hide and hammy

Jules —  June 1, 2011

Ryan as a baby.

Our littlest critter, Ryan Hammy, recently went on an unapproved expedition, lasting four days and  four nights. We relentlessly looked for the little guy in every nook and cranny of our home. Hamsters are nocturnal, so we went on middle of the night walks throughout the house with a flashlight. We even held hands in a circle, as a family, and prayed we would find him alive.

On day four we were beginning to fear the worst. As Jessica was lying in bed, she heard some scratching noises coming from the furnace closet. We crowded around the closet listening to the sound of faint scratching coming from our ducts in the ceiling. James heard something fall onto the air conditioning condenser directly above the furnace. He quickly ran to the garage to get his toolbox and removed the cover and, in a final act of desperation, Ryan climbed out!

What we saw was a pitiful sight! The bottoms of Ryan’s feet were charred from being inside metal ducts with the furnace running. His black, scabby feet were swollen. His teeth were broken off  and his claws were completely worn down. He was dehydrated and unable to hold the watermelon we gave him in his paws. We could tell he was so happy to be back in his cage, even if he couldn’t climb around in it. He went to bed and stayed there for several days! Elaina cared for her hamster quite well, cutting up small bites of food for him! He has made a full recovery, even his teeth have grown back!

Ryan was a special Christmas morning surprise for Elaina.

I found Ryan on Craigslist when he was just three weeks old. He lived in our master bathroom for two weeks leading up to Christmas. Somehow Elaina never discovered him! He is so gentle, never once showing any aggression. We love watching him stuff his cheeks full of snacks. Elaina couldn’t wait to celebrate his first birthday on November 15. She made him carrot cake cupcakes to celebrate. We will be thankful to have him around for another birthday!



9 responses to hide and hammy

  1. Such a cute and pitiful story!

    Thank goodness for A safe and happy hammy!

  2. Oh, I love the birthday cupcake. Clearly that was a hit with Hammy as well.

    I’m happy he survived his adventure.

    • Thanks, Mosker! Elaina thought of the carrot cake. Too cute. Ryan Hammy loves carrots, cake and icing too! For treats he usually gets nuts, veggies, crackers, cheese, chicken, popcorn etc. He wasn’t used to sweets. He was in heaven!

      • He can stuff big baby carrots, one in each cheek. He’s a little guy so that is funny looking! Sometimes he stuffs his cheeks so full that he can hardly make it through his tunnel to his bed where he likes to store his food.

  3. Hot from the furnace? I didn’t realize OG was so much colder than Blue Springs! Its been HOT lately!!! 😉

    Cute story, but only cute because of the happy ending. So glad he was found alive and none the worse for wear. You would hope his little pea brain would retain the memory of the trauma just enough to keep him from wandering off again, but that is probably too much to ask for. I do hope this is his last unaccompanied journey around the house!

    Hooray for his return!

    • It was three, almost four weekends ago, we went to garage sales and shivered all day. I remember it well. . . Our new furnaces pushes the air forcefully. I can only imagine the horror he went through. Ughh. Hopefully he doesn’t remember.

      Yes, he stills goes to the door and rattles it, hoping it will come open. Silly little critter!

  4. So glad the story had a happy ending. I still teared up over his injuries.

    We had a hampster, when the girls were home, and he excaped one time and we finially found him in the box of laundry detergent. Bet that was a distasteful experience too.