Happy Birthday Carl – by James

Jules —  November 21, 2005

Now it’s time for ‘This Day In History’ brought to you by Carl who is celebrating his birthday today!

1946 Harry Truman becomes 1st US President to travel in a submerged sub
1945 Goldie Hawn was born
1963 Nicollette Sheridan was born (Desperate Housewife)
1959 Max Baer US, heavyweight boxing champ (1934), dies at 49

A part of the family!

This was the only picture I could find of Carl but it sums up his family’s relationship with our family. Simply put, they are a part of our family. They are like any aunt, uncle and cousin.

When we sit around the house and warn our kids about talking to strangers we, of course, talk about the people who are safe to walk up to. Carl, Mary and Tori are at the top of the list. That’s quite a big deal, in my opinion. When it comes right down to it we all have a short list of people we would trust our kids too. They have provided Julie and I with a lot of opportunities to go out on dates over the years by giving up a lot of evenings at home to watch our kids. You guys have been a source of rest in a busy world!

Carl, today we celebrate you. We celebrate your love of friendship. We celebrate your love of gift giving. We celebrate you being an important part of our lives.

I invite everyone to join me in wishing Carl a Happy Birthday!

“Carl is really cool.” -James D



20 responses to Happy Birthday Carl – by James

  1. Happy Birthday Carl!!!! We love you guys so much. I know it’s YOUR birthday but you guys are a package deal!!!

    We appreciate your love languages very much. Your love for gift giving and words of affirmation and the occasional acts of service(babysitting) have been a great source of encouragement in our lives.

    It’s great having a friend that doesn’t fit into a mold! Your many and varied interests are fun.

    We appreciate your friendship. It was sooooooooo great Saturday, getting together with you guys and talking and eating and shopping. You and Mary and Tori are so fun to be around.

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Princess! You are the love of my life, and now we are the same age again for 4 short months. I love you, Sweetie! :king

  3. Carl’s blog has some hilarious pictures posted today, of him in a tiara! It’s rather unnatural looking!!!!

  4. Thanks for the post! I love and appreciate you and yours as well and I’m very happy that the Anderson family is considered a package deal as my worth is definitely found in my wife and daughter. You guys are like family too and I’ve always enjoyed being able to love on your children…even when it means squishing Anjelia’s head against the wall.

    So that picture sums up our relationship with your family, eh??? Meaning I feed your kids weeds!?!? :rotfl

    Thanks again, this was a very nice birthday gift and I really appreciate it!

  5. And the Max Baer fact is cool. I heard over the weekend that they are re-releasing Cinderalla Man to the theatres since its getting Oscar buzz.

  6. Jules:

    How can I email you in private????

  7. Happy b-day, C-man.

  8. I want to put a contact spot on my site but I don’t have one yet. jules@percolations.net

  9. We talk about cars that may pull up and stop. We told them if it’s not a grandparent or carl and mary or tom and karen that they should not go up to the car but run inside and tell us. They review the list with us often.

  10. Happy Birthday, Carl! You guys are great friends. I am so glad that we were able to get to know you guys through J and J. Hope your day is great!

  11. James, I’m very glad you finally did another post. I am afraid you missed something though… Where is the quote? 😉

  12. I knew I forgot something!

  13. Happy Birthday Carl, I’m glad James & Julie have nice friends like you & Mary.

  14. Carl, :birthday. Hope you have a nice evening and many more birthdays. 😉

  15. Have a great birthday, Carl!

  16. Jules, I added a nice quote I found.

  17. I love the quote, James! It is perfect! :angel

  18. Thanks for all the wonderful :birthday comments everyone! I’m :oops by all the well wishes! I’m quite blessed to have friends like James and Julie and by extension all of you as well. I enjoy reading your comments on the various things Julie (and occasionally James) posts about. I’m not sure about the quote James….maybe “Tarder is cool” would work.

  19. When Jessica was real little, she called Carl, Tarder!

    It was really funny!!