Happy 8th Birthday, Lydia Grace

Jules —  April 13, 2006

Lydia is such a special kid. She is independent and creative. She looks out for other kids and tries to include them (with the exeption of her sisters, sometimes!!). Her teacher describes her as patient and kind-hearted. (Just so you know I’m not the only one that brags on her!)

I overslept this morning, so it ended up being a hectic morning. I only got the one snapshot above, but I will post more pics later. James and I decorated Lydia’s room last night. We strung orange and pink streamers everywhere. She got a new bike and a Hello Kitty outfit to wear to school. She’s going to open her sister’s gifts after school.

Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people” Allan Beck



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  1. Oh Julie I’m, in ah AAAAhhhhh, how wonderful, the two girls can ride they’re new bikes together and have such fun. I’m so glad you keep us older people up on these kids bdays. I don’t know my own name sometimes. :eek

    Lydia, how lovely you look. Enjoy this special day your parents have for you. You will remember this all your life. That was one day I’ll never forget, the day I got my first bicycle. 😀
    I wish you a
    :birthday :birthday

  2. What a SPECIAL LITTLE LADY!!!! Brag away Jules, you have 4 special ones to brag on. What wonderful parents to do such special things for your girls. Makes me ashamed of myself. Lydia, have a wonderful day today. :birthday :flowers :birthday

  3. I just got Gil home and unpacked. He is enjoying the quiet in his bedroom on the leg machine. He is getting around really well and pain level is still real low. YES!!!!!!!

  4. Lydia :birthday A new bike! What a wonderful surprise for you and Jessica to get to ride your new bikes together! Have a perfectly happy day!

  5. Mom, so glad to hear you and Dad are back home now. Did you enjoy your filet mignon dinner?! I’ll let you all enjoy the peace and quiet of being home together again; I’ll wait and call you all tomorrow!

  6. The steak dinner was good but not up to Steak house standards. Your dad is always glad to hear his girls voices. Me too.

    Lydia you look so sweet in your new dress. Precious Priceless :birthday Hope your day was G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!

  7. :birthday Lydia, you look so beautiful and Happy!
    Ride that new bike safely! Always my favorite gift is a bike and I love to ride still. My grandbaby’s birthday was April 12th, I want to ride my grandbabies on a bike with the babyseat attached. Such wonderful memories you all are making! So much fun in store!

  8. Wow! I noticed the cake on the table! Very Nice!

  9. So glad to hear Gil is in minimal pain. Bless him Lord!

  10. ;lydia this is ian. :birthday :birthday :birthday
    i like your bike. i like your cake.
    Hpayy birthday

  11. The cake is a candle holder. So are the cupcakes! They are keepsakes from Lydia’s 5th birthday. We get them out each year on her birthday.

    Thanks Ian. I’ll let Lydia read your comments tomorrow. She’s in bed now. We went and saw Ice Age The Meltdown this evening. That’s how Lydia wanted to celebrate!

  12. :birthday Happy Birthday, Lydia!

  13. Happy Birthday Lydia from a Grandmother who knows what a special gift you are. Love you :birthday

  14. Hi All,
    It’s good Friday and we have the day off. Glad Gil is in good shape. How is your back Marilyn?

    Happy Birthday Lydia and Jessica. I think spring birthdays are great. :birthdayHave fun on your bikes. Don’t run into a tree like your cousin Tara did or like me, I ran into a parked car and broke my front tooth. I got six new front teeth for my birthday this year and they only cost me 3,000.00. So hang on to yours!
    Like Butch said I have been driving most of the day and every evening til about 9pm so I’ve been bushed. I took kids to Michigan, baseball games, icee skating, bowling, track, etc. and it will be like this till the end of May. Good paycheck though.
    Butch’s surgery and bloodwork are set for Thurs. April 27 and Fri. 28. We will do pre-op on Thurs. Stay all night in their free room and have the laser pro. on Fri. Pray it works so we don’t have to go back for real surgery through his back and Kidney.
    If Kandy is reading this , I’m having trouble getting into her blog sometimes, Butch is going to have to show me how, I don’t want you to think I’m ignoring yours. I got to go give His mom a shower and get her to exercise class now. Butch has more bloodwork at the V.A. in South Bend this morn. Love ya All Oh–I forgot to change the name to Linda :banghead

  15. I am very, very thankful that my back problem was mild and only lasted a couple of days this time. We will be praying for you and Butch. I have him on my calendar. HI, Ian, nice to see you on the blog too.
    A good saying I read for today: ” YOu can’t build a reputation on the things you are going to do.”

  16. Happy belated birthday Lydia-loo! Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating yesterday and last night. You are a real sweetie and you always crack me up!

  17. Hi Lydia! Happy birthday a day late! Did you enjoy the movie? I can’t wait to see it! Well, hope your birthday was wonderful and full of much joy!!!

  18. Hey, look everybody, my grandson is blogging. Hi Ian I love you all the way to heaven. :angel

  19. Happy Birthday, Lydia :birthday
    Iam a day late :banghead But I thought of you all day long.
    Grandma D

  20. Gil is still doing GREAT.
    That saying I wrote earlier wasn’t ment for anyone, I just liked it.

  21. I am so glad to hear such good reports on U. Gil. :worship