her cuteness

Jules —  December 11, 2006

Anjelia was very tired today. She usually does not nap, but after rocking her for quite awhile I decided she needed to sleep a little. After about an hour, I went in to check on her. She wasn’t in her bed or Elaina’s. I found her sleeping in a small plastic container. She had her blankie, Rosy and a Christmas pillow. (I wish you could see her outfit that she wears everyday–panties and snowboots. She just got a new pair of boots and wore them all day.) She looked so cute; I called James and had him come home to see her. After a difficult day, I was so blessed by her cuteness.


This is what happens when you make a five year old eat a bite of broccoli! Jessica was not happy with me for taking this picture, but my camera was too convenient. She did not see the humor in it, but James and I did! Especially on the heels of A Christmas Story. Elaina, until recently, has gobbled up her cheesy broccoli and asked for more. She has suddenly decided to be repulsed by it (starting tonight). BTW that’s not a fuzzy navel. The girls think it’s fun to drink from stemware and other pretty glasses so I have different glasses for each meal. I have an affinity for glasses of all sorts. My Holly Hobby Christmas ones are my favorites right now. (Don’t worry, we let Elaina spit it into the trash!)



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  1. Marilyn alias(Punkie) December 11, 2006 at 7:48 pm

    Children are so fun to watch. She is so precious asleep in that box. I remember when Mom made us eat stuff we didn’t like. I bet we sat at the table an hour before she’d let us go.

  2. I try not to make a big issue of food, but just keep offering it. Mom always made us take one bite of something new. We had to at least try it.

    Dinner time can be very entertaining.

  3. That is so funny. Glad to know we aren’t the only ones that enjoy their kiddo’s.

  4. Hey, see the blanket that is covering her? It’s a Strawberry Shortcake quilt my mom made me when I was little.

  5. I had already bet myself that Nita made that quilt.

    I remember too, Punkie. We had to sit till we swallowed what was in our mouth. It might be hours like Punkie said. I remember one time we or at least I did’nt eat supper, so it was our breakfast.

    But now I honestly can say it was for our own good. Also, we didn’t have the food to waste. Mama wasn’t mean, just teaching us. I will say though Mama, I still hate custard to this day. I bet she will never forget her deal with Punkie and I on that one. We lived in Indiana at that time. The other being, trying to get us to wear our MOSQUITO dresses she crocheted for us.

    I had one of my Christmas toys taken away and changed one year. It broke my heart. Mama was adamit on teaching us how to be mamas some day. So one of our gifts was an Iron that got warm, so we could iron our doll clothes. Well to this well trained tom boy, it made an excellent JUMP ROPE. Yep you guessed it. She cut that cord off and I had to iron doll clothes with it. BUMMER

  6. I don’t force the kids to eat anything cuz when I was in day care you HAD to eat all your food. I hated raw celery and do to this day. I could not get up until I ate it. The strings gagged me something fierce. It’s a horrible memory. I began to throw it under the table as far as I could flip it so it wouldn’t be close to my chair. I’d always hear those women talking about my celery during nap time. “WHO KEEPS THROWING THEIR CELERY UNDER THE TABLE” They never knew. I hated day care.

    Mom said she hated peas and always had to gag them down. She never made me do that, I think cuz she hated eating peas when she was little. She still doesn’t like peas.

    We all survived the childhood food traumas!!! Hehehe!!!

    ******I was wrong. I asked Mom about this. It wasnt’ peas it was APPLESAUCE. She frowned when she said APPLESAUCE.

  7. If I remember correctly, it was the school that made mom eat the peas.

  8. Great pictures!!! :rotfl Kids are so hilarious. Which is probably why they live to be adults!

  9. I never had any food trauma memories, not even in school. In fact I worked in the cafeteria just so I could have all the free food I wanted. I loved it all. They called me garbage can cause I cleaned up everyones leftovers. Kathy on the other hand was tortured by all teachers, they insisted she eat her food. Throw up on them a couple times I say and they will leave you alone. To bad I didn’t think to tell Kathy that then. She cried at mealtimes at school alot.

  10. Mom made me try something. I usually liked it. DAD on the other hand told me to try a sip of his BUTTERMILK, I remember being younger than Ian and I took a sip and threw up all over the kitchen and then I remember dad throwing up. I think there was a big mess.
    I usually dont even make a big fuss over new items at mealtime. I make what I want and if Ian asks to try something I just say well sure and put a TINY bit on his plate and he usually eats it. He is picky but is trying new things all the time.
    Tonight we had shrim scampi and scallops over noodles, he loved it. It was a frozen dinner and quick and he loved it….saved me from cooking much.
    He goes in phases on trying new things. If he does not want what I cook I will just make his favorite chicken noodle soup or split pea soup….He loves soup….

  11. I think eating meals should be a happy time, not a war zone. If I fixed a meal I knew the kids didn’t like, I made something they did like. I know they sat at the table sometimes, because I just wanted them to try something. It was a test of wills sometimes.

  12. We all know my trauma with Erin…she hasn’t eaten meat since 14mos. old from baby food jars.
    I would make her take a bite of things just small bites and I had a wooden spoon at the table and the doctor told me to stop it and realize she would eat in time. She hasn’t come to that time yet but maybe when she is a mother.

  13. I love it when kids find fun things to do. I got the girls tote bags one year and they could fit inside of them.
    I love the pictures of the nativity! The star is wonderful!