Jules —  October 7, 2005

Today was an exciting day for my school girls! Tonight was homecoming and this afternoon they got to leave the classroom and walk to the homecoming parade! Lydia’s class made blue tie dye t-shirts to wear. Each second grade class did a different color. Jessica made orange and black paw prints on her shirt using apple halves and her thumbprints. First grade did this as part of their apple studies. It turned out really cute.

James and I walked up to the corner where the school kids go. It’s just a block from our house and we were nicely surprised when we picked the exact spot where Lydia’s class showed up to watch!!

Lydia is always much, much smaller than any of the other kids in her class. She’s very petite!!

Lydia was walking with Laura, her autistic friend. Mrs. B said that Lydia approached her about being Laura’s helper. It’s so sweet. Lydia is constantly telling me about the things she does to help Laura. Mrs. B said sometimes she has to give Lydia a break because she works so hard helping but Laura doesn’t like it when other kids try to help her. It seems Lydia gets a great deal of enjoyment out of their relationship.

The football players weren’t as generous with the candy as they were last year.

My dear mother-in-law, Janet, has a very close friend, Louise. Louise’s granddaughter, Sadie, was one of the homecoming queen candidates!!!

Janet called me this evening with exciting news. They had just left the football game and she couldn’t wait to tell someone that Sadie was crowned Homecoming Queen!!! Mom D and Louise were both Homecoming Queens , too!!!! Sadie and her grandmother are very close and she’s a sweet, christian girl!! They are very proud that she’s followed in their footsteps!! Janet is Sadie’s Sunday school teacher, too! She said everyone was in tears and that all the girls were very beautiful. Congratulations Sadie!!!

Everyone had a great time today. There were LOTS of candies thrown, so all the girls were very happy!!!! Unfortunately, while Anjelia was trying to pick up some candy, a bee stung her. I couldn’t believe of all places she could’ve been stung, her right thumb is what took a hit!!!! That’s the thumb she sucks to comfort herself when she’s tired or upset. It immediately turned red and swelled up real big. Poor thing tried to suck her left thumb but just couldn’t figure it out!!!! It was a long day after that. I am really glad she is sleeping soundly, now!!

As a child, the only clear thought I had was, “Get candy”. Jerry Seinfeld



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  1. Such a fun day. Thanks for sharing it with us! Lydia sounds like a real sweetie. I want a “Lydia” in my 4th grade class! :-)

  2. That looks like alot of fun, this is perfect high school homecoming weather. Congrats to Sadie! Lydia looks really cute with the ‘Go Panthers’ tattoo on her face.

    That’s very sweet about her helping out her friend and nice to see that she’s thinking of others at this age. My, she is alot shorter than everyone isn’t she???

  3. Lydia’s a sweetheart!

  4. What fun, a homecoming. I love fall. Lydia is a dear helping her Special friend. Congratulations Sadie, and Janet, I know you are proud. Just got back from my walk and just about made it to the gas station. Thats the furthist I’ve ever walked. Have a nice weekend. 😉

  5. Yea!!!!Lydia, what a special gift from God, already one of His servants, thinking of others.
    Our homecoming parade was today but I missed it. I was at a womens retreat here in Mexico. The speaker was Janet Bridgeforth, and she has a wonderful message & delivery. Polka dot Grace was the title of her message. We have a redeemer for what ever “spot” we are in. I recommend her if anyone is looking for a speaker. No napping while she is speaking. She is from Ofallon, MO

  6. I love homecoming and football. Well, ok, I get bored at the games, but I like the idea of wearing sweatshirts and mittens and sipping a hot drink while watching the home team.

  7. Love the quote too; that was my motto growing up. Sometimes even now!

  8. What a wonderful picture of Sadie. Thank-you for taking the picture and putting it in your Blog…As hindsight, I wished we would of asked you to come to take pictures of Sadie’s grand moment. Both Louise’s and my camera do not do well at night. So we did not catch the moment. She is a sweetheart of a girl. That night while she was celebrating with her friends, she takes the time to call us on her cell phone to thank Richard and I for coming. I cryed again as I was in tears most of the night from pure joy for her and her grandmother. :cry What a teenager she is. Not too many would do that!!

  9. Oh yes Lydia. What a wonderful servants heart you have. I like the sticker on your cheek. Good picture Julie!!

  10. I took the opportunity to teach Elaina how to use her cuteness to get candy.

    She had the pig tails going and everything. I would have her stand up and wave at the floats. I could hear the teen girls saying, “Throw that little girl some candy, she’s so cute!”.

    It was funny.

  11. Be careful, James, she’ll be using that cuteness to get what she wants from you next!! Please, Daddy, can’t I have my own car…phone…credit card…etc!!! :eek

  12. Aunt Marilyn:
    I read the quote from a little How to listen to God Book.
    It was free from The grocery store.
    It is about 25 pages.

  13. Sounds like a store you can get sole food & soul food. I always need more of the soul food. We went to Arrow Rock Sunday, they were having a craft fair, it was soooo nice out that it was almost a spiritual experience. There was a man there from Mexico who makes flutes and is very talented with it,and it was like a spiritual experience also. The kind of music you associate with indians,it is sooo relaxing. Of course his flutes are expensive. He was teaching someone when I was there and he said all you have to do is make sounds that sound soothing to you. Well, it was a wonderful day, even if I didn’t buy much. I bought a bag of cornmeal they were letting kids grind up. The samples they were giving were wonderful for Hush puppies. They also had caramel apples, but they cut them into slices and drizzle the caramel over them and add pecans. Yum!

  14. Oh, I only ate one! :indeed

  15. MMmmmmm caramel apples. I need to go to the store again! :cool

    Wow! What restraint!!! I couldn’t have done it but you know that!!!

  16. I just knew Marilyn’s comments was going to send you back to HAPPY APPLE’S.
    Richard and I had a nice Monday, me cracken Walnuts 😀 and he was playing the Accordian. It was so nice out and so relaxing. Nice days will soon be over. :cry