Happy Birthday, Mom!

Jules —  March 12, 2006

March 13th is a great day made special by my mom’s birth! Thirteen is my favorite number. Despite it’s bad reputation, this number is special to James and I. God has redeemed this number for us! It’s popped up in our life too often to even consider it a coincidence. I am NOT superstitious, but I do believe it’s a number of promise for me and I have no doubt God purposefully chose the 13th to be the date of my mom’s birth. How fortunate for me! My mom is a great mom and a patient, loving grandma.

I love going out to Mom and Larry’s farm. I especially love to take pictures. There are so many interesting and pretty things to capture. *I thought in honor of Mom’s birthday I’d share a few pics from the farm.

*I apologize for the pixilated photos. They’re beautifully clear pictures but when I turn them into an animated gif it compromises the quality of my photos.

“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.” ~J.M. Barrie



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  1. Happy Birthday Nita!!! You are a wonderful cook and a very sweet hostess and I’ve enjoyed every time we’ve come over to your house….though I think its unfortunate that I haven’t gotten a ride behind the lawnmower. Have a wonderful day…and stay inside where its warm! :birthday

  2. Happy ,Happy Birthday Nita, Ilove you 3rd sister. I have a few happy memories of that farm when it was Grandpa’s ,I say few because I was very young when Grandpa and Grandma lived there together. I remember following G. pa around and down to the pond in front, I just loved my G. pa Knutson, Im so glad Nita has that farm, I can even remember each room in the old farm house. Jules have you seen pics. of Grandpa when he was a young man? He was such a handsome guy , beautiful blue eye’s, i miss him and wish I could have seen him more before he passed.

  3. Happy, :birthday Sis. You deserve the best today, and every day. I love the pic of you pulling the kids with the mower. God Bless you. 😉

  4. I have seen pics of G-pa. Yes, he was so very, very handsome! I am so glad that Anjelia has striking blue eyes. I hope they stay that way.

    I need to borrow a camcorder and make a video for extreme home makeover. Wouldn’t it be neat if they decided to rebuild the old house as it was?! Is that show still on the air? I rarely watch tv anymore. All the family could come for the unveiling! I think it make a great show. Completely restore memory lane!

  5. Carl, next time you come out you need to ask for a ride! 😉

  6. Jules, thats a great!!!! ideal, extrem home make overs that would be so wonderful. Does anyone know how to contact them? I bet they would love to do that, I haven’t seen any like that. Yes they are still on.Someone do it !!!!

  7. Save the old log cabin, Oh how cool that would be. Restoring would be cool. It would be expensive and extensive, but how cool. 😀

  8. I tell you what, I am the queen of good intentions, but I often do not carry them out. (something I need to work on). Anyway, I’ll print off the application. Hold me to this please. I thought maybe if everyone wanted to mail me a letter to send in telling your reasons for wanting the house restored. Why is memory lane so important to you? That would probably make an impact. We could make it a big family thing.

    The fact that the log cabin could be restored as a historical site might be appealing to the show. Have they done anything like this? Rumor is Jesse James stayed there one time.

    I could even send a copy of Tootsie’s painting of the farm.

  9. The Ole Grey Mare, she ain’t what she used to be, but I do think she is even better. Love ya Sis. I’m with Carl, I want a ride too. Sorry you have to work on you Birthday. I love the farm too, and have so many memories there. I wish Linda, Kathy & Kelli did too. Gpa was a Jewel, Gma was too, she’d buy us things often, and take us to the sale barn. What fun!
    :birthday :birthday

  10. tHATS A GREAT IDEAL Jules, we all need to write a letter to send in with the application, especially Tootsie ,Marilyn and Nita, Linda probably remembers more than me, and does anyone have some old pics. of the farm when G.pa and G. ma lived there? We really need to pursue this, Nita would be beyond tears, think how happy she and Larry would be. Jules , the historical site thing would be great to inclued. Tootsie, don’t you think Daddy has pics. of the farm in all his pic. albums? We need to see the albums, does Dorthy have the photo albums Daddy had? If anyone has the albums could they bring them down to the celebration in May, I’d love to look through them again, please. Later all.

  11. The gazing ball is really important to Mom. Larry drove mom all around for an entire day until she finally found a red gazing ball. Red ones are hard to fine. I think they were two to three hours away from home when they finally found this one. I pray my children never break it! :eek I think they all but Anjelia know they better not if they know what’s good for them!

  12. Historical site, I don’t know if I would want to have all the company. Exteme makeover for the family, great. I’m willing to get you a letter sent.
    It was the Ford Brothers that stayed there the most. But I’m sure there was a lot of people in that house. I would love to hear THIS OLE CABIN TELL STORIES.

  13. Aunt Nita, :birthday I’ve always thought you were such a sweet auntie. I wish we could see you more often. I always appreciate how thoughtful you are. It meant a lot to us that you and Larry stayed a day extra after Justin and Kiki’s wedding so that you could participate in Connor’s Scout cross-over ceremony. And I don’t think I wrote you a note, but thank you for all the army bags you sent to the boys. They used them as their trick-or-treat bags this past year when dressed as soldiers.

    I think that it’s a great idea to contact Extreme Home Makeover, although I don’t want to put a damper on plans, but more often than not they just demolish the buildings and start over. But maybe they’d do a restoration, especially if all the sisters write heartfelt pleadings and include photos!

  14. I wouldn’t want it to be a public thing. I was just thinking including the log cabin from a historical perspective might help the chances of being selected. It’s fun to think about the possibility of being selected.

    Why were the Ford brothers there? I do wish that cabin could talk!

  15. Julie, I think something’s wrong with my computer…the icons don’t move anymore and I can only see the pictures of the angel statue and your mom pulling the girls behind the tractor. Sounds like there are more that I can’t see. Am I missing some kind of animation software?! HELP ME, COMPUTER GURUS!

  16. The house needs to be taken down anyway. Even if they did a new replica it would be a huge blessing for Mom and Larry. They need more space.

  17. Debbie, do you have high speed or dial-up. If you have dial up, all the images might be more than your speed can handle.

    Is anyone else having problems?

  18. I guess I’d better get my thinker and typing fingers in gear. I have a feeling there weren’t many picture of Gpa place taken. I have a lot of dad’s pic. and not any in there. Dorothy may have some too. Margaret may have some.
    I feel like :cry when I think about what the house looked like when Gpa had it and what it looks like now after so many destructive past owners. Thank God Nita has it now. :indeed

  19. Yes, Mom takes really good care of the place now. It is too bad it wasn’t taken care of.

  20. Nita, :birthday

    You are quite a Mom! I have enjoyed spending time in your home and getting to know you through Jules! Hope your day is super duper great!!!!!! :flowers

  21. Hi Nita,
    I hope you get a chance to read all the great stuff everyone had to say! If you are reading this you may have tried the library computer. I got to talk to Nita this morning and she was on her way to work. Their favorite restaraunt is open on Tuesdays. Good to hear from ya! Hope you all get those pictures together. Moma always talks about how much she loved Gpa K. She would so love to see pictures. Big storm in Tennessee today!

  22. Happy birthday Nita! You know you’ve always been my favorite aunt. hehehe, settle down girlies!!! :rotfl Love ya all!

  23. Trish said I was her favorite aunt, I’m glad she loves us all, I would’nt want it any other way. ;)Nita told me she was going to go over to one of her neighbors to read all of our comments. Hope she does. Nita is a PRECIOUS DIAMOND, I told her that a long time ago, I still mean it.!!!!

  24. Happy Birthday Nita, and cousin Mike Smead in Elkhart. I love poking around grandpa’s farm. Nita always has so much good stuff to load the car down with. I myself have helped to clean up the place, I’ve hauled all kinds of stuff away. I don’t remember even as much as Kathy about the farm. I can still remember what it looked like and slaughtering cows there and grandpa giving us Dentine gum. And especially the ponds.Hope you are having a nice birthday Nita. :birthday

  25. Nita, hope your day was a good one. I’m hopen you knew I was just fooln around with the song above. Just popped into my head. Love ya sis, I double the diamond, you are one. :indeed :indeed