool accent pieces and decorations that would go great with that style.

    I found a website not long ago that has all kinds of artwork. http://www.art.com You can buy prints that are sometimes really cheap but can get pricy. Right now their having a 20% off sale. You should check this website out to see if you can find anything that would go good with your decor. I bought a print not long ago and then bought a frame at Hobby Lobby when HL has their frames for 50% off. — just a suggestion!

  23. Love the furniture!!!

  24. Great website, Abby! Thanks for the advice!

    Thanks, Mary.

  25. Yay! Furniture!!! Those are great! You’ve got an eye for cool stuff. Can’t wait for the next visit so we can actually sit in the living room on real furniture!

  26. Yes, I’m looking forward to having company over!

    I’ve been looking through Craig’s list trying to find another sofa or chairs for the other wall.

  27. This was a lot of fun Ive forwarded it to my ikea obssesed friends and what was my ikea name?……hellenby a very sophisticated 2 drawer hall table. I like it very much! Poor Rebekah I could almost hear the wind leaving your sails!