great times

Jules —  November 15, 2007

I’ve missed some important highlights over the past three months. I’m playing catch up before we move on to the holidays!

Elaina’s sixth birthday! She was beyond excited to have her girlfriends help her celebrate. Her big gift was a new bike! She loves her wheels.

For a cute, easy and fun way to make cupcakes, fill colorful ice cream cones with cake batter and bake as usual! Too cute!

Anjelia’s fourth birthday! She was so thrilled with her big day!

Chocolate cake, of course! She loved decorating it with chocolate candies. YUM!!!

Lydia received the Way To Go award at school for being a good classmate and friend. She is such a good girl!

The kiddie wagon.

Our annual hayride was fun as always. Years ago we started out doing it in town on Halloween night. It was so fun going through town and throwing candy to all the trick or treaters. When Mom and Larry moved to the country we started doing it on a Saturday afternoon. Our friends Tom and Karen and Carl and Mary have joined us for years. The last couple of years my family has started joining in, too.

We decided to adorn our faces with matching freckles!

Carl and Mary

Mom and Dad D joined in the fun. Dad D look pretty relaxed!!!

James and Tom. Mom was not happy with me when she realized I didn’t get a single picture of Karen. I thought I got everyone. OOPS!

Mama kitty and her litter! We had a fun time on halloween. We traditionally start at Carl and Mary’s house. Carl always has very fun goodie bags made for the girls. We trick or treat our way to Aunt Joyce’s. She made adorable candy necklaces for the girls this year. Then we trick or treat our way back to Carl and Mary’s where we warm up before we head home.

I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for Abby at my home! Mary and I had a fun time planning it, with help from Karen, too! CONGRATULATIONS ABBY!!!

Oh my goodness! I almost forgot to mention the GARTH BROOKS concert!!! Yes, I was there on night number three!!!!!!! What an amazing thing to be a part of. He is so humble and generous!!! I’ve heard soooooo many stories this past week about amazing things he’s done. One night he found out it was a woman’s birthday and he signed his guitar and gave it to her during the concert!!!! A big thanks to Johnny and Shelly for sharing tickets with us!!! AMAZING!!!!

****We’ve also been enjoying our beautiful fireplace. It’s so fun to sit and warm myself in front of it each night. I can’t get the dishes or anything done in the evening. The fire calls me to it and makes me feel extremely relaxed and sleepy.



15 responses to great times

  1. I’m out of breath with all your catching up. What fun times. I love the ice cream cone cupcakes. Never heard of that before. The cho. cake looked to die for.

    The girls are all darling and I know your so proud of them even if they don’t get a certificate. Thats just life icing.

    The shower table is so pretty.

  2. Thanks for the pick of Karen. I forgot to look through the pictures you emailed me when I did this post.

    Life icing. . . I like it!

    I forgot to put the pics of our first fires in our fireplace. I think I’ll edit and do that!

  3. I added our fire pics!

  4. What a busy time you’ve had. The cakes look so cute. Sarah said she wants a cake like Anjelia had. I like the halloween outfit of you and the girls. To cute. Congratulations to Lydia. You have a beautiful home for a party and for enjoying the fireplace. You deserve it all.

    I’m still feeling a lil punk tonight but I got the lamp shades finished for Trish today. We are leaving in the morning for home.

  5. Have a very safe and relaxing trip home. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling completely healthy.

    I added a pic that Marlis sent me of Mom and Dad D. It’s a cute one.

  6. I enjoy a fireplace. They do draw you to them. I feel so cozy even if there is only candles in them. I could build a small fire if lights go out, but want to wait till we get it checked out good and a new insert or something done. Enjoy your evening.

  7. Enjoyed the pictures and little interesting tidbits in your life that you share with all of us. Thank you and Mary again for the shower in Abby,s honor. Every thing looked so cool!! I love your talent Julie-you are a special gal!!

  8. Enjoyed all your pictures, but especially the one of Anjelia with her cake (Too Cute! It looks like she’s trying to hold in all those squeals of delight) and the one of Mama Kitty and her litter. I bet y’all got a lot of smiles as you trick or treated.

  9. Thanks so much Vicki! The shower was a delight to do. We had much fun with it. I am so glad you were able to be there!!

  10. Debbie, we were singing Happy Birthday to her when she put her hands up like that with embarrassed delight. She’s a peach.

  11. Great picture,Jules. Thanks for sharing. You and the girls look so cute as kitties!

  12. Great catch up post! I love looking at all the pictures of the fun stuff happening with you guys. I love the picture at Aunt Joyce’s of Anjelia with her mouth open really wide. She looks like a yawning cat.

    Thanks for sharing them they are all adorable!!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving with all your cuties!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all you beautiful people out there!

  15. Wow, you really are catching up! Those ice cream cone cupcakes are really cute and a cute idea.

    The infamous hayride! I look at those pics and am happy I’ve lost a bit of weight since then! Thank you Charlie!