I wear my sunglasses at night

Jules —  July 12, 2008

At the beginning of summer, Jessica picked out a pair of new sunglasses. James and I went to her room around 10:30 PM to check on her. She was sound asleep in the dark, wearing her new shades! It was so sweet and funny! It’s a good feeling when the kids appreciate their stuff.



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  1. My little sweet heart! I love her and the other girls are so special to my heart.

    Swimming the other day with them was a blast and throwing them in the air was so much fun as they dove in the water. I am truly blessed!

  2. Too funny! Winter boots and sun glasses. It is funny what kids wear to bed!

  3. How cute. It’s a good feeling to see their love for things they get. Something so simple, many times is their favorite.

  4. Very cute!

  5. I always know what’s special to my lil’ James because he puts it under his pillow.

  6. Jules that is so sweet.Deb Baby James is so sweet too.
    Oh Deb if you have’nt ordered those vit. from the Midwife for me yet just have her give me 2month supply, I’ll get them from Dr, carson too.
    Jules you and the family need to come se us soon.
    love ya’ll…….

  7. Marilyn alias(Punkie) July 15, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    She’s a Sleeping Beauty. Love the shades too.

  8. That is adorable. Jules are you making scrap books
    of the kids? I do it in one week their Senior years. Tara does it throughout their lives. That is a picture for the books!

  9. How is the garage sale going Nita and Jules? YEP!their at Jules having a good sale.

  10. Marilyn alias(Punkie) July 16, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Darn, we missed it!

  11. Kelli, I used to scrapbook. I’m really far behind now.

    Our garage sale went quite well. I sold $170 today and am going to be open tomorrow, too. Mom sold a few things and Beth did well. Mom was a big help of course. Beth and her kiddos were here along with Karen and her three. It was nice to have company. It made the day go faster.

  12. What can Jessica say? When you’re cool the sun shines on you 24 hours a day!

  13. When do your girls have to go back to school. They start here August 1, which seems SO early. They only take 2 months off at summer, but have more breaks during year. I plan to start Aug. 1 also, but not sure if I’m going to be ready. I think the boys are ready for some more structure again, surprisingly. They’ve been asking me why I haven’t been reading to them like I always do. I was glad to hear they were missing that, ’cause I love that time too.

  14. They go back to school on August 21. I agree, August 1 sounds early.

    Lydia says she would like to be homeschooled. I honostly don’t know if I have the patience. I LOVE having everyone home, but I start aching all over and having a lot of jaw pain every summer around the beginning of August. I think it’s the constant noise and activity. I think I need some quieter days in the mix.

  15. I only have a computer in the evenings when James brings his laptop home, so I’m sorry if my responses are slow.

  16. Oh, there’s definitely days when my jaws hurt by the end of the day. And I lose my patience sometimes–but I just have to go back and apologize to my “students”. But I do love homeschooling. I especially love learning history and science with the boys and reading so much with them. We get to read some awesome books that I’m sure we would never have picked out from the library on our own. And there IS some quiet during the day,when they’re all doing their schoolwork (I just duct tape their mouths closed–hee hee. Just kidding).

    It definitely needs to be something that God is leading you to do. I need that confirmation that this is His will–that’s the only thing that gets me through rough days–or weeks.

    Some kids have told our boys that they are so lucky to be home, but they think they get to play all the time. NOT. On days they’re not working on school work in the mornings, it’s usually because they’re working around the house first–mowing, cleaning, doing their laundry, or learning some hands-on skill with their dad! That’s Lifeskills class! This year they are all going to be taking HomeEc baby care class! hee hee

  17. I don’t necessarily feel led to at this point. Lydia just keeps trying to guilt me into it, which is hard. James is extremely opposed to the idea.

  18. Well I know in the past you’ve said that you didn’t feel called to home school. So I was just trying to encourage you to wait for His call, as with anything. It won’t work if He’s not in it.

  19. Speaking of reading, I saw a preview at the theatre for the movie, “Desperaux”. It comes out at Christmas. The animation looks awesome. The girls were excited. We had fun reading that book.

  20. The boys enjoyed that book too. I didn’t know they were making a movie of it.

    Have the girls gotten into the Narnia books yet? Christian’s just been zooming through the series this summer. They’ve listened to all the books on CD repeatedly over the years (Focus on the Family puts out an awesome set), but now he’s reading through getting all the extra details that weren’t on the CD set.

  21. I kind of think there was a sequel to that book, but our library didn’t have it.

  22. Jessica you can wake up and tell mama to change the blog. Get a pic of ya all ready for school.

  23. You must be busy enjoying the last days of summer or maybe out buying school supplies and clothes. We miss you!

    Jessica better wake up–she’s missing her summer vacation!

  24. It has been very busy around here lately. The biggest problem is I don’t have a computer right now. James brings his laptop home in the evenings for me, but my evenings tend to be busy with kiddos and hubby.

    I’m looking forward to doing a first day of school pic. The girls have some new clothes to wear on the first day. They seem to be getting excited about going back. Lydia is even ok with the idea, I think. She is in class with her best friend CJ!!! Their teachers last year felt like they would enjoy school more and participate better in class if they were together. So they went and requested that they be put together in fifth grade!! CJ and Lydia love each other and CJ is a very good kid. Her mother is a dear friend to me, so it’s a great thing!! God is so good. I know his hand is in this and I’m thankful for the help!!!