holiday happenings

Jules —  December 9, 2007

This has been the laziest of weekends. An ice storm has passed through our area shutting everything down, even church! We’ve spent the last two days making cutout sugar cookies and roasting hotdogs and sausages in our fireplace! (I LOVE my hotdogs black!) I’ve consumed more cookies than I can count and I’m sure I’m in some kind of blood sugar coma, as I can barely move. I thought it a good time to share about our recent holiday happenings.

We enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving at home. I baked for two whole days so my family could sit down for a half-hour meal! It was worth it and I really enjoyed all of the cooking. I was even able to use my new sideboard!

Anjelia grew tired of waiting for the meal to be ready. She fell fast asleep in front of the fireplace. It’s so warm and cozy.

The following Saturday, Mom and Dad D picked us up for our annual Chirstmas tree farm event in their new RV, The Lexington. We call her Lexi for short. It was great fun traveling in such recreational style! The girls enjoyed watching High School Musical on the TV.

Lexi driver. (sounds like a hip hollywood name!)

The D clan!

Stack O’ kids

I finally picked a tree. Poor Mom D. nearly froze to death. I really wanted a tall tree for my living room but everytime I found a nice tall tree it was already tagged.

James, out of cold desperation, decided to wear a girlie stocking hat!

There’s a delightful gift shop that serves free hot chocolate to everyone and offers Santa’s lap for the kiddos.

How funny is that!!!

Thanks Mom and Dad D for the fun memories!



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  1. What fun! Glad you had a great time! And I hope you and yours are staying warm. I have homemade rolls rising and Joel has homemade lentil soup cooking. Made homemade mac & cheese earlier today — all warm comfort foods!

  2. I’ll be right over!

    I’ve never made lentil soup. It sounds heavenly. I need to do a post requesting everyone’s favorite warm comfort foods. . . Yes, I’m going to do that!

  3. What a wonderful day it looks like you had. That is a nice RV. My girlfriend at the lake traded their old one in for a new one just before I moved. They are so nice and for a family day outing like this. JUST PERFECT.

    I love your sideboard. It sure looks nice loaded down with a THANKSGIVING dinner.

    You all are sure making some wonderful memories for the girls. Traditions I’m sure they will continue.

  4. You guys sure know how to have fun. Must have been a really cold day. I see James has one of your boa’s on too. Love the girly hat. I had my fur hat on this morning when I went to Westlakes for some Icy melt, I had put my hat in the shopping cart and a man walked by, he said “Oh I thought that was a cat in your cart.” It keeps me nice and warm but I do get some strange comments about it. Thanks for sharing with us again Jules, it’s always a joy to read your blog & see the girls & family. It was nice of someone to take a pic with you in it.

    What a nice looking RV. Makes me wish (sometimes) that we had one.

    That fire does look so nice and cosy. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Thanks, Aunties!

    The girls are home from school today. The conditions aren’t near as bad as they could’ve been. I guess staying just above freezing has made all of the difference.

    Now if we lose power we can stay in our own home and huddle around our fireplace.

  6. julie your cooking was GRAT. And your right baby
    sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. mom your house is WOW.


    to all you peeps out thar

  7. Hey Jessica, it’s very nice seeing you on here. That is cool when our great nieces and nephews start visiting with us. Your right, your moms house is WOW and so is she. That includes her family.

  8. What a fun tradition — cutting your own tree. I am so glad that you had such a relaxing weekend. I love your fireplace!!!!

  9. What fun! Nice way to warm up in that Lexi, a ride in a wagon, a tree, Santa’s knee and hot chocolate! Love that fireplace too. I’m excited cause Brian and Scott put a wood floor in our living room and hallway…beautiful. We ate soup and chili and wrote out Christmas cards on Sunday night. It was just us girls around the table and nice to have time to talk.

  10. Mary, you guys will have to come over soon and enjoy the fireplace some more. We make a fire nearly everyday. The furnace doesn’t run when we have a fire going. We are definitely going to get a wood stove eventually. We’re pretty convinced it will heat our whole house. We leave the fan running on the furnace and it circualtes the warm air downstairs!

  11. Aunt Kelli, I am so jealous. I would’ve LOVED to have been there to hang out with you guys. I am already feeling very lonely and cooped up and winter has just begun. I need to get out, it’s been a few days. I think a long bike ride would help but that’s not going to happen with wet, frozen streets! I love this time of year but my body needs warm sunshine.

  12. Dearest Julie, The pictures are GREAT! Thankyou dear daughter- in- law for all the good pictures. You all was a blast. So glad that this is part of our Christmas each year. You have such a homey heart. Much love

  13. Ahhhhh. . . shucks. Thanks!

    Glad you join us!

  14. Jules!
    I want that wall piece above your sideboard!!!
    Oh, and I love your new sideboard you refinished

  15. Thanks, Kandis. I found that piece I have hanging at a second hand shop. It’s a mirror. The price tag on the back said 60 bucks. It was at the second hand store for sixteen. I eye balled it everytime I went in their but didn’t want to spend the money. Then one day it was marked down to six bucks!!!! It’s a very nice piece and very beautiful!

  16. It has been so much fun lately, hasn’t it?

    I have to ask, did James whip any hotdogs into the woods?

  17. No hot dog flippin this time!

  18. I’m so happy you posted a picture of the sideboard. I’ve been telling my sister about it and my description has not done it justice.

  19. Hey, Mosker! Good to have you visit! I found another cabinet from the same era and painted it to match. I have it on the other wall to store my scrapbooking things in.

    I enjoyed visiting with you at the shower.

  20. Mosker, here’s a before pic of my sideboard.