Happy Valentine’s Day

Jules —  February 14, 2007

I read a valentine book to the girls today. It has lovely illustrations that I wish you could see. I hope you enjoy this sweet story.

by Bobby Strickland

In the kingdom of Zeeland, where the lilacs grow wild,
lived Adeline Addison, a beautiful child.
Her little house stood between two silver streams
that flowed through the Valley of Valentine Dreams.

Now all the creatures of Zeeland loved Valentine’s Day.
But Adeline loved it in every way.

So on Valentine’s morning
she took extra care
to find her most beautiful
outfit to wear.

With great care she put on
her little pink shirt
with her little pink hat
and her little pink skirt,

then patiently sat in her little pink chair
while she twisted a curl
in her strawberry hair.

She looked at the clock (it was a quarter till nine)
as she wondered who’d bring her the first valentine.

went the doorbell.
“Now who could that be?”
she remarked to herself
as she went to go see.

“Why, it’s Hector P. Swine, the pig from next door!–
You’ve never dropped in for a visit before.”

“Dearest Adeline,” Hector announced with a grin,
“I have something for you!”
So she let the pig in.

Hector gave her an envelope, lacy and pink,
with her name printed neatly in Indian ink.

Little Adeline’s fingers
excitedly shook
as she opened the greeting card,
taking a look.

The message was small, but its meaning was big
and remarkably neat to be penned by a pig.

Dearest Adeline, You are the one I will always adore
but there is another who loves you much more.

“Why, thank you,” said Adeline
as she kissed Hector’s snout.
“But who’s this admirer you’re talking about?”

“I’m sorry said Hector,
“I really can’t say,
but this much I’ll tell you:
You’ll find out today.

Yet now I must leave you
and check on Aunt Sue–
she got caught in the rain
and came down with Swine Flu!”

So he left our sweet Adeline scratching her head
as she thought about all that the porker had said.

A little while later, but just like before,
another kind visitor came to her door.

“My goodness!” cried Adeline, greeting her guest.
“It’s Elmer P. Toad in a coat, tie, and vest!”

“My sweet Adeline,” Elmer declared with a ribbit,
“my feelings for you are too strong to inhibit.
So I brought you this card. See? I made it myself
from an old lily pad that I had on my shelf.”

Little Adeline’s face was so happy it glowed
as she opened the valentine made by the toad:

“You are the one I will always adore.
But there is another who loves you much more.”

“Why thank you,” said Adeline. “You are so nice,
though it’s odd that I’ve gotten this same message twice.”

“Don’t despair,” replied Elmer, “for soon you will know
who has sent you this message,
but now I must go.”

“Elmer, wait!” pleaded Adeline. “Give me a hint.”
(For she wanted to know what these valentines meant.)

“Very well,” said the toad, feeling put on the spot.
“I can’t say who it is, but I’ll say who it’s not.

It isn’t the owl from high on the perch.
It isn’t the preacher from Uncle Ed’s church.

It isn’t your mom who buys you the shoes
or the little red fox who likes to play blues.

It isn’t the cow from your grandmother’s farm.
It’s none of these people, so don’t twist my arm!”

Then Elmer left Adeline wondering when
she’d hear from her sweetest admirer again.

Well, all afternoon up to Adeline’s door
came admirers and callers and suitors galore.

There were rabbits and llamas
and monkeys and cats
and limousine drivers
in shiny black hats.

Thousands of wishes from thousands
of creatures–she even got one
from her Sunday school teachers!

The line of admirers stretched all the way down
to the governor’s house in the center of town.

And strange as it seems, when each visitor came
the valentine message was always the same:

“You are the one I will always adore.
But there is another who loves you much more.”

And when the very last friend
had dropped in to inspire her,
Adeline still hadn’t heard
from her secret admirer.

She looked over the cards
that she had collected.
There were thousands more valentines
than she ever expected.

They were piled on the chairs!
They were piled on the floor!
They were piled in the rubber tree plant by the door!
They were piled in the bathtub and piled on the bed!
They were piled even higher than a dinosaur’s head!

So Adeline cleared off her little pink chair,
and she sat down, exhausted, and whispered a prayer:

“I thank you, dear God, for this beautiful day,
for the thousands of valentines you sent my way.
But tell me, dear God, I am asking you, please,
who could possibly care for me
more than all these?”

“My dear child,” whispered God in a voice small and still,
“you have asked me to tell you, and tell you I will.

These valentine wishes have helped you to see
that the one who loves Adeline greatest is ME!

I gave you your family.
I gave you good friends.
I gave you your hair that curls up on the ends.
I gave you the flowers.
I gave you the trees.
I gave you milk chocolate. I gave you Swiss cheese!

All things in this world I have given with pleasure
to show you, my child, that it’s YOU that I treasure.”

Then a thought flooded Adeline’s heart to the brim:
“If God loves me this much, then I’ll live for him!

And the love I’ve discovered is much too profound
to keep all to myself–I must tell the whole town!”

So Adeline bundled up all of her cards
and carried them quickly out into the yard.

In and out, out and in, she went hundreds of times
as she made a huge pile with her valentine rhymes.

Higher and higher the stack of her lovely cards grew,
past the rooftops and treetops and mountaintops too.

Soon Adeline’s towering mound could be seen
from the east to the west and all places between.

Then high to the top of this
mountain she flew
to post a big sign that read,

Then Valentine Mountain
as it came to be known,
was a message of love
from God’s heavenly throne
to a kingdom of creatures
who might not have heard,
had it not been for Adeline’s
mound of kind words.

Then Adeline Addison tucked herself in
and pulled her pink blanket way up to her chin
and thought to herself as she drifted away,
“God’s love makes every day
Valentine’s Day!”

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Ephesians 3:16-19



34 responses to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. What a cute and true story, thanks for sharing. God loves you too. Did you type all that out? Phew!!!!!!

  2. WOW!
    Thanks for sharing Jules.
    Sooooo True…
    Love it. I printed it off. Ian will not like it but little girls at work will when I can read it to them while they wait on their mommies or daddies….

  3. Thanks Jules, I know it’s true. Kandi and Ian are also my sweethearts.

    They just brought me some lovely gifts. A basket made by vets, from Kandi and a pen that lights up from Ian and a card from each.

  4. James gave me a really cool coffee mug and some white chocolate powder for my coffee from Gloria Jeans. It’s delicious. For the little girl in me, he went to Build a Bear and picked out an adorable red Teddy Bear. I LOVE IT!!!!!

    I am glad you all liked my little story. God is love. That is his essence.

  5. James was asked today to do another Extreme Home Makeover house.

    February has been a very slow month business wise but there is sooooooooooo much work coming quickly. It’s exciting. Thank you Lord, our Jehovah Jirah!!!! Our provider!

  6. AMEN!!!!!!

  7. What a beautiful story. I wonder if the author wrote one that boys may relate to more. I’m gonna read this one to the boys anyhow, but they might not get the part about being grateful for her little curls, and all the pink talk (I’ll just drop those parts out).

    Congrats on the new Extreme contract! I love that show. Are they doing another house right there in your all’s area? I hope this will help you move forward toward your own dream home. Our God is an awesome God…He Reigns from Heaven above… (I love that song!)

  8. I put the kids to bed and edited this so it reads easier. Sorry, I typed it out in a hurry earlier today.

    Debbie, James was in Denver, Colorado and heard him sing that song for the first time. We love it, too. Jame thinks, if he remembers correctly, that he had finished writing it that weekend of the youth conference.

  9. Hey, Congratulations James on the Makeover Home.

  10. Jules can you scan your pics into your Picture holder. That’s what I do for my blog. I’m sure you know about that. It would probably be a room problem with the story too.

  11. Julie, I read this story to the boys unedited and they didn’t even complain about all the PINK PINK PINK. They liked the story but I think they liked the Scripture at the end best. We talked a lot about how wide and long and high and deep is Christ’s love for us.

    Thanks for sharing it; I know that was quite a bit of typing for you. Boy when you get back to blogging, you blog BIG. hee hee

  12. Wow–2 new blogs in 8 days. You’ll have to be careful about rewarding so richly our nagging for new blogs. We may get the idea that our nagging actually works! THAT could be VERY dangerous!!! MWAH HA HA HA! Hey where’s that little devilous smiley icon when you need it?

  13. I love it! Congratulations It’s my favorite show.

  14. Way to go James, congratulations. I pray everything continues to go well for you all, you do need a new home that is bigger for your family. I pray it is all made possible for you.

  15. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours!

  16. Thanks for the story Julie! I read it to McKenna & she loved it! Sounds like you had a great V-day :-)

  17. What a beautiful story!! I love it. Wow! Congrats on the Extreme home. . .that’s so fun. I hope to see James on TV.

    I’m glad work is coming in. . .God truly does provide. When we look back we can always see how his hand was in it every time. Makes me ashamed that I ever worry when I know that He always comes through for me.

  18. Jules, how ya doing? Have you had any lookers? Gee I wish you luck in selling and getting that bigger place. You have’nt changed your mind have you? I know, you don’t really at this point know what to do.

    Ian got out of school at 1:00, something going on, PTA or something. He’s at the Dr. right now. Kandi got off early and took him.

  19. We have had no trouble getting the loan, but at this point we are really checking the numbers at the shop to make sure things are stable enough to afford it. We should know in a few days what we are going to do next. We haven’t had a lot of lookers. I am afraid our bedrooms look really crowded. We have considered moving out when showings pick up with the nice weather. It would look a lot bigger and maybe sell faster. I don’t anything really right now other than the fact that we are exploring all options and considering everything prayerfully. Thanks for asking.

  20. I came here to post a question about how the house selling/buying was going….looks like I wasn’t the only curious one! I know it’s a big step, especially with y’all owning your own business. Will the Extreme Home Makeover be a pro bono job or do they pay? I’m sure the free publicity helps get your business name out there in the local papers, etc.

  21. I think that really helped Kandi. Her rooms are small, and with nothing in there, I think it was a plus. I meet the insulation guy tomorrow morning to have more insulation in the roof. Had to bring it up to r38. Got the GFI switches in Tue, and got the furnace and water heater serviced and cleaned. I hope that is all they want. Danny said that is all they are going to get out of us. She closes Friday.

  22. The Extreme Makeover homes are not donated to the families by ABC. That’s what ABC makes it look like. The business owners in the community donate their time and supplies for free. Many business owners give up thousands and thousands of dollars for the family. James and his employees will be doing it for zip. Last time it really didn’t get him much advertising. Maybe this time will be different.

    I am really glad Kandi’s home sold so quickly for you all. God is good!!!

  23. Jules how is your head. Mine hurts just thinking about you. I’m sure you had a knot for awhile, or still do. Just checking on you. Love ya!!!

  24. I am doing great. I had to take Ibuprofen for three days but I feel fine now. I never did get a bump. . .just a tender spot. It was mostly my jaws and neck and back that were really sore. Even my front neck muscles and stomach muscles were sore. I hope I never fall like that again. I’ve fallen badly three times this year. Once was when my patio swing fell while I was swinging on it. I had a bruise the size of a plate on my rear! I’ve always been accident prone!

  25. I must have missed something somewhere–I didn’t know you got hurt, Julie. Glad you’re feeling better, cuz. But it sounds like you’re gonna be a handful for your girls to take care of in about 50 years! hee hee That’s OK–all of us ol’ cousins will all move in together and just a big ol’ time falling off our rockers together!

  26. Look on Amber’s blog for details.

  27. Oh how awful–Jules. Glad you’re alright. You’ll have to get some cleats for your winter boots to keep you on your feet!

  28. Haven’t heard much from ya, just making sure you are OK. I know your a busy gal.

    By the way>>>>>>>you and Kandi both need to put in some new IMPUT. Hee he he he

  29. Hey Julie, hope all is going well for you all. When does work start on the Extreme Home?

    I talked with your sweet Mom yesterday. She knew I had been looking for bigger bakery bags for my bread and after a year of looking, she came across some at an auction. She sent me one to see if it was what I wanted. It’s just right. She bought over 400 bags for $1. Guess what my dear aunties Kelli and Kathryn get to haul back for me from your girls’ weekend?!

  30. I want you to make sure you pay Nita for all those bags. Hee he he.

  31. I lost my battery charger for my camera, but I have a new one now. I just got it in the mail, so I should be taking pictures and posting soon!

    Mom finds the best deals at auctions! I’ve reaped the benefits of her treasure hunting myself. Those bags should last a long time, huh? I am going to try to come up and see grandma and everyone one of those weekend days if I can.

    We are closing on our new home on the 20th of March. Our home hasn’t sold yet but we decided to go ahead and close. We are anxious to get moved!

    I want to start posting again. I miss it.

  32. We miss your posts. After all you are our team leader.

    If you can make it down, that would be great.

    Closing on the new home. That is exciting and scary both, at the same time. Just been there and done that. So far I am not sorry, just still busy. FINALLY got all the cardboard boxes loaded and taken to recycling today. With two families, there was a lot. We had them stacked on the Lea ni and in the garage. Now the garage is clear also.YYYYYYEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I’m so glad for you Jules, Can’t wait to see YOUR new home now. You’ll be so happy. I bet the girls are getting excited too. Don’t worry James, it will all work out.

  34. Julie, I’m happy that y’all are getting your dream house and will pray that God will quickly bring the right people to buy your other house.

    Congrats on all your hard work, Aunt Marlis and Kandis. Clearing out all those boxes must be SUCH a relief!