Happy Birthday, Aunt Marilyn!

Jules —  July 7, 2005

I am so proud of you and I am thrilled that you post your thoughts on my blog! I love spending time with you!

I hope you see this before you leave on the mission trip. Our prayers are with you!

“The fact was that I didn’t want to look my age, but I didn’t want to act the age I wanted to look either.” ~Erma Bombeck

Just for fun, how bout this close up of a fly! God sure must enjoy beautiful things, as well as creepy things! His creativity is very diverse!



9 responses to Happy Birthday, Aunt Marilyn!

  1. I love that pic of the fly! I’ll be praying for
    Punky on her trip to Colorado. I love the picture
    that Tootsie painted. Linda showed me an art gallery in Gatlinburg of some artists that paint
    National sites. It was amazing! We went to Dollywood and Spash Country in Sevierville and it
    was really fun! Dolly’s Uncle spoke to us for a
    long time and gave us his guitar pic to give to Moma and said to bring her to see him soon at Dollywood! We were thrilled!

  2. Hello again! I wanted you all to know that Kathryn turned 50 on her B-day and Butch and Linda and Matt and Heather were here to celebrate her B-day and the 4th of July and we had alot of fun! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you again soon. We did not have the fireworks that you all had but we watched the city’s show. The men played horse shoes and a game of throwing crochet balls “ichy bachy ?”.

  3. Thank you for the Birthday wish. I love the flowers, the fly looks hugh. Did you take those pic.? Good job. Thank you also for the prayers, at the moment I feel calm. Prayer works.

    Wish we could all have been with Kathryn to celebrate her bday. Sounds like you had fun in Gatlinburg, Kelli.

  4. Punky will love the flower, it’s pretty like her. The fly reminds me of the bumble bee I took a picture of. When I realized I took a picture of something that totally sends me directly to the hospital, I got my —- moving. But it’s the best picture I have nearly. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Punky. I pray too you have a good trip.


    Sounds like Dollywood was great fun!

    I am so glad you are feeling well, Aunt Marilyn. I have been praying for your back and your trip. God is good!

    Yep, I took the pictures with my new cute little digital. It takes great close-ups!

    Tootsie, it’s a great picture! No sacrifice is too small to get that perfect pic, huh. Well, BE CAREFUL!!!!!! I LOVE THE PAINTING!

  6. Julie, this quote was in our painting demo program last night, do you have this one?

  7. Don’t have that one! hehe!

  8. Hey Kelli, need you on more often, teach mama too. Give her a kiss for me.

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you! Hope it is (was) terrifically enjoyable!

    Great pics Julie!