Happy Birthday, Jessica Faith!!

Jules —  April 5, 2007

Today we are celebrating Jessica’s 8th birthday!! She is having two girlfriends over tonight for a sleep over. I am so excited!!! I can’t wait ’till the girls get here. We are going to have so much fun!

Do you think I purchased a big enough balloon? The sales gal at Party America told me to never throw away a mylar balloon. People save them and bring them in and they refill them for free! She said some people come in with a grocery bag full of old balloons and have them refilled. I did not know this. I’ve thrown away so many balloons! I am so excited about this bit of knowledge. I thought you may be too!

Here’s Part 2 of the tour of our new home:

Lydia’ room!

Jessica’s room! Check out that walk in closet!

Elaina’s room!

Anjelia’s room! She calls it her rainbow room because of the shape of the arched window.

Elaina picked out a monkey jungle theme for the hall bath.

The girls picked out a frog theme for their downstairs bathroom.

My master bath feels like a spa with our jacuzzi tub!

Here’s a better pic of the kitchen. I gotta show it off. It was made by our family businesses. The wood is alder with a cherry stain.

Here’s our family area downstairs. Lydia was home sick with a fever.

Another view of our family room.

The girls are so happy! There’s soooooooooo much less fighting among them now that we have more space.



22 responses to Happy Birthday, Jessica Faith!!

  1. The house is gorgeous. I love all the white trim work, and the rooms are so big!

    Happy Birthday, Jessica! Don’t go outside with that huge balloon, you may float away like Curious George!

  2. Thanks, Debbie. Having a finished basement makes all the difference in the world. It makes for such a bigger home. Since it’s a walk out basement it doesn’t feel like a basement. Lydia and Jessica’s rooms are down there with their bathroom and a family room between the two.

    I wasn’t going to spend the money on that big balloon until I found out I can refill it for free!! I was so excited about that! I wish I had all the balloons from years past. I usually buy one for the girls on their birthdays. I could’ve had quite a bouquet by now!

  3. I am excited to be in a home that we won’t outgrow! I know we will fill it up but it is such a perfect size for a family of six. It feels like it was made for us. I know when the kids move out and come home with their families, there will be plenty of comfortable space for them. I am just so excited to have this home for our family in the present and in the future. Thank you Lord!

  4. Hey thanks for the additional tour. It looks so nice and comfy. I bet the girls are thrilled to have their own rooms and to have more baths in the house. GIRLS just have to have them.

    I’m glad I decided to go bigger also. I could not have lived in one room in Kandi’s house and she could not have been comfortable with me, especially if she would want to date or whatever. We needed our space.

  5. Happy Birthday Jessica! We can’t wait to come and see the new home.

  6. O HOW WONDERFUL, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. Happy Birthday Jessica. I better not come for a visit, you may be stuck with me.

  7. Happy Birthday to Jessica!

    … And I love Elaina’s Superman bedspread!

  8. Happy 8th birthday Jessica! I love the big balloon!

    Julie – the house looks beautiful! I am so happy for you, James & the girls. The bathrooms are decorated sooo cute! I wish I had a big house with tons of bathrooms b/c I love decorating them – there are so many cool shower curtains, etc. Of course – I wouldn’t like to have to clean them!!!

  9. I was wondering if on Lydia’s bed, is that a cubby hole or a mirror at the bottom foot of her bed? I also like the bathroom curtains they picked out, real cute. I just love everything and still have goosebumps and happiness for you.

  10. It’s a cubby hole. There’s supposed to be a door but it’s busted. I was happy with what they picked out. It took a while for Lydia and Jessica and I to agree on something until we saw the frogs. We love little green frogs!

    Abby, I had to clean my bathrooms today. It was kind of sad. This place was absolutely perfect when we moved in. It’s sad that it gets dirty! Plus the walls are already covered in kid hand and fingerprints!!

    Angela, I knew you’d appreciate Elaina’s bedding set. I did receive your drawing! I can’t wait to get it framed and on her wall. I’ve just been swamped with stuff because of our move and I need to take it in soon.

  11. Well, I like the cubby hole idea, myself, great lil shelf. I noticed that my picture window has lil noses and finger drawings on it, wonder where that came from??????

  12. AAAHHHH! I love the little prints on the windows, I know some little angel has been looking out of them. But that does not include doggie nose prints.

  13. By the way, I take it that there is no master bed or bath!! Hee he he. Do you have 3 garages?

  14. Yes, it has a three car garage. James’ big suburban fills up the third spot and my van and all the kids biking stuff fills up the rest. It’s nice to be able to get to the van without tripping over lots of bikes, etc. I love space!!!!

  15. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

  16. I know she has a master bath there was a pic of it, but she must not have a bedroom. he he!

    Sometimes I could use more space too. Have been trying, but still need to work harder on that problem.

  17. Happy Birthday Jessica!!! Hope your day was wonderful!

  18. Love love it! ENvious of the jacussi!

  19. I will never look at an arched window the same again. I LOVE that–Anjelia’s rainbow room!

    You decorated your bathrooms in styles that my boys would love too. In fact their shower curtain DOES have frogs on it.

  20. I hope you have a window curtain up in your Master bath by now Jules, he! he! My window is so high in my bath that only the birds can see in, I hope.

  21. Yippee! More pictures for me to look at! Wow! Seriously, your house is beautiful! The counter tops are so modern and sleek too! Happy sighs!

  22. hay it’s me JessicaD. My balloon is big. BIG as in

    BBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGG big i tell you big.