Grandma Pearl

Jules —  December 14, 2005

My 106 year old Great Grandma passed away Sunday night. She was born in 1899!!!! This picture was taken on her 106th birthday. Her funeral will be held Thursday. I just know she is so happy to have left that old wore out body behind. She is with the Lord and our loved ones that have gone before her. I am so thankful that, because of Jesus, we have an eternal hope.

My dad stopped by to visit Monday morning. We were visiting and he asked about Grandma Pearl. As we were talking about her, my mom called to pass on the news of her death. When I told my dad about it, he looked a little startled. He shared with me that the reason he had asked about her was because he had dreamed the previous night that she had passed away. This was the same night that she had died. Very odd.

I had a good visit with my dad. He usually stays for the day when he stops by. Sometimes, he calls into work and comes to visit. I really enjoy the company. He always buys Pizza Hut pizza so that he can have a pizza party with Elaina. It’s cute watching them sit on the floor together and eat pizza and watch tv or play video games. They banter back and forth with each other!

Daddy went on and on about what a good person Grandma Pearl was. He said he can’t think of one negative thing to say about her, which is a big deal for my dad!!

“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.” Kevin Arnold



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  1. What a great thing that you and your dad were able to have a positive visit over what can be considered a sad circumstance. There’s no doubt your grandmother lived a full life however and it is hard to be too sad about it because there is NO doubt that she is in a much better place and feeling a great deal more alive and wonderful today. Its amazing to think about all that she witnessed in her life time…many, many changes. Wow!

  2. I’m sitting here waiting for your mom and Larry. Larry is staying with Richard. I am so grateful because I just knew I would not go to gma’s funeral and leave Richard by himself. He’s had a bad week, but for Larry’s sake, thankgoodness, he started feeling better during the night.

    I remember gma loved her lilacs, which are still on the farm where Nita is. She could call thrashers in from the field better than any bell, and going to the salebarn on saturdays with her and gpa. Most of all her chicken and noodles. Also helping separate the cream and milk to be sold. Milking the cows with them and also her rubarb patch, she made real good rubarb pie. I only wish I’d been closer to her these last few years.

  3. My goodness, I just thought of her fox stoll. The kind they wore around their neck long time ago. Head, tailand all. Punky and I loved getting to put it on. We had to be careful with it. She found out Punky and I liked dried up marshmellows and she then always kept them in a cabinet that opened up on both sides of a wall.

  4. I am so glad that Larry is able to help Richard! That worked out perfectly!!

  5. I am so glad that Nita & Larry bought part of Gma’s farm, cause when I am there my head just floods with memories. Playing with the tinker toys & different things she had in her toy cabinet. That was back before Barbies. When Marlis & I spent the night our Aunt would say ” stay out of my closet,” but we would always go through all the neat things she had in there. I don’t know if she ever found out or not. Her room was upstairs so they couldn’t see us. Gma made the best potato donuts but she made Mack & cheese with cheddar and I just didn’t like that. You can’t beat Velvetta. I loved going to the sale barn with her & Gpa, & it had the best hot beef sandwiches, the kind w/gravey & mashed potatoes.
    I liked seeing all the animals too. Well, I could go on & on. We spent a lot of time at Gpa & Gma’s farm. It’s sad she is leaving but glad for her to be w/the Lord and well.

  6. I love the farm too. The girls love going out there. I am glad they were able to buy it. Larry took the girls sledding Saturday. I need to post picures. He pulled us around on a car hood chained to a tractor! Farms are a blessing.

    Every child should get to grow up on a farm. I am glad my kids can go to Mom and Larry’s and my Dad’s place.

  7. I heard about the sledding Saturday, sounds like a lot of fun, maybe I’ll be there sometime when he does it again. Glad you had a good visit with your dad, strange about the dream.

  8. What a neat way to be remembered – “Can’t think of a bad thing to say about her.” I could only hope that I could be remembered that way!

    She must have been a great person to be around!! I’m so sorry for your loss. :cry

  9. I thought the same thing Karen.

    That statement is quite a compliment.

  10. I was thinking later that she really lived up to her name!!

  11. :cry

    Wow. 106 years old.


    It must be such a comfort to know where she is now. :)

  12. I remember everytime we went to her trailer she would give us anything we looked interested in, a pencil or whatever. She made some beautiful doily’s. I remember watching her make them, even with her hands all bent up from arthritis and shakey. I have all of them in storage, someday when we get settled I can’t wait to put them all out again.
    Julie, I am glad you have a good relationship with your dad. Hope he is doing well. Is he still at the same house that you grew up in?

  13. Well, I have to brag. Nita, Marilyn, Kandi and I shared the responsibility of pallbearers at the cemetery. Iwas proud and so was the others and I’m sure gma got a kick out of it too. 😀 :angel A very nice funeral.

  14. Jules, reading all of these kind words about your grandma made me smile. What a beautiful tribute!

  15. My goodness, 1899. Absolutely amazing. Just think of the changes in society and technology that she witnessed? From hose-drawn carriages to supersonic planes! WOW!

  16. Wow Julie, Iam so glad about the time you spent with your Dad. 😀 Dads need to see their daughters. ;)Even if one lives to be 106; life is still too short. Thank the Lord Jesus that we get to live for ever with Him!!! :king

  17. We are in the process of switching to a new computer (our Christmas gift this year) so I haven’t been on line as much (how in the world do I get all my favorites sites and documents saved to the new one–Can James come stay for a few days to help us?!!).

    I love seeing Gma Pearl through other’s eyes–memories that I don’t have of her. I’ve never seen the farm she and Gpa Linford had. It’s so right that Nita and Larry now have it–I hope to visit there some day. Gpa would be pleased.

    Trish’s notes about Gma are what I remember–little Grandma in her little trailer, crocheting with her shaky, arthritis-twisted hands, lots of knick-knacks all around that she’d give us sometimes. She had several hand bells in the living room that she’d ring for us (some were glass). She always had a few fish that we liked to watch, and games and puzzles in a cupboard that we’d pull out and play. I remember she was always so pleased when we stayed for a meal that she’d fix. Regretably I didn’t see her as much once I became a teen-ager and working more on the week=ends (and dating Steve).

    How special that her granddaughters and great-granddaughter helped serve as pall-bearers. Mom said it was a special service. May Grandma now be joyfully ringing bells with the angels at the feet of our Lord.

  18. Trish, I love doily’s. I think it’s because of Grandma’s doily’s. I have several. I used to cover everything with doily’s but I put a lot of them up. When the kids get bigger I’m sure they’ll all be out again. Besides Grandma Pearl’s doily’s I have some made by Grandma Vera, Punky and Tootsie.

    My dad is doing well. He does still live at the same place.

  19. Jules:
    I am glad you had a nice visit with your dad.
    I wish Ian could have known his Grandpa, even though he says he does. I know I have a strange kido, he acts like he knows my dad.
    I watch Ian playing his Playstation 2 and sometimes think “if dad were alive they would be playing that NASCAR game Ian has together” “and OZZY my cat would be right in the middle of them”.
    Someday we will all be reunited.
    Jules you looked so pretty yesterday.

  20. Kandi, you always make me feel good.

    I was sad about Mrs. B yesterday. I know you were close to her. Sometimes life is so sad. :cry

  21. I agree with Kandi, you looked so nice Thurs. but I think you always do any way. You looked so tall with the long skirt. We were all wimps, so we wore slacks. That wind was }}}COLD{{{. We were glad you could come. The girls were so charming. Elaina has the cutest smile.

  22. Yeh!!! and on top of that and taking care of the girls, Thanks so much for picking up Dorothy. Your a :angel When she gets older, she will wear the slacks too :rotfl Love ya,
    Aunt Tootsie

  23. Rob, I didn’t know that they had hose-drawn carriages. Never heard of such a thing! :fish

    Just teasing!! Couldn’t resist 😀 I have major typing issues all the time.

  24. Your grandma has left a great legacy. I am so glad that you have such good memories of her.

  25. Thank you for your compliments! :love

    I didn’t wear slacks because I have ONE pair of real nice lined black dress pants. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I also couldn’t find my long lined brown skirt. I looked and looked. Yesterday, I went to the dry cleaners and had them do a search on their computer, hoping to find some of my nice things. :fish Today I remembered that I left my nice things in my old bedroom closet when we changed bedrooms last spring! I am very happy to have my dressy clothes back! You can tell how often I dress up, huh?

  26. Marlis, I forgot to tell you that I liked that blouse you had on too, with the swirling lines. Nice. :flowers :indeed

  27. Debbie, I just saw your comment. It was awaiting moderation. I don’t know why that happens sometimes. It’s here now. I don’t want you to think I was ignoring you. :love

    If you have any computer questions, just e-mail James or call. He’d be glad to help you.

  28. Thanks Punky, I really have liked my blouse too. I got it about two years ago and mainly wear it to the Art club meetings. Thanks again. It looks better now that I’ve lost weight again. Julie my step daughter is here visiting and I have now got my christmas shopping done. We went and got finished today. She’s leaving Wed morning to go back to Minnesota. So now I’m ready for christmas with all my families.

  29. Hi, Julie, I live in Belgium, and I have a question for you: what exactly was the full name of your grandma and when exactly was she born, please (I take it she died December 11th, 2005 at age 106)?

  30. Hi Bart! Thanks for the visit. May I ask why you’d like to know?

  31. :indeed
    Well: I collect pictures of at least 103-year-olds with a known exact date of birth (and death) in order to put them online, hence my question.

  32. Well, I really don’t want to give out any personal information about my Grandma and I really don’t want her picture posted anywhere.

  33. :puke
    But you are a member of the family, and don’t you want to see some of my online galleries to prove my honesty?