happy sweet 16, jessica!

Jules —  April 7, 2015

Tori and Grant joined us.

Jessica’s birthday party at House of Hope was fun. It was truly a joyful party. We were concerned the week leading up to her birthday. Who wants to celebrate their sixteenth birthday in a group home? She seemed happy and relaxed, as well as the rest of the family. James and I couldn’t stop talking about how peaceful her countenance and demeanor have become.

Grandma and Grandpa partied with us!

Easter birthday!

Playing pin the tale on the donkey! Jessica was hoping I would wear my rainbow muumuu! It’s become a tradition. Plus the other girls didn’t believe her stories about our family!

We visited, opened gifts, celebrated with cake, played pin the tale on the donkey and had a selfie session.

Elaina owns an Ocarina. It’s a made up instrument from the Zelda games. . . because she is nerdy like that! She serenaded Jessica. It was a fun and goofy afternoon. The time went quickly.

Here’s a video of Elaina’s serenade!