i think I’m in love. . .

Jules —  September 7, 2006

Slugger whistled at me, gave me a kiss and a big hug! Sigh. . .

It was a beautiful night at the ball park.



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  1. The weather was great! Sorry you guys didn’t get to go the night before when the Royals actually won!

  2. Yeah, it would’ve been nice if they’d put a few points on the board. Oh well, I got to see Jeter. He fascinates me.

  3. What fun, I never have gotten to go to the Royals stadium. I was at the old old ball park before this location. I don’t get around much and obviously never have.

  4. It was the first time for us at the ballpark this year. Elizabeth bought us tickets for James’ birthday. James has the game on every night. He’s a die hard fan despite our home team’s horrible record. We have a beautiful ball park. It was fun to see the yankees play, too.

    You’ve done a lot of neat things, Auntie. :cool

  5. After the Drive in with some friends, the ball park in KC was one of the 1st places Gil took me. I had my black T-strap slippers on that I loved. Later Gil told me he didn’t like them. :cry I think I wore a pair of stirup pants too.

  6. I was just thumbing through a fashion magazine and they had a whole spread devoted to T-straps!!!

    I want to get me a pair of Mary Jane’s. They’re so cute!!

  7. Your right Jules, I have did a lot of neat things and one thing I will always have loved with a passion was my BIG RED 4 WHEELER HONDA. Riding in the rocky mountains seaching out all the silver mines at LAKE HAVASU, ARIZONA has to be the greatest. Don and I went a lot of places on them things. I truly wish I still had it. We went alot to Mark Twain state park down by Ozark mo. and to Columbia once. Mama loved living and riding on it one summer when she came down for a week or more. Fun at night, just need to ride slow and enjoy the crisp air. Tommy and I vacationed a lot also. Rode the GENERAL JACKSON RIVERBOAT at Nashville on a Midnight dinner cruise. It started about 5:30 and was back late. Yes, I can’t even name everything.

  8. Oh, James…I’m so sorry…I never saw this coming with Julie and Slugger. I just never would have suspected. :cry

    :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

  9. Ok, I am so spoiled. I commented above about how much I wanted a pair of Mary Jane’s and guess what. . . I stopped by a garage sale on the way back from the bank and I bought me the cutest pair of shoes for a buck! They have barely been wore. They are black with the cute strap and the heel is chunky enough that I won’t wobble and teeter and fall. (I can’t wear pointing heels!)

  10. I had to count.

    I bought:

    two pair Mary Jane style dress shoes
    7 shirts
    6 sweaters
    4 skirts
    2 coats
    1 jacket


    This very stylish gal is moving to Guam for four years and is selling all her winter clothes. Fortunately we are close to the same size! They are all Gap, Limited and other brand name clothes in the current fashions! I am so happy to have a winter wardrobe. Now I won’t have to be nude all winter!

  11. Now I just need a few pairs of pants and jeans and I’m set. All new clothes!

  12. Debbie, I can’t believe you guys didn’t see it coming. Slugger is HOT!!

  13. You made a killing in 24 hrs with Slugger and all the clothes at a garage sale.

  14. James:
    I think all those garage sales that Jules goes to are just a way for her to sneak off with slugger!
    James, I am so sorry…..
    You are much better than Slugger!

  15. Boots Jules, don’t forget the boots that I guessed. I won Debbie, ha ha. Put the boots in your new wardrobe. :p 😀

  16. Hi conner this is Tyler. Have you ever heard of the game runescape or not it is a fun game a very fun game it is on the internet so write back if you get this message ok bye

  17. I fixed it, Auntie!

    Hi, Tyler!

    Kandi, your comment gave me the biggest giggle while I was fixing dinner.

  18. Well, at least Julie found someone who has as big of a nose as I have. Of course he’s a mythical character. I’m sure I can take him though, he’s used to fighting off kids. :evil

  19. The bigger the nose, the better the kisser!!! :cool

  20. Hi Tyler. I’ve never heard of that game. I like to play “Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds” and “Baldur’s Gate”. They’re computer games but not internet. That’s pretty much all the computer games I like.

  21. Fight for your family, James. Take Slugger Down!!!! :fish :fish :fish :fish

  22. Oops, I’m talking about kissing in front of the boys. That’ll really gross them out.

  23. Wasn’t it the best time!!!! You look beautiful with Slugger!!!! I know what you mean, I am in love with him too!!!!!! I miss yo and hope we can get together soon!!!

  24. Lookin forward to the kiddos birthday parties. Tell your Auntie we promise to keep our crew under control. It can be quite intimidating having a family of six visit (invade) your home.

    We had fun at the game. Thanks for treating us!!!!

  25. Wow! Jules. . .looked like you hit the jackpot all around! (You’re such a spoiled brat.ha ha)

    I’m glad you won’t be nude all winter. Can’t wait to see you in all your new duds. How fun!!!

  26. Aren’t I a big brat! It keeps getting worse. I am so thankful that I am so loved.