Happy Birthday, Aunt Marlis!

Jules —  October 22, 2005

Today is my Aunt Marlis’ birthday! She comments on here often and it’s so fun to read what she has to say, especially when she’s reminiscing. I’ve enjoyed her childhood stories and because of them I feel like I know my family a bit better.

Aunt Marlis is a gifted painter. I have several things around my house that she’s painted and I treasure them. It’s fun to see what new works she’s completed.

She is also a proud Grandma Tootsie to Ian and a loving mom to Kandis. Aunt Marlis spends her retirement days at her lake home – going for walks, taking pictures, painting and being a caregiver to her husband Richard.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Marlis!!!! You said you like cats, so here’s a kitty picture for you!

MORE kittens!

Our next door neighbor has a crawl space with an opening. Therefore, every stray cat in the neighborhood goes under there to have her kittens. When they’re several weeks old they come out, which brings much happiness into the girls’ lives. We are getting tired of finding homes for cats!!! This week a litter of four little fur balls came out to explore. The girls are having a ball!

Jessica brought home a cute little pumpkin from school this week. She immediately wanted to gut it. Four kids and one little pumpkin just doesn’t work. The picture says it all!

“No matter how much cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens.” Abraham Lincoln



11 responses to Happy Birthday, Aunt Marlis!

  1. Well, what a surprise :eek Thank you, and thanks for the kitty. I’ll have to try and paint him. I do love cats. Richard said he hated cats all his life, now if push comes to shove, I go, the cat stays. She gave him a lot of company before I retired.

    The girls look like they are having a blast. Did you roast the seeds?

    Oh yes, πŸ˜€ before I forget,I sold a painting at the gallery, bank called and said when I come Tue. to paint in the basement w/the girls, to pick up a check. πŸ˜‰ It was the “Panda Bear” It was a big painting.

    I had a lot of presents to open this morning from Kandi, Julie, and Ian, Monica & Jessica. Richard did get me the shampoer.

  2. Yay! :birthday Marlis!

    You are always so much fun to be around! It’s a pleasure knowing you.

  3. Marlis, Happy Happy Birthday to you!! It’s been so fun to get to know you over the computer like this.

    I have enjoyed the paintings that Jules has shown me. You are really gifted!! How fun to sell stuff that you paint, it shows how good you really are!

  4. Julie, did the girls fight over the punkin’ or was it an enjoyable experience for them all?? Just wondered. . .

    We’ve talked about the pics that you look back on and remember how horrible the event actually was because of fighting and bad moods or whatever. The pictures just don’t show it. :moon

  5. Happy Birthday dear Aunt Marlis!!!! My very special aunt! I love you!!!
    Love Trish

  6. Hi Trish, I love you too!! πŸ˜‰ Thanks to all of you who sang :birthday to me from Nita’s. Did you finally get to go on the hayride? Karen, I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends too. We must plan to meet some day.
    Richard did take me out for Dinner, I had ribeye, my favorite, but when I put the car back in the garage and ready to come down stairs, I put my hand down on a black wasp, and now my hand is so swelled I can hardly type. :cry That dadburn mean old wasp is dead though. πŸ˜€ Thanks James, I’m glad your a member of our family. Your :cool.
    Guess I’d better get an Alkaseltzer on this hand.
    Love ya all, thanks for making this a great day for me.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I enjoy reading your comments. I hope you have (had) a wonderful birthday! :birthday

  8. How’s your had doing? :cry Those stings hurt!

    We didn’t get to go on our hayride. :cry We kept waiting for the rain to let up and it never did. We are hoping to try again later.

    Yayyy!! How exciting to sell a big painting. You’re good!!

  9. My hand has been swollen all day. I rubbed a wet alka selser on it till it was gone and I think it helped from swelling more. I’m sure glad I got dat dern ole bug, I stomped on his :moon. Now I feel better, I got rid of da bug and gotta use the :moon… :rotfl

  10. Hey! Thanks carl, yes I had a :birthday, except for the wasp bite.
    I’ve been working on another painting and about got it done today. It’s Richards hand on his accordian, playing.

  11. Happy Birthday Mom :birthday