I never know what I’m going to find.

Jules —  August 2, 2006

Today was washing day for all our sheets and blankets. As I was walking back through the kitchen, after replacing the sheets, I found Anjelia sitting on my kitchen counter unwrapping and licking beef bouillon cubes!

Elaina and Anjelia have recently started sharing a room together. Poor Jessica could no longer handle sharing a room with her two year old sister and has sought the sanctuary of a shared room with Lydia. I went to check on the sleeping little ones before heading to bed myself and found Anjelia in Elaina’s bed. Elaina was hanging halfway onto the floor as her little sister was crowding her out of her own bed.

These moments made me smile and giggle a little. I don’t want to forget all the silly little things the girls do each day. I fear that so many of those little moments have already been lost. I hope to do my best to hang on to as many as I can.



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  1. I guess Anjelia was doing her taste testing. How sweet the girls look sleeping together. Did you move one to the other bed or leave them. I know I missed a lot of photo moments with the girls as our camera was on the blink for a while. We finially got a new one but still didn’t take as many pic as I should. It’s big and the new ones are so easy to keep handy at a moments notice. I’m hoping they will soon make them without the pause.

  2. Reminds me of Punky and I. We always shared a bed for years and years. I don’t remember any problems, but that was a long time ago. Maybe Punky had some, I did’nt. It looks like these two are just plum content with each other too, dispite not enough room on one side of the bed. Cute, thanks for sharing. Brings up memories. I seem to need a lot of them lately.

  3. I don’t remember having any problems sharing a bed with you. I do remember hiding behind the door when I was dressing when I got older.

  4. There Elaina is half way off of her bed. I swear that kid is never completely on her bed. I’m constantly having to put her back in later in the evenings.

    I think she’s afraid to actually get all the way into bed. It’s just her way of showing her discontentment with having been sent to bed for the day.

  5. They look so cute!

    Anjelia looks pretty onery (SP?), doesn’t she?

  6. Those are cute pictures! Hmmm. . .bouillon cubes. . .I remember always going out in the garage and getting a snack of rock salt right out of the bag. Must be something like that – love that salty taste!

  7. Very cute! Not sure that is my snack of choice, but to each her own! 😉

  8. I remember when Marlis & I couldn’t fall asleep we’d write a letter on the others back with our finger and had to guess what letter it was.

  9. I had forgotten about that. Your right. That was fun. 😉

  10. Tonight I caught Chandler sitting in the middle of the kitchen table with about 4 or 5 PEELED bananas surrounding him. He had taken ONE bite out of each banana….I thought of you. I had to laugh :rotfl because it was kinda cute. Afterall, they are only this little once.

  11. I can picture it, Amber! He is such a cutie.

    Anjelia is now wearing panties during the day. It’s awesome! However, she tends to use way too much toilet paper. The toilet is always clogged. Yesterday she decided to unclog it herself. She pulled out all the tp. Of course, wet toilet paper sticks to your hands, so she had to flick it off. The bathroom had wet toilet paper chunks stuck everywhere.

  12. Aunties, I enjoyed your bed sharing stories. Lydia and Jessica have decided to share a bed for now. It’s really cute. They cuddle up to each other. They are really enjoying it.

  13. Julie, you must have the patience of job. Mama would have whipped our butts. Of course when Punky and I were her age, we only had outhouses. Maybe that is why we were saved. I must say, I bet you did’nt think it as funny as you make it sound. :rotfl :rotfl

  14. I didn’t spank her. I don’t think she was having a disobedient heart. She was just trying to rectify the problem with a two year old mentality! It made me sigh, but I wasn’t angry.

    I am really glad to have indoor plumbing! I wouldn’t want to potty train using a outhouse! Jessica was the one who potty trained her. She asked me if she could and I said, “Go for it!” She started taking her to the bathroom all the time and before I knew it she was trained!

  15. Great job Jessica. Wow, what a good girl, to be so patient with her sister.

  16. Anjelia looks up to Jessica a lot so she was eager to let Jessica help her. Anjelia calls her Seccica Face (Jessica Faith). It’s really cute the way she says it.

  17. Kandi used to call Dorothy, dofe, she used to love her say it.

  18. WOW! I got my nose fixed and now my mouth don’t work. You know what I meant above. :eek :p

    Leave it alone Tom, don’t even try. :rotfl

  19. Rent “Hoodwinked” for the girls, I’m still trying to figure out why it is PG. My kids including Chris love it, we had to buy it today.

  20. Hi, Trish, Love ya all, MOM.

  21. Yyyyyoooouuuu wwwhhhhhoooo, JJJUUULLLEEEESSSS, where are you? :cry

  22. By the way Jules, daddy had made a training potty chair for us girls and I think all of us was trained on it but Kathy and of course Kelly. Do you remember that potty chair Punky?

  23. I’m here. I’ve been busy school shopping, preparing for Colorado and trying to figure out what to get for James for his birthday. I have such a hard time buying for him. Any suggestions? Lydia got him a new game for his x-box 360. (should be coming in the mail soon. He’s getting it for free) Jessica got him dark chocolates and Elaina picked out a superman t-shirt for him.

    We leave early Wed. for Colorado and I’m a little stressed about the preparations and I am feeling very burned out.

  24. Jules, when is James b-day? I don’t have it and it will take me forever to go thru your posts.

    I don’t know James that much to suggest a gift. I think men are so hard to buy for.
    Sounds like the girls are doing a good job though.

    I bet it is hard for you to get a bunch ready for school and a trip. Your plate is full right now. You all relax and have a good time. Easy for me to say :oops

  25. Aug. 10th. did’nt take nearly what I thought. I figured your looking now, so look in Aug. last year.dahhhhhh 😉

  26. Julie, buy him a washer game. We are having one made by our Bro. in Law. It’s a box, square w/a circle inside of it. You have 2 boxes and its played like horse shoes but you use big round washers that go infront of a screw. You can look up washer game on Google and see an example. Some are built into the ground like a horse shoe pit, but some are portable. We played it when Deb was here and Gil’s family and was a big hit. Even the kids can play. Now onto other problems, this one solved, except where to buy it. We have them at our Westlakes store but we were to cheap to pay the $30.

  27. Ian loved “Monster House” but dont take anyone who scares easily!!!!!
    Ian even said “Mom, it was scary but I am ok, I did not want Josh to know I was scared” (Josh is Ian’s big brother).
    I dont think the girls would like Monster House, oh, I might be wrong but just a warning!!!

  28. Josh is going to take Ian to see “Ant bully” next week!
    I remember bullying ants on the Boydston Farm!!!

  29. I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of wishing James a :birthday on my blog. I hope I got the date right. Aug 10th. Tomorrow..