Hidden Names

Jules —  April 23, 2006

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My Mom and Larry decided to tear down the old chicken house at their place. They live on the old farm that once belonged to my Great Grandparents. As they were pulling back the old floor boards, something caught my mom’s eye. Once she looked closer, she was delighted to see that there were names etched into the old concrete! The first one she saw happened to be her own name, Nita. Mom tore out more boards revealing three of her sisters’ names- Linda, Marlis and Marilyn! She was hoping to find my Aunt Kathryn’s name, but she may not have been born yet. They were all quite little girls when their names were written in that old cement! It’s so obvious that these little girls were delighted in by their Grandpa and Grandma.

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When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth.”


I want to feel passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh, come make me cry… just make me feel alive.” Joey Lauren


If you want to win friends, make it a point to remember them. If you remember my name, you pay me a subtle compliment; you indicate that I have made an impression on you. Remember my name and you add to my feeling of importance.” Dale Carnegie

Integrity: A name is the blueprint of the thing we call character. You ask, What’s in a name? I answer, Just about everything you do.” Morris Mandel



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  1. Oh My, Nita told me about finding her name. But I had no idea about the rest of them. Too save my soul I do not remember this. So many memories of this farm and I don’t remember this. Well I guess you can’t remember everything. :cry I love that old farm. It’s a shame the former owners that bought it did not have the same love for it as us. I’m only glad that it’s back in the family where it gets the love it should. 😀

  2. The pictures of our names are so neat Julie, I’m sorry Kathy wasn’t born yet, she would get a kick out of it.

  3. Heather went to the hospital Thurs. for her steroid shotand ended upbeing their for four hours. They gave her an epideral(which did not take) hooked her head and back to tubes, flushed her full of dye, then stuck a needle into her back and twisted it all around. She finally got the shot she went for. They said her back and neck have worse arthritis than anyone they’ve seen that’s that young. Of course, that’s Heather. She’s been in bed most of the week-end in terrible pain. I can’t beleive her Dr. didn’t tell her about it. He’s going to get a peice of my mind. Pray for her.Please.

  4. That is just too cool!

  5. Aunt Linda, I am sorry to hear about Heather. What she’s going through sounds horrible. I am praying for her.

    Tootsie, I am glad you were pleasantly surprised!

    Carl, it’s fun to find treasures of the past. It is cool.

  6. Hi everyone,
    I showed Mama the pictures in the chicken barn and she said most likely Grandpa Linford or your daddy did it, he helped alot around there.

  7. Linda, I’m gonna be praying for Heather. I love you guys.

  8. I had an epideral with Alexis when they took her C-section and then tied my tubes. I moved alittle as they gave the shot to me and I stayed in bed a week with a powerful headache, could not even lift my head much.

  9. WOW, the gallery is COOL :cool The more I work my poor ole brain, the more I remember a lot of commotion around the out house chicken house area, some supplys on the ground. But thats as far as it goes for now. I can tell mom or dad or ? wrote the names. Probably because of Punky and I wanting our names in the cement. Maybe that is the where we learned you put names in cement. 😉 watching someone do it. Wish I could remember. :(

  10. Are you sure a man wrote it? Look how neat the handwriting is. hehe. That is a really cool find. I always felt like Grandpa loved us all deeply, he always took time to play games with us, instead of sending out of the room since we were children. I miss those beautiful blue eyes.

  11. What a neat find! It’s so neat that your Mom and Larry ended up with that place. What a treasure of memories that could never be replaced.

    It reminded me of that scripture that says our names are carved on the palm of our Savior’s hand. When he blesses us and cares for our needs, when we see his hand move in our lives and see his finger’s open toward us, I then discover that MY name is hidden there – right in his palm.

  12. Gee mama, I was hoping she would remember more.
    :( I wish I could.I remember where the salt block was in the pasture that Punky and I liked. HHHHUUUUMMMMM good. :rotfl :rotfl

  13. I know it’s just names in cement, but this is soooo cool. And I’m glad Aunt Nita and Uncle Larry have the place and were the ones to find them. A stranger would have no idea who these people were. I can only imagine how surprised Nita was to find her name first–what a neat little blessing that she started in that specific spot!

  14. Wow, I wish I could remember how those names got there. I do remember that Marlis & I used to play on a pile of rubble out back behind the Garage a ways. It may have been the old chicken house. I can’t remember how old we were, maybe 8 &10. What a neat find. what is Nita going to do with the cement blocks w/the names? I would bet Dad or Gpa wrote the names. I love the pic. gallery. Gee, Linda, we sure feel bad for Heather. She needs a healing straight from God. He can do it.

  15. Wow, lets all figure out what Nita can do with the cement find.
    That is so cool.
    What could the sisters make out of it????
    Great pics Jules….Great Gallery!

  16. Jules:
    What is the name or words above Linda’s name?
    Or am I just seeing things?

  17. Hi All, Where is that Kathy? Must be working a lot.
    Remember Butch on Friday, please, for his laser surgery.
    Heather is doing much better, the steroid shot finally started working. Her phyciatrist said she is doing real well too. I know all your prayers are helping her too.
    I think Kandi did a good job with Ian on the quarters problem. You all do a good job with your kids.
    Marlis hear you sold some more paintings. Great!
    Butch hasn’t been on much lately, he’s had lots of yard work and his furnitre business keep him going and all his basebaall games at the school, busy busy. Love Ya

  18. Linda, glad to hear Heather is doing better! And we will remember Uncle Butch.

    Kandi, I couldn’t figure out that writing above Linda’s name either. Looks like someone wrote something then partially smoothed over it and wrote Linda’s name.

    Hmm,,,,what can they do with those blocks? Are Nita and Larry going to rebuild something on that site?

  19. I think that is Nita’s name above Linda’s. All four names I think are fairly close together. The M at the end of Linda’s, is the M of Marilyns name. :eek I think. Am I right Jules? It just depends on the angle of the camera. 😉

  20. The gallery is terrific!!! :worship

  21. I have a lot of updating to do on my gallery. I’ve added a few new folders. I have hundreds of pictures from this last year. It’s hard to decide what to put in my gallery. Thanks for all the gallery compliments. Rob, did most of it for me! James helped too.

    Mom is coming by this afternoon to read everyone’s comments. Maybe she can tell what their plans are with the cement.

  22. I just figured out something good about my gallery. When you open a new folder and click on the first picture to enlarge it full size then you can keep clicking on next at the bottom right to view all the pics full size.

  23. Nita, It would be nice to keep these names, but I don’t know how. Maybe leave them where they can be seen and go ahead and put up your shed. It would be fun if we could have our names added by you in the new foundation next to them, and dated. I’m sure it was the fiftys when the other was done. I know you will come up with a idea. Any body else got a thought. :cool

  24. This is so exciting 😉 I can’t hardly contain myself. :rolleyes

  25. Put them someplace we can see them and plant flowers. :flowers

  26. WOW, Im working for a few days and I’ve missed alot.Maybe that was my name above Linda’s, :DThat is such a cool find Nita, it should be saved right close to were it was found.Trish, I sure do miss those beautiful blue eye’s too, Grandpa was a wonderful man, I don’t know how Grandma could have ever left him. Has anyone checked with that make over show, so we can get the farm re-stored for Nita and Larry?Tootsie if my name is’nt in it , it had to be before 1955.LATER LOVEY’S