I finally got it!

Jules —  November 20, 2005

My multi-task computer desk!

Just think of all the things I will be able to get done now!



11 responses to I finally got it!

  1. I need one of those. Attach a changing table and an ironing board to it too!

  2. Where do you get such fun stuff. Only a VERY busy Mom could come up with this one. I love it!!!! :rotfl

  3. Richard loves it!!!!!

  4. Glad you like it! Mary e-mailed it to me. Her mom sent it to her and wanted me to see it too. :love

    I thought the same thing, Karen. Well not about the ironing board. I NEVER iron!!! But the changing table is a much needed accessory. Maybe you can special order them!!!

  5. Everyone, check out Karen’s website. She has a great post there about her grandma and a special butter roll recipe! You’ll want to print this one off.

    It’s Casting Crumbs. Just click on the link to the side.

  6. Or someone without much room. :rotfl. That is a cute cartoon.

  7. Add a changing table and a stack of diapers and it’d be perfect!!!

  8. well…it would certainly get me to that next cup of coffee all that much faster! Too bad there’s not a mini frig to store the creamer!

  9. What a great idea!! You can put the mini frig & microwave to the left side. My iron never gets hot anymore, I have a new cordless one called” Wrinkle Release”, works great.

  10. oo – i want one! “i’ll never have to leave my computer again” :cool

  11. Welcome Mysfit! 😀